I am a Nursing Assistant

I am a Nursing Assistant

I’m a nursing assistant I do ADLs which is daily activity in the morning, morning care basically, I’m the eyes and ears for my nurse.
>>As a nursing assistant, I provide AM care, PM care, friendship, and a lot of other things to residents. I am the one who deals with the resident
on a daily basis. I am the one who sees the mental changes. %uh noticing when the patient eats does not eats. I have more daily contact with the patient than almost anyone else.>>So you kind of lead the conversation. Somebody
like Mr. Shear who has trouble getting thoughts out, what have you found that that helps
you connect with him as a person?>>I guess being that he’s a guy, it’s kind of easier
because we relate to like sports. He tries to talk, you know sometimes he says funny stuff that has
nothing to do with anything>>Sometimes you get hurt.>>Sometimes you get hurt. How’s that feel inside?
>>It makes you angry, because you don’t want nobody
to be hittin on you.>>Right.>>Because, on the other hand you have to
understand that they are residents and they don’t, some of them don’t know.>>We’re trained to try to help people and make them better,
some people aren’t able to get better.>>You feel uncomfortable?>>uh huh.
>>A little?>>A little.>>A little. Your arms bother you? I work on a chronic unit. I mean the slightest change can mean really death for any of my patients
and I have to look out for them at all times.>>So simple things, things that we take for granted that if you can do for people make an
enormous difference it sounds like.>>You feel like family and you make them feel special.>>Does it is make you feel good?>>Yeah, it makes me
feel good cause I feel excited to know that I’m helping them out.

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  1. When visiting my mom I cannot help but notice all the other patience. What a simple "hello, how are you today" adds to their day. Caring eyes and hearts seem rather rare there. Bless you all for caring.

  2. I'm a registered nurse in an acute care unit. I could not do my job without the patient care techs. They are amazing!

  3. Do the nursing assistants do more than medical assistants? and whats the difference between phlebotomist and medical assistant?will someone please reply?

  4. CNA's are heros, but at the same time don't complain about pay. Do something about it and further your education to become a Nurse..

  5. I've been working in health care for years. My advice to anyone is get out of long term care. The pay is horrible and the work is degrading. I work in critical care now, it's a huge difference in pay and work load. We take vitals, draw blood, EKG's, glucose monitoring, answer call lights and assist nurses with patient care if needed. That's right, nurses do their own patient care. We work together as a team, unlike long term care!

  6. 50% of your success as a CNA is your reliability. Getting to work on time and not calling off. When you get your paycheck make sure to ALWAYS go over it carefully to make sure you got paid for all the hours you worked because sometimes your check will be short due to some idiot who plays games with the money. If you are the type of person that could and would enjoy helping the sick and disabled out of the kindness of your heart MORE than for the money, then the CNA job is a good fit for you.

  7. I'm an LPN at a large nursing home & I can say from 30 years experience that there is NO way we could do it, if it was not for the CNA's.They are our eyes, our angels. Most have the biggest hearts and really care for their residents. They have hard demanding jobs, and some of the things they do, I couldn't begin to do! I commend them! But, if you have the chance to go back to school, by all means do it. Start here and keep growing and learning. My hat's off to you and all that you do!

  8. this help me a lot i will b taking my state test in 15 days.. i love elderly and i need to make extra bucks.. i cant wait to take care of them

  9. The problem with some people is they always want to look down on most CNA's because all we do is change people, feed them, ect. I don't see what's so wrong with it. If it weren't for people like us that care about the patients/residents then would could people rely on to take care of their family? I'm a CNA and I love it. Sure, it doesn't pay that well, but it's just knowing you've helped someone get through another day that makes the job worth your time, not just the paycheck. 🙂

  10. That's why the pay is low.. 😛 I am doing the same thing.. i am going to become a nursing assistant, then LPN, after that, to RN.. then… 😛

  11. @thugricanz Nursing assistants can care for all age groups. All the nursing assistants in this video happen to be GNA's (Geriatric Nursing Assistants) caring for elderly patients in long-term care.

  12. @SOMVideoPress Thanks 😛 I don't mind taking care of elderly! I am a nice person, and I want to help everyone… old, young, children….

  13. @zomven1

    How sad you feel the need to put others down. I would love to post your comment on your hospital room's door the next time you need help.

  14. Zomven1, apparently you know nothing about nursing assistants. None of us go into this job for the sucky pay, & most of us go on to further our career in the med field. Being a cna is physically, mentally, & emotionally demanding. We do it, because we like caring for others.

  15. @zomven1 Actually, I & most cnas I know have furthered or are furthering our education while working as a cna with kids at home. Not only does that take brains, but the job alone, let alone our lives in general, is physically, mentally, & emotionally demanding. We do what we do, because we have the heart & the capability to do it. Everyone in the med field I know would agree with me, cna 1s on up.

  16. @kirz778 Dunno about elsewhere, but in NC you have to have a h.s. diploma or a ged before you can enroll in a cna class. You can take basic college courses, but, before you're accepted into the r.n. program, you have to have your cna & keep it current. More power to anyone who does it straight outta h.s. Most cnas I know are in early 20's to mid 30's. A few are younger or older. Most of us further our med education, the #1 degree being r.n.

  17. @MysteriousCandy108 I worked several nursing & assisted living homes in my area. The reason I left all but one was noncaring nurses. Ofcourse that doesn't go on my resume. Neither do all my jobs. I found an assisted living with a wonderful nurse though. Ofcourse we're expected to our work,, but she helps when she sees we need it. She cares about all the residents & their families & all the employees.

  18. @pamsplace955 YES! CNAs should go back to school I hate being a CNA…the politics, the racist residents, the bias and overt favortism by supervisors…CNAs are the lowest on the totem pole! Where I work they are always piling on more sensless things to do and now since its close to Christmas, they are working us short 1 CNA to 30 residents cos the more money the facility saves…the bigger bonus the HIGHER UPS get at Christmas..and I had better get a raise this year! I hate this work

  19. @davewoodring AMEN to that one! They need to have more inservices on how to handle verbal abuse in this field!

  20. @kirz778 yes i agree. political correctness aside, the truth is this is no job for anyone with the ability to do more.

  21. @zomven1 Why don't you stop bad mouthing care assistants. A care assistants job is as important as any other healthcare professional and we are the ones who work harder than anyone else and spend the most time looking after the needs of the patients. We are the eyes and ears for the nurses and doctors. Please don't insult us with your ignorant opinions

  22. It's about time nursing assistants get the respect and consideration for the hard work they do! Their job is demanding both physically and metally, I frequently find that nurses in general are not given the respect and apprecitation they deserve, and that a lot of the focus on healthcare goes towards doctors. Im glad this video truly shows the job from a nurses point of view

  23. The compassionate heart of these nursing assistants to the elderly they’re caring for is very admirable. Everyone knows that what they do is not easy. So these people who are performing such a crucial role just deserve all the support that they can possibly get. And one of which is the support provided by technology. The availability of PERS makes it easier for people who are caring for an elderly to secure their safety, especially when they’re attending some important things.

  24. @EyeWearMySunglasses I hear that! I got to stop being a CNA recently for greener pastures. I am so fucking thrilled. This video only glosses over some of what CNAs do; the reality is much more harsh.

  25. can CNA do iv, blood test, passing medicines? guess not. then why they deserver more wage? any1 can be a CNA, but not every1 can be LPN/RN

  26. Agreed. I may no longer be a CNA and never want to be one again, but for the work that they do…damn right they deserve a raise. And bonuses. And respect.

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