In the Hospital

In the Hospital

This time I feel like he’s going to hit something this time introoooooooooo This time, I feel like he is going to hi t something this time Guys wake up! Wake up, yo. My friend is coming! Wake up! Who is coming? My best friend ๐Ÿ™‚ where Come on, we have to go. Oh! But that merch! And it’s also bekfast time Bekfast! Is your back okay? I think soooooo WTF IS GOING ON cool epic love he is awesome Dab on those hatters litty song plays jake paul jamming like Jimin who has jams cough cough namjoon Oh but that merch though! Who cares about the back. Guys… My best friend is here. My best friend is here! Yoooooooooooooooooooo! My man Big Black! what’s going on Jake? Bro! We are so out here! Yo! Welcome to the Team 10 headquarters dude! This is where it all goes down at. This is like the fantasy factory. But like a little less. You said it man but i did not invision this. IDK So if you guys do not know who big black is.. I mean this man does so much. But the 90’s kids which is where I was born were all understanded would be freaking out right now. But this is my best friend. uh.. My man is here uh was on like MTV shows for like years. If you watch Robin Big. 3 seasons of that, and then 4 more seasons of Fantasy Factory Your boy’s been around He’s been killen’ it yo! He’s still killen’ it, and, you know today we’re about to kill it! I don’t know what’re gonna’ do. We’re just gon’ get some things man and see how it goes. I’m down for it end alright hope it is that havoc Monta what did you want to do I always say me and JP gonna be boys you gotta shave her brother’s back if you gonna get your boys back you gotta shave his back to I don’t know that you’re gonna ride this the right way yeah I’m saying you can write my best friend you’re right you gotta shave a brother back you’re right we are in Sevilla now now it’s an AR boys we are officially employed he gave me the best trim of my back ever his paper with excellent the face off the chain oh my god imma be a barber y’all good morning Kate good morning Lucas DeMarcus did you guys meet my new best friend yeah she joins in 10 yeah good morning Yvonne did you meet my friend 27 yeah Nick I muscle really fun because you just call her names room no this is yvonne no clue you yeah this more doesn’t yet it you don’t know anything bro I’m a twin master Dolan twin Martinez twins over eight wins I know all the twins bro that’s Emilio and this is yvonne Nick do you mean my friends know his name is big black case a big black thank you fuck yeah I am cooking oil what what does it do thank you if you dare to persuade this shrimp that’s where r is there definitely haha when a good for that la cause whatever god you’re gonna win okay supply please put it on there real quick three seconds I didn’t rub it in there you go gotta hit that pic you just shined up oh you can look up your pic yeah boy shining over here right there I’m so out here you’d also cheat as well he can’t grip it good if you got there Pam on it oh you’re right yeah yeah he’s lucky you get that Pam on there you can get out of that flip you can’t yeah it’s called cheating and looking good anytime at the same damn time to camp and bicep at the same damn time if you eat like all of them all at once there’d be no more twins left on Team ten you want to get something to eat oh I don’t know what that means I want my man hungry yells my boy he’s driving this is uh this is emilio second time driving attrition you want to come yeah I’m sure about helmet real quick okay this is only his second time driving oh sure put on the brake foot on the brake you have to teach in my man’s good yeah oh ok boy keep in time I said you’re going to hit something if I’m here that little slide back over a little bit I’m starting this is the funny space got a stop sign coming up up here and stop oh no no no we got past he passed our lease true when you stop gradual okay like gentle ya know pay attention pay attention music down we need to change jazz with some because you don’t want to play hip hop when you purchase drugs they get all hype duster into some fast and furious I think it just needs a paint luck you’re on the wrong side of the road I mean oh there’s people behind us Jesus toy some trouble again stop don’t get your head of yourself nothing I had to stop sign we’re gonna go right now oh yeah are you crossing brothers occasional this cock yeah you should years ago things never to come on we don’t want to take you out hey Kurt I love dog you know what I won’t pick ya yo my man just have it what you were about to get some food rumi stuff is double so this means i’m not a match the nice thing you’re not a man but you start with a fruit bowl first it didn’t work your way up I’m money I’m life ah alright Jay you know