How to Root the OnePlus 7 Pro with Magisk and install TWRP

How to Root the OnePlus 7 Pro with Magisk and install TWRP

what's up calories I'm super user will see pzartech box welcome back to another video today I'm gonna be showing you how to root 2 1 plus 7 Pro with my disc and it's don't work let's try it out for this ok so if you like modern your tech you've come to the rural make sure you subscribe make sure we hit the little bell roll icon down below so you don't miss my upcoming videos and if this video helped you in any way at all then make sure you do a big thumbs up that being said guys we'll get straight into it ok so you should see magicians open on my 1 plus 7 pro you've probably been here I've got a storm gun on in the background as well so hopefully that's not going to attract from the video too much ok so this movie myth is a little bit different and installing the 12 recoveries a little bit different to what it was before in my previous video and I've been reading Lots people having problems with understanding how to actually do this route with from the juice manger so feels a little bit confused by actually flashing some of an image east obviously a lot in my route but they might not well use the juice they might have been using pseudonym user before but hopefully I can clear this up in this video ok so the first what I'm going to do is will not unlock the bootloader so I'll tell my phone solver just to make it easier for the wise but basically what we're going to do is I'm going to slow it down here and I'm going to hit that little gear icon for the sentence I'm going to slow it all the way down until we see about phone can I click in there you're going to see I'm on build number 9 5 5 now you're gonna need to make sure you've got the right patch bootloader for image for your phone now if you don't do the right one you can end up with a signal problem and also Wi-Fi issues so just make sure you pick the right one from in the description so I'm just gonna keep clicking on there until this is your developer you'll see mines already done it just hit it about seven times then once you're done there we're going to go back we're going to go down here to system again and we're going to see developer options now at the bottom here so we're going to hit that make sure they're turned on which they normally are by default we're going to see one mai OE and unlocking is already turned on because i'm already unlocked but we'll go for it out in a second and then we want to go down to advanced reboot and basically down we want USB debugging turned on so we'll just turn it off begin with PC Tron and that's I'm just telling me that it's actually connected to the PC don't want to turn it back on you can see us as allow USB debugging when I allow that I should try them again and basically what you want to do is the first time you should hopefully see a pop-up now if you don't see that pop-up we can force the pop-up there's a couple of ways of doing it firstly now we slow it down from the top you see says that Android system we can click on there and then we can click there again and we can do the file transfer so once we put a file transfer a window will pop up on your PC and you should be able to see your internal storage but if you go down in natural Explorer you should didn't see a one plus sign where you can install your drivers install your drivers you haven't already done that and you're all good to go so we should have had the pop-up for the USB like I said if it doesn't do that then what we can do is force it so what we can go to you should go onto the PC now I'll show you how to do that so what we're going to do is we're going to go to the minimal ADB and fastboot folder and we're going to just right click that and we're going to have a look in the file location here and you can see in here I've got no punishment and which is or anything so all I need to do just go into this folder over here and you can see I've got my pouch to boot image so I'm just going to copy that so just copy and then I'm going to go over to back over to here going up to this one and I'm going to post it on we're just going to paste it in here so I want us paste it in there we're good to go just to say I'll just going to transfer so we were we've got that now you know minimal ad being fast we folder now we will just want to run a command on here and we're all that now and all we're going to do is just open that up and we're gonna say adb devices and here in now it's gonna start to run and hopefully should see it says that's not all fries now if you look on my phone there's a little pop-up appeared this is what we're looking for we'll just need to click that and then click okay so once we're done there we're all good to go and you're going to do this twice so once we unlock the bootloader he's going to want your device so make sure you do a good backup of your device but once we've well we've set completely back up from right you head up Windows brand new you're then going to do this procedure exactly the same again and do that pop up again then once you can't carry on but it should automatically pop up every time like that so now if we try adb devices you didn't see it it's actually attached and it says device so what we're going to do now it's going to boot into fastboot so we're just going to hold down our power button at the side here and because we've got this extended options here we can then go straight to fastboot from here so it just stops us up having to do that with the folder there and doing the command so just one step less okay so the next thing we're going to do is we're gonna unlock the bootloader and now if you look on mine it already says it's unlocked so I'm gonna be done unlocked I'm going to be done lock like I did in the last video I've shown you how to root it just purely because I don't have to do it again I don't wanna have to wipe my device again if you have done about seven or eight times now so but what you guys are going to be done is you're going to be typing fastboot and then basically what you want to make sure is that your device is actually in fastboot and we can see is already but you just want to make sure so we just type fastboot devices and then should tell you if your device is there you can see that says it's and in fastboot now on the screen here so we know that so we can in type fastboot and then we can say Oh e/m and unlock that's what you're going to type and hit in there I'm not going to do that I'm going to press lock so I'm just going to go back here and say lock just to pretend I'm lock on my boot loader will hit in there you're then going to see your say every some of this but monitors do not lock bootloader a lot to do if yours at the bottom it's going to say unlock the bootloader so you're gonna use the volume up and down keys to highlight and you want that one then you're gonna press the power and it's then going to point your device and reboot and you're going to set up from new so all you don't want to do that so I'm just going to click up here and I'm not I'm not unlocking so okay so I've done that yours is you're then gonna isn't gonna see this always every time you boot up your device you're going to see this so don't panic it's nothing to worry about it's just how it is after if I'm not the Google adjusted warned movie no Android okay so it's going to take you a little while it's going to wipe even ass down from start like I say so you expect to take quite a while to actually to come back from that you see mine's already done so we're good to go once yourself here okay so we've unlocked our bootloader with all set completely back up again now I want you to transfer some files over to your device so just going to plug back in to our PC and I'm just going to show you what to do next so the first thing you're going to want to do is just go back into settings again at the top here and just going to do go run through all the about stuff keep clicking on the build number to go to developer options exactly like we did before go back to system and then we're going back into developer options now you'll see that the om om unlocking this greyed out now or turned on appears turned on we're going to get that advanced reboot turned on and we're also going to have the USB debugging turned on so we've done all that okay so once I've done two operations there what we didn't do is if I destroyed my phone over here so the obvious was a biggie free to see or then swipe down from the top and I also click on the P again here and there I do my file transfer so you can see it's already selected at the moment so if I go over onto my PC here I can then open up where my phone is so we're just gonna down the solid here you can see GM one nine one three so we're just going to click that you can see my internal shared storage now what I do is only then put the magic manager in here I put my disc zip in here I also put the twerp installer and also there's another n store on here which is the stall to recovery as well so we've done that if we go into a file explorer which will use the native one on the phone so it's going to go down here to file explorer file manager you can see we've got the majestic manager I'll have a link for this apk in the description I'm going to click on they're gonna hit install my very done there we're going to install you can open up and you can see mine's already filled I've already installed all the things on here I'm already funny I'm just going to show you guys how exactly to do it so the next thing we want to do is install our patched bootloader so we've got make sure we've got the right one so make sure you know what firmware you're on and watch which potential patched one you're going to be using and then basically from there what we want to do is just hold the power button down again like we did before and we're going to go into the bootloader so once we've done the bootloader we'll go back onto the PC and I'll show you what to actually type there okay you can see that the phone is in the bootloader mode here so we don't really do much more with that but once us in there we can then go over to our minimal ID be a fast move forward up we're going to open that up we're going to say avoid click on that and scroll to file locations you can see in here I've got a patched boot image in here so that's what we need to have so I have a link for that remember you must make sure you have the right one we're going in open that up and run that and we're going to just type in fastboot and then I'm going to say flash and boot and then if you start typing patched and hit tab it should finish it off for you and press it end now hopefully your you should have had your little pop-up otherwise it won't connect make sure you get that pop-up and that's Pam now we've done that now we can over come over to the phone and start or we could have typed in fastboot reboot no but it done as well now it's going to take a little while to start from here so just leave that to go then we're going to once we've actually start up again we're going to go back into majestic manager because we've installed machismo and John here ok so we're going to open the juicy chicken now and don't you see up here great open it up now and I'm what I'm going to do now because I'm going to go up to the top here and I'm going to go to the modules now this is a different way of installing looks so what we're going to do now is hit the plus button I'm going to go looking in our file manager for that TWRP recovery image and we want the zip 1 which is this bottom one free free 1 0 this is the one I'll have another link this is your original one now it says here about rebooting now if you reboot it says here that you're now on rubadoux you don't want to do that so you want to click back here and you want to add another one then you want to look for the actual Majewski which is this one down the bottom here and like I said I'll have a link for friends are going to keep that in a flash that it's now going to reroute your device which is a bit of a pain to have to do this but again you're not havin to boot into what recovery – to do it so we're now going to go through doing that and you know some who have been running this all day long and it's been really really good and really stable have no problems whatsoever with this room where's the other one was very very buggy in a cut you couldn't use the 12 recovery at all I've made a full backup of mr. Ram restored and not had no issues so hopefully it's all good so we're just going to wait for it to reboot ok that didn't take so long without one run you see I've got my fire got a signal if we just go back down here back to majestic in here again now you can see the arrow up today go into advanced sometimes it trips out the first time it does that go into advanced make sure they're on and then also go and check your safety net you'll see that I'll be good as well good to go it's just going to test that and there we go we're all good so that's how you root your oneplus 7 pro on 9 5 5 this is the new version but this works on all variants and all we're firm ways make sure you get the correct hours so I'll leave links for everything you need in description guys I hope that helped you I hope you want to subscribe to the channel if you're new and make sure we hit the doorbell notification icon so you don't miss my upcoming videos so got quite a few more on one plus seven Pro comment if you liked the video and I found it helpful then make sure we give our thumbs up this has been super user I've seen the next one

