I’m Home from the Hospital (Recovery Vlog)

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  1. God is with you and so am I. I am finally getting used to my chair nearly 4 years after being misdiagnosed as Gillian Barre Syndrome. It was actually a Spinal Stroke.

  2. Hi Richard. I would encourage the use of compression stockings (Ted Hose- feet to thigh) or ACE compression wrap. With the Compression wraps don't use the metal clip, instead use a smaller regular wrap with Velcro to hold the compression ace wrap. The compression leggings/wrap will help the swelling and bruising which will help with pain. You can also use the Ace compression wraps for your arm.
    I'm 7 years post work accident at work with multiple injuries and surgeries. I am a RN. I'm finally dismissed from Work Comp and now can use my regular Health Insurance to get the care I need and will be having knee repair surgery in 3 weeks. Compression wraps and compression stockings have made all the difference for me and helped with pain.
    I'm glad you have help and are taking it slow and easy…. a good way to not re-injure yourself. One day at a time 🙂

  3. I’m like just out of words… To see how strong you are, I know part of your pain from my knee surgery. And then adding the arm the ribs.. jeez. Dude respect, be careful please, and let your friends an family help you for this time around. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, so please keep it easy and don’t ask to much from your body. You’re so strong. Happy new year, may it be your best year ever.

  4. I feel for you brother especial since it is the colder season on us. Glad you are ok and this accident didn’t take you out.

  5. I'm so glad to see that you're out of the hospital again!

    15:04 Glad to see her for a second or two.
    19:20 Hey! We get to see Jalila again. 🙂
    29:36 He did put that in…if severely blurred.

  6. I can't say I can understand any of what you're going through, but parts sure sounds familiar from when I had an emergency c-section. The complications that forced the c-section also kept me in the hospital, in bed for the most part, for a full week. Those vampires coming in for blood every few hrs was AWFUL! I bruise easily, so my was black and blue from half my forearm to halfway up my bicep. Because of staying in bed for a week to recover from the complications, I wasn't able to properly move around to help the surgery pain, so that took longer to recover from than usual. Since I typically have low pain tolerance I still did relatively well. Having my baby in NICU didn't help, I actually saw her more once I was discharged.

  7. Youve been through alot first you already had a wheelchair and now she had a near death experisence ur a strong amazing person for helping

  8. My son has watched you since his parachute accident in October. You have taught him so much. His wife is taking care of him but he is trying to do for himself. He got down on the floor to play with his son and back in his chair and I think you inspired him to try and succeed.

  9. So good to see you home back in your creature comforts so you can really rest and recover. I know how frustrating and annoying being on bed duty is but your body is working super hard healing. So happy that you’ve got a fantastic support circle around you. Keep resting and healing well Richard! 🤗🤗🤗

  10. give your heart to God please. whoever is reading this. i ask this out of pure love, not hate not correctment. i have found true life! and i just want everyone everyone truly everyone to find it as well. love you NO MATTER who you are or where you’ve been or what you’ve done!!! YOU are God’s masterpiece

  11. Glad your home and feeling better.

    As far as doctor office paperwork, I keep a couple of spreadsheets up to date and print them out before going to a new doctor and then on the doctors paperwork I just write see attached. I have one for all my medication separated by prescribed and over the counter, I have one for all my surgeries and procedures (printed double sided), and I have one with all my doctors listed separated out by current and former (but I usually only print the current doctors as the former doctors are more for my records).

    For emergencies my wife and I also keep our medications listed in an App on our phones. This happened after my wife had an emergency medical issue in which she was unconscious and the emergency room doctor needed to now what medications she was taking and I had no idea. With the app my wife, my daughter and I can all access the information. Unfortunately, we’ve had to use it with my wife 2 times since we uploaded the information. Fortunately, when my wife is having issues I’ve been ok and when I’m having issues my wife has been ok, but we put our daughter on just in case.

  12. Praying for ur speedy recovery. Had lumbar surgery 2 days ago so I can keep walking. Waking up to pain really sucks, swelling is terrible and asking for help is the hardest. I feel ur pain. Your videos have helped me feel like it’s all going to be ok. I can have a happy life despite a failing body.

  13. Lol I feel your pain with the hospital frustration. I spent about a month in a couple years ago. Seems like they have to draw blood at 2 a.m. when I just start to fall asleep. There is no solid sleep in there. And UTIs suck. Improper bathroom care in the hospital by a trainee nurse gave me one that took 9 months to over come. Good luck. As someone who had difficulty walking and often uses a wheelchair, I know all those other painful areas and bumps and bruises make things 100 times harder. Best wishes! I’m glad you have support at home. I know how it feels not to want to burden others but yo7 are worth it all. Thanks for sharing your experiences and being an inspiration and good example for others.

