Interview: Catatonic Schizophrenic

Interview: Catatonic Schizophrenic

– How are you feeling?
… Well. – How long have you been here? … Three months. May 17th. – And what brought you here? … That’s difficult to answer. – Could you give me some idea? … Off hand, I can’t. – Whose idea was it that you come here? … My psychiatrist. – And what happened that ended up with your being here in the hospital? … The psychiatrist decided. That this was the situation for me. – Did he tell you why? … No, the psychiatrist did not. – Has anybody told you why? No.
– Have you any idea why? Yes. – And what is that? I am not completely like… other people. – What do you mean by that? People dislike me because. I am not completely like them. – And in what way are you different? I am trying to do with my life something which… few people try to do. And… this influences my thinking. And consequently my actions. – What is it you’re trying to do with your life? … Play the piano for people. – I am not clear at… – How is it that playing the piano for people has eventually resulted in your being here in the hospital? … I sit differently. When I play the piano. And when I am away from the piano I occasionally look differently. From other people. And this has caused. Dislike. From people. – They dislike you because you sit differently at the piano? … Yes. – In what way do you sit at the piano that people would dislike you? … I cannot describe. An illustration. Of how I sit. – And I can’t imagine it, that it would make people angry at you, or at least dislike you. – How do you know they dislike you? … My father does. And. Doctors do. Because. Of the way. I appear. In relationship to the way I sit at the piano. And occasionally stand when I am away from the piano because of the way I sit at the piano. – How do you stand when you’re away from the piano that they dislike you? … I can’t describe. An illustration. – Does it “feel” to you any different from the way other people stand? … Yes it feels different. – In what way? It… this is becoming too involved to describe. – Would I be right in assuming then that… – you don’t feel that you belong in the hospital, – but that other people did feel that? … As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this hospital, which is a mental hospital, then… those who dislike me want to find a worse place for me. – I’m not sure I understand. Could you make that clearer for me? … No. – Is this a way of… … A hosp—Yes, I can. As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this mental hospital, then those who dislike me want to find a hospital where the living conditions are not as good as this. – But why are you in the hospital in the first place? I’m not clear. … Because I am working to do something in my life which most people do not do… This influences my thinking. And occasionally my actions. And… A psychiatrist has noticed this. And dislikes…
– What has he noticed? … the actions, and… the thinking, and has decided that I should be here. To change them. – What actions? … How I talk. And how I look. Right at this moment. – And how would you describe the way you’re talking and looking right at this moment? … As other people talk, and that this moment however I’ve been told that it is not the way other people talk and look. – Have you any idea in what way it’s not like others? … No because I believe it IS as other people talk. – So then from YOUR point of view, not from other people’s point of view, from YOUR point of view, – You look, you talk, you think, you behave… as other people do. – You’re very interested in learning to play the piano. – You sit at the piano a little differently from the way someone else might and you stand somewhat differently. … Occasionally I stand differently. – Now that, uh… in itself, doesn’t seem on the surface to be sufficient reason for being in a hospital. – So what other reasons have been given to you, or what other reasons do you understand are the causes of your being here? … I’m supposed to not. Be mentally well. – And what’s supposed to be wrong with you? … No doctor has told me. – That’s hard to believe. … I tell the truth. What are your plans? If things should go well, and you were to leave the hospital, then what? … I need financial help from my father to prepare. Me. For obtaining a job. As a piano instructor. At a university. Where I will be able to teach. People how to play the piano. And also play the piano. For people. – Have you had the training yet to permit you to be an instructor? No I have not.
– Have you tried? I don’t understand what you mean by the…
– Have you tried to get the instruction? … Yes I have tried.
– And what’s happened? … I have not had. The correct environment. For the instruction. Nor the correct financial help for the instruction. Nor… the correct instruction. – Have you been accepted for such instruction? … By some teachers. Yes. – And… by others no? Yes. Again.
– Mhm. It has been about half and half. – Have you started any such instruction with those who did approve of it? … Yes.
– And how has it gone? … With some it has gone well. With some it has not gone well.

