48 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say Hello | The Doctor's Wife | Doctor Who | BBC

  1. Even though she was only in one episode, the actress F###ing NAILED the roll of the Personified TARDIS.

  2. "Look at my girl!!! Look at her Go!! Bigger on the Inside"
    "See house? that's your problem, the size of a planet but, inside… You! Are! Just! So! Small!!!"
    "Finish him off girl"
    And at the end, I didn't realize that she whispers to him "I love you", I love how they portrayed the relationship between the dr and the t.a.r.d.i.s, they saved and stole each other. And if you think about it, basically they have been together through all of time and space.

  3. People forget something. They argue over Rose or River and who the Doctor loved more. They argue over the companions the Doctor's had and which ones are better. But they forget about the one companion that has been with the Doctor through most of his life. The companion that has taught him so much, the companion that brought him to the worlds he saved. And the companion that's always with him. The TARDIS. Easily the greatest companion of Doctor Who.

  4. 11 was kind and soft with his tardis but i remember 10 always hitting and konking the tardis with a hammer all the time.

  5. other than it would ruin this moment, couldn't the tardis talk to him via text boxes on one of her screens?

  6. Lord, the delivery on that line at 1:13, "You took her from her home." So much emotion packed in six words!

  7. Ahhhh the time when Doctor who was good fun with laughter and some tears, and now it is destroyed by SJW and turned in to a cesspool of crap. (Good Bye Doctor Who)

  8. I have a theory, just out of the blue. The way she said hello. Could River Song be the Tardis or at least be a part of the Tardis.

  9. This was so beautiful. So well done. So well performed. She also was AMAZING in human form!

  10. "Fear me. I've killed hundreds of timelords."
    "Fear me. I've killed all of them"
    You're dead now son!

  11. Question! Can’t the Doctor just build and install a holographic avatar for the matrix so they can talk all the time?

  12. Fear me. I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords. So Lycans kill Time Lords as well as Vampires do they?

  13. The more I watch this gem of a video, the more I read the comment section, the more tears I have to fight from spilling.

  14. When rory said there is no forest in here, do you think thats the day river sent the message, but that ten got it instead

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