  14. Heal soon ! Get rid of the pain my friend … Remember as a paraplegic i too and many others would learn of what’s happening post injury and how you managing … plus the so much fun from Andrew … team work buddy

  15. Since you didn’t want us to send a bunch of sympathy messages, I just have one thing to say…….. stupid fricking puddle

    Also you are so strong! Sorry couldn’t help myself

  16. Fricking YouTube didn’t tell you posted the last time you did, so I didn’t get the chance to send a message… so here it is:

    Richard, I know you have gotten hundreds of these messages, and you probably won’t even see it, but just know that I mean every single word. I was born with Spina Bifida. I can walk, but not without the use of leg braces. The best way I can describe how it look when I walk is a drunk penguin with a broken leg. I have been bullied and ridiculed for being different, all my life. My classmates would mimic my walking as they walked by and strangers can never seem to stop staring. I was given nicknames likes “peguin girl”, “ Teeter totter”, Turtle, and just playing old “freak”. I would try to zone them out, to escape into a different world inside my mind, but they always got to me. Worst part was it wasn’t just them who saw me a freak, they made me start to believe it too. As I grew older I started spiraling into a darker and darker state. I began using food as comfort and gained alot of weight, even though I knew it was wrong and that I was just fitting further in with the stereotypes. I had to fight myself to stay above water and not let the hate win. I had seem many other disabled YouTubers before, but none of them seemed to get it. None of them seemed to understand that accepting yourself doesnt just happen over night and that I hated looking in the mirror. Then, one day I came across your channel. I saw your light and how you didn’t let anything stop you. You didn’t care what others said and you embraced your situation and never seeked sympathy. Your attitude and personality somehow made most people around you except you. You didn’t try to hid your disability or pretend like it doesn’t exist, but instead used it to touch people. You broke through all the styreo types we have. Even though I am not a wheelchair user (unless I am going to be out a very long time), you’re videos spoke to me. It took a while, but with your help, I’ve began to dig myself out of the hole I was in, and begin to truly love myself. I’m less shy and afriad than I used to be, and I’m finally finding out who I want to be. Instead of just fitting right into the “fat, nerdy, shy, incapable disabled girl” I’ve began to let my personality shine through and tell people “no THIS is who I am. This is what I can do.” I’ve began working out and I’ve started to loose some weight. I know that this all sounds like a bunch of cheesy crap, but it’s true. You are my menture and my hero. You’ve changed my life. Thank you. I can’t say it enough, thank you.

  17. At first when I saw you I thought you were somehow completely better because you looked so healthy! Way better than the last vid! Hope you start feeling better and I hope you have a fast and safe recovery!!😁😊❤️

  18. Glad to see your doing better each day. Take your time healing and doing your pt. I'll be here when you get back. God Blesd

  19. The body diagram at the doctors office was a hoot Laughed so hard because I've said the same thing. In fact I have just circled the entire body 🙄

  20. I feel for ya Richard. "The less I do the better I feel". That's my daily operating mode. Get better, take it easy, let your peeps spoil ya rotten!

  21. I laughed so hard when you were filling out the forms. So much truth there. Glad you're improving each day, and good to see you back online

  22. This had me crying mate your a true angel to not just survive the fall but also being crushed by a car and a wall and to still be able to talk and laugh your a true inspiration I’m not in a wheel chair but i have had an experience from one but i do have a crippling illness mentally and also some physical illnesses witch have caused me problems but since watching u I’ve gotten up I’ve gotten out and I’ve done something since watching u I’ve raised money for my local disabilities center i raised money for a homeless couple who own was wheelchair bound and his misses was pregnant i raised enough money to get them a house open a bank account and get them receiving money to pay for their home and now nearly a year later their a close friend their twins where born healthy and I’m their god parent because of u i was able to get our of bed and help change a life yes sometimes I couldn’t but when i did I’d be so happy and to see how much I’ve changed a life is the best prize so thank u

  23. Hopefully you get better I wish you the best luck and recovery, is sad seeing you like this. Always with the head up

  24. Dude, I get you on the being dependent part, got run off the road dec 21st while out with my handbike, my shoulder and wrist which as you know as a wheelie means you can't do a damn thing
    Remember that once you're recovered more your independence increases again then it's building back strength and stamina….. yup that's gonna suck
    Hang in there man

  25. Wheels to walking and back to wheels. You can do this Richard! You’ve been through so much and I have no doubt you’ll get through this.