thanks Gregory we officially became best friends today killed it nah man yeah I’m sure that Jake Wohlers will see you in some more vlogs you know no doctors voice big I’ll see you later Joe that is literally like a dream come true of mine I watched his show growing up like since I was a kid and I finally have to be able to meet him and collaborate with him and and make videos with him and what’s up Spencer I the whole video thing didn’t work out for you good cumin I like this one yeah it’s got benefits yeah how’d you know i can pick and choose it’s you know it’s really cool cool cool cool cool oh yeah oh yeah I’ll see it anyways that was like a dream come true of mine I don’t know it’s Sanskrit shows but right now I’m about to go to Orange County which is like an hour drive away from Los Angeles to a children’s hospital to visit some of the patients hopefully like cheer up their days and you know maybe I’ll tell you guys like some of their stories and share their experiences with you so that you can get more motivated for life and see how they’re killing it and yeah let’s just let’s just go hang out with some kids bro okay guys so I’m here at the Children’s Hospital and we’re going to go inside I don’t know what to expect I don’t know what we’re going to be doing but the one thing I will say is that it might get a little bit serious and I’m going to be really respectful of like the families and their patients and I don’t want to like be pushing cameras in their face so I’m only going to be like vlogging stuff if they’re okay with it so let’s go do this baby we say what’s up to the jig polish he shot Joey you want to spit some rats less on man spit ball hey what’s your name evil hi Bob she’s scared of me she’s just you wanted to come over here yeah well come on just left the hospital guys it was so awesome being able to spend time with those kids a lot of them have a lot of like really like bad sicknesses and illnesses and they just spend a lot of the time in the hospital and it’s in so terrible to see and we just try and go in there and like helped make their days a little bit better it takes the pictures with them we did like a little radio show with them so it’s super super awesome I know you guys love it when I like do crazy stuff in the vlogs and I’m funny but like the vlogs are my life you know and so if I’m doing something in my life I’m going to take you guys along with it and hopefully as far as you guys like you know maybe spread some joy or you know get involved somehow in the into helping kids that are less fortunate oh I don’t know what I’m doing next but let’s do it here yo we’re on set secret project we can’t tell you about it but this is my man gary vay-ner-chuk I see so you drop some knowledge on the j quality of course reverse engineered cake pause I just told this young man your journey was about saying yes which is why he’s gotten to the top now it’s about saying no because he realizes it he needs severe on what he wants and then that means you have to say no to everything for you for so many of you ninety percent of her killing it you need to figure out missing yes how do you yes wouldn’t want to do what do you want to I’m really looking at short-term thing yeah go on fat with that we really want long-term when you’re old like me so figure out who you are what you want and reversing to hear that and it’s all work let me see one thing about this man because I’ve seen him from the get which is based on thank you for not swearing because I know I like you know what I’m normally say yes because I’m not doing this I’m proud of my depicted surprise thanks man that’s my good homie Gary I jump into knowledge on you guys I mean here make you guys better people i think i hope but also at the same time let’s do dumb stuff a lot what’s confidence a team 10 Chris oh wow nothing’s going on so you know ah you need to y yo Jake today’s notification shout-out goes to my boy all the way in the UK shout out to josh gordon Josh thank you so much for having on my post notifications guys if you want to shout out turn on them post notifications and comment when you’re done and I might shut you out in tomorrow’s video do it all right Jake followers I just thought of like one of my favorite ideas that we are about to go attempt right now for tomorrow’s vlog so stay tuned for that and don’t forget about he give away two days left all you have to do is subscribe right now go to my Instagram and follow me at Jake Paul the more you spam me the better your chances are winning the blog was kind of all over the place today guys but that’s my life and you’re subscribed to itself al I’ll see you tomorrow because it’s every day bro please don’t forget to buy our merch

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