18 thoughts on “How to Root the OnePlus 7 Pro with Magisk and install TWRP

  1. Great video. Thinking of rooting myself. Just come from a Samsung Note 8. What are the main benefits to rooting? My main question though if I did root will unrooting bring the warranty back if that phone developes a fault? I ask this as Samsung phones have a 'knox trip' that can't be reversed. Cheers

  2. I am currently on OOS version 9.5.7 the Indian variant. My phone is brand new and bootloader is unlocked. How do I go about unlocking and routing my oneplus 7 pro. A reply will be much appreciated

  3. Hey man, thanks for the great video.

    I was wondering if you think there will be a root method for this phone without actually formatting/deleting everything.
    I don't want to do that everytime. I did this for the not so stable root method and I am just scared to do it again.
    Do you think that there will be an "easier" root method without formatting anything?

  4. confirmed US Unlocked variant(GM1917) work like a beast .Simple fast 😀 who love one plus 7 pro 😀

  5. The TWRP files on XDA seem to have been updated.
    3.3.1-0 official is now 3.3.1-1 official, and both 3.3.1-20 files are now 3.3.1-25.
    Can I use those? I can't find the old ones.

    My device information at 1:28 is identical to yours.

  6. I couldn't drag the zip files to my devices internal storage. I did everything exactly up until minute 8:30 of your video, after this I cannot drag zip files to my device's internal storage. Oem is unlocked, usb debugging is on and usb file transfer is also turned on. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  7. Thanks for this. I'm on 9.5.3 rooted with Smurf kernel and nolimits how can I update without losing my root? Thanks in advance

  8. Thanks for the stable method and do i need to do this again every time l update software like from 9.5.4 to 9.5.5

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