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  1. 1:05– 🙁 makes me sad cause you can see the pain in his face. He doesnt know whats wrong with him he doesnt know why he is there he is trying to be normal but everyone is telling him theres something wrong with him 🙁

  2. 3:55– I understand. I have a severe mental disorder that isnt really understood and bc it isnt understood its hard to cure/theres no med specifically for this. Therapists hate treating it/having a client with it. Psychiatrists dont like us bc its hard to find the perfect balance of meds. People in general dont like us for some reason. When i say us im talking me and others with my disorder.

  3. 5:15– damn that is the truest shit ive ever heard. 1961, they where JUST coming away from the whole “if they act out throw it in a crazy house and leave em there” to more “wait some of these people are crazy some are not, we should figure out who is and who isnt and then figure out their illness so we can help people be healthier” mental hospitals werent good in the early 60s still but they definitely
    Werent as inhumane as earlier years. I heard what happened to him and it breaks my heart. Obviously intelligent. Obviously using the piano as an analogy OR bc he truly believes he plays piano. I wish he was alive today to see how far weve come in accepting those with illnesses. May he rest in peace ❤️


  5. He probably sits at the piano like a gay queen. He's obviously gay. Maybe that was his real perceived problem. Imagine being a gay camp guy in the US 60 years ago. 60 years ago in the US they still persecuted blacks terribly then with segregation etc. Imagine how they looked on gay men like this. I think this guy was just gay and loved the piano.

  6. Seems more autistic and socially awkward, plus the video is clearly old I believe he was misdiagnosed, just by judging off the video tho.

  7. He reminds me an awful lot of Elliot Rodger, the kid who videotaped his final moments before going on a "retribution" rampage in Isla Vista a few years back. His lips, his voice, his intelligence and his total disconnect with "normal". I wonder how much confusion and thought scrambling in this man was brain chemistry/wiring and how much was medication.

  8. As someone who has had the misfortune of dealing with psychiatric "experts", institutional and otherwise, for more than 50 years, I can honestly say that this "interviewer" would be enough to make ANYONE irritable and ultimately "catatonic", if only to escape. Attempting to engage in a meaningful way with someone under the influence of either their own brain chemistry/wiring or psychotropic meds is an exercise in stupidity. Have things changed since 1961? Not a hell of a lot. How little we know even NOW about mental illness and personality disorders. Psychology has not evolved as much as perhaps it needs to.

  9. Everyone on here is completely oblivious! I lived with a schizophrenic family member and the man in the video is avoiding confrontation or answering questions, hes not "smarter" this is just ONE of many behaviours people with schizophrenia have. The man interviewing him is not being mean, his dad probably isn't being mean (he just thinks he is) , these are questions designed to show schizophrenic thinking.

  10. Guys, the reason he speaks so slowly is because he has catatonic schizophrenia. Don’t make fun of him, he’s just a human being. Treat them the way they want to be treated.

  11. AMAZING. I was watching this, and said to myself " Back then people who were sensible and just clearly recognized this man for what he is, a danger to himself and others. BUT in 2019, the leftist weirdos would simply look at him as one of them and he would not be considered abnormal just a default leftist voter" Well sure as shit, I go to the comment section and what do I see: A plethora of comments vindicating and adoring him from sjw weirdo's. One person actually wrote take him out of the hospital and put him in the sunshine. This is how literally half of America thinks now. That is fucking horrifying

  12. Hmm…no ones seeming to wonder why hes actually there probably something happened during one of his piano sessions and how he creepily ends it with others not so well….hmm🤔

  13. If everyone would stop and carefully choose their words and responses we would have a lot less bullshit. He may be ill, but he ain't crazy…..

  14. I have never heard someone from the US speak so beautifully. He has wonderful elocution. I mean this seriously, it is a wonderful trait that he has. His grooming is also immaculate. He seems Gay and very intelligent (just an observation). It may just be the medications, but he seems like somebody on the spectrum. However, people on the autism spectrum do not get diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia, so I’m sure he’s doing better here than he has in the past. I can’t help but wonder what this young man would’ve been like if he had not been ill.

  15. Consider- maby people dont accualy hate him or the way he sits/ stands. This looks like a symptom of paranoia/ persecution complex.