  26. Glad you’re home Richard, I really hope that you will feel better. You’re such a strong individual. Good luck in recovery.

  27. You are so strong! To see how smoothly you can transfer even with the amount of injuries you have…amazing. Take time…you will do everything on your own again soon.

  28. Your voice in the morning! Oh god! You are realy good guy but don't try to wake up someone by this morning voice😂 wish you to be indpendend soon😀

  29. Nice to see you, Richard! Sorry that you are having to go through another round of recovery after another traumatising accident. Know that we are here for you and want to support you as best we all can whilst you recover. Thank you for this video and for recording and explaining your injuries and recovery around this accident.

  30. 2 weeks recovery and you healed that much! All the rest really did work wonders on the speed of your recovery. Now if only I could convince my Dad to do the same, dislocated his tibia last week and still insists on walking…(context my dad has had both of his patellas removed, his knees reconstructed and his cartilage is worn down so the bones slip out of place often in his right leg.)

  31. One thing I’ve found that soothes aches and pains without drugs is an old fashioned hot water bottle. Be sure to get one with a cover. I even travel with one. It works better than a heating pad.

  32. I glad you liked reading all our messages. Hopefully it brought your spirits up a bit after being in bed for so long. Take all the time you need to make more videos, we will be here when you're ready.😊

  33. I know it's not the same as getting pinned but after I flipped my car it took a week to feel all the pain. Was not fun I'm sorry you're having these pains now.

  34. Richard days after You accident I have a operation, My firts operation of My life and i'm on bed and paint to. Is 2020 why the humans have ciborg parts like they movies.

  35. The messages from Andrew and your girlfriend (can’t remember how to spell her name at the moment) made me cry. I’m so happy you appear to be mending so quickly. I agree with other sentiments, I think you’ve had your fill of near death experiences.

    I didn’t get a chance to sit and say what you mean to me but I will say that you gave me the confidence to leave the house in my wheelchair. It was a very hard transition and your videos really helped me. I hope you continue to heal and I wish you the best.

  36. Stay strong and keep moving forward!! Glad to see you can decrease your Pain meds!! You are very strong individual and encouraging so many of those whom are learning to deal with life in a wheelchair and after an accident!! Thank you!! I too have a SCI and also EDS so you have helped me to keep trying and attempting new things!! Once again Thank you!! Hope things keep improving and you feel more like your usual self soon!! Take care!!!

  37. It’s great to see you dude, so glad you’re getting yourself back together and feeling better. Do not feel you need to do more than you want, no one is sitting here expecting anything. The whole community will just be so excited to have you back when you’re ready! Everyone is 100% behind you, keep going Richard we love you.

  38. I'm super happy watching u alive and well, my bro u are gonna come stronger than ever!!! Sending all my good vibes from 🇲🇽.

  39. I'm super happy watching u alive and well, my bro u are gonna come stronger than ever!!! Sending all my good vibes from 🇲🇽.

  40. Dang dude that’s horrific. Hang in there. Is anyone else getting off the plane when wheels hops on ;). Best of luck on your recovery!!

  41. I can imagine the bruising will take a long time to go as I whacked my knee New Year’s Eve and it’s still purple and sore when anything knocks against it. Good to see you’re finally able to get up and about in the chair. Look forward to the next update.take care of yourself. Get well soon.

  42. lol I here that about paper work . I pint out a list of all my pills and put it in the lol paperwork ..it some times pissers them off .

  43. Hey I love your vids. You have really changed my life. I have cerebral Palsy. I’m wheelchair. Nothing stops you. I learned to keep going.

  44. i’m glad you’re getting better from what happened. its not everyday things like this happen and i know how its like being trapped on a bed and feeling like you cant do anything about it. I just turned 16 and 3 times already i’ve gotten surgery to close a skin sore from being in the chair too long. each time, i was stuck in bed for about 1.5 months not allowed to get up or go outside at all, i couldnt even sit up for a minute. we only learn from our setbacks and even though i hate having to constantly recover from surgeries, i’m still super grateful to be able to continue playing adaptive sports today.

    best wishes to a full recovery -Ailin

  45. 33:13 those steri-strips are great! When I was like 12 they saved me from getting stitches from a boomerang hitting me on my right ear. (turns out they DO come back! 😅)

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