  16. He's self aware enough to know what he wants to do, but still doesn't have the cognitive ability. I couldn't imagine living like that, being conscious of my limitations. Just too sad…

  17. This was hard to watch and wrong. He's himself and they (psychiatrists) believe he is not normal in their opinion so he's there. That's sad

  18. And all these edgy basic bitches in the comments are romanticizinghis mental illness
    And acting all deep with their
    "This is mood,I felt that,that's deep "

  19. This man sounds so interesting and sounds so intellegent, i would love to just sit and talk with him, he sounds like he knows things we don't. I like this guy, very interesting guy.

  20. I have come across this clip at different times in my life and now i am watching it again. I just dig this guy!
    I am very confused however if he is in pain or if it’s just everyone around him that is bothered by him being strange? Do he suffer from his mental illness in any way other than people not liking him? Does he care?
    Maybe he just wants to play the piano or sit by the piano or stand by it and imagine being the best piano instructor and why not let him?

  21. My heart hurts, he didn't deserve this, he deserved better. He was basically tortured mentally so much that he ended up taking his own life in the late 80s from what I read here in the comments. He never got to live and be happy, just end up being treated like shit and brainwashed into thinking something was wrong with him. He was, in the end, a fucking test subject to all these damn psychiatrists and scientists. No one saw him as a person, NO ONE!! I hope his soul is at rest and also at peace. 💔💔💔 I wish knew what his name was. Whoever you are patient 18, I'm so sorry that monsters put you through so much hell to the point where it was too much to bare. You didn't deserve that. I hope in your next life, hopefully you'll get to live and be happy. R.I.P💔🥀🥀🥀

  22. Why is the doctor asking him why he is in the hospital? The doctor is supposed to tell him why he is in the hospital. No wonder the guy is confused. He thinks it's because he is different. We are all different. I've seen crazier people then him walking free that should be in the hospital. He tells the truth, more than I can say for a lot of people.

  23. I saw comments theorizing that he was in the hospital because he was gay/effeminate so I was expecting him to say something like “actions, homosexual actions” or “acting like a woman,” but… no? He was just pretty obviously mentally ill, and any possibility that he wasn’t would be impossible to garner from a ten minute video. This is pretty textbook

  24. Depression does this too, sometimes. You just have zero energy, so everything comes out flat-sounding. And that is because you feel flattened. Just all out of crying, no joy only gut-wrenching sorrow. It wears you down to the threads you are hanging from.

  25. I would like to see video of him playing the piano now. I wonder if he was a prodigy playing experimental avant garde music or something.

  26. I don't see any issues with him. He's probably more normal than most people.

    Clearly he is measured, thoughtful and well manored.

    At worst he's slightly autistic.

  27. Btw, he's gay most likely, and in the 60s being gay would have gotten you beat up.

    He's covering his sexuality.

    It's not schizophrenia.

    Most likely his dad thought he was gay, and sent him to a psychologist to fix him.

  28. In my observation ,I see a introvert who keeps a safe space inside . He closes the door so to speak to privately consult with his thoughts before comeing back out to present his careful answer. He is aware of his outward appearances ,and tries to hold back his obvious exposure, but isn't letting it be a distraction. He would rather be in a place where he doesn't have to be interrupted. Playing the piano freely he gets relief from the world. His dream is much more than his body will allow him . A constant state of controlled frustration.

  29. In my observation ,I see a introvert who keeps a safe space inside . He closes the door so to speak to privately consult with his thoughts before comeing back out to present his careful answer. He is aware of his outward appearances ,and tries to hold back his obvious exposure, but isn't letting it be a distraction. He would rather be in a place where he doesn't have to be interrupted. Playing the piano freely he gets relief from the world. His dream is much more than his body will allow him . A constant state of controlled frustration.

  30. They world hates what they can’t understand isn’t it obvious already, this man is practically a genius in his on way and I am disgusted at the human mind that says he should be in a hospital. and just the fact that he’s different he’s crazy? The world has been coming to a end a long time ago.

  31. Yes, I agree with you Chris Juliette. I guess my comment was over exaggerated. I am a young amateur writer where I sometimes write more than should be required. However, I totally understand your compassion for the poor man. May he rest in peace.😑

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