Is It Mandatory To Attend Clinical Trial Investigator Meetings?

Is It Mandatory To Attend Clinical Trial Investigator Meetings?

hey everybody welcome back to the clinical trials guru com again it's D clinical trials guru calm thank you very much for watching make sure you subscribe YouTube subscribe to the blog also iTunes and stitcher I have podcast I'm going to get much more involved in the podcast because I've noticed that on the weekends my youtube channel and my website traffic for sure goes way down but for some reason the podcast traffic goes up on the weekend so I'm assuming it's because people are driving and working out so I respect that and I'll be creating some content for you guys on the podcast alright so stay tuned for more of that today's question is for research sites right and the question is is it mandatory to attend investigator meetings so for those of you who don't know an investigator meeting is when all the sites that are participating in a particular protocol are invited to an investigator meeting right there the sponsor hosts this meeting generally before study starts where all the sites who are participating sometimes from all over the world come to one location usually it's in dallas texas unfortunately nothing against dallas but it's not the most exotic location sometimes they're like in Las Vegas or Florida or big conference or convention cities and basically the and the hotels are usually pretty nice they have food there like two or three day events where they will basically go through the entire protocol they're going to answer questions they're going to talk about what they know about the drug so far about the investigational product or the medical device they're going to talk about what they anticipate to be some challenges with a study they're going to talk about recruitment techniques they're going to get different people certified to perform different assessments that the protocol calls for so generally it's a really good idea to a and the problem with this as is with the case in many things in clinical research these investigator meetings are really intended for the P is primarily the principal investigators to attend and the problem with most principal investigators is the ones that are really good are very busy either they're very busy with a bunch of their studies and maybe they have lots of other investigator meetings lined up so their schedule sometimes conflict or they're just busy in their private practice they have so many patients this is why they were selected for the trial by the sponsor they have so many patients they're so busy in their private practice that they don't really have time for investigator meetings they barely have time to conduct the clinical trial the way the sponsor wants them to so that's cusp that's sort of a deeper philosophical issue with principal investigators but it certainly applies the investigator meetings so I'm assuming this is where the question stems from as far as is it mandatory for investigators to attend the investigator meeting and the answer is no it's not okay typically nothing bad will happen if the p.i doesn't attend what you should do is try to find a replacement for the p.i to attend so maybe a sub investigator that's an MD all right so most sites will have backups which are called sub investigators they essentially backup or handle some of the assessments that the P I can also handle but they're not the main principal investigator so oftentimes sub eyes because they're not doing as many trials as the P is actually have more time all right and so they're able to attend and they're sort of curious because they want to learn what investigator meetings are all about because they want to be P eyes to so if your P I can't go try to get yourself by to go for sure you should have one of your coordinators go right there's almost no reason for a study coordinator not to attend unless of course they're busy at the clinic in which case you should send a backup coordinator absolutely you should have it least one member from your site attend but it is not mandatory for UPI to attend although it's definitely encouraged and recommended now some sponsors warm early care if UPI doesn't attend especially if they're experienced and they've kind of been around the block but if UPI's brand-new they should probably should be encouraged to attend and from my experience as most p is that our brand-new do want to attend at least their first couple of investigator meetings just so that they get an idea at a general feel feel for what research is all about but if your p has experienced then it's not necessarily mandatory that they had had and so sponsors understand this now if nobody from your site attends the investigative eating you might have a problem you might have the sponsor the project manager call you and say hey you know what's going on how come nobody from your site is attending that's generally a bad look so you typically want at least the p.i to go or the study coordinator to go in an ideal world I should say you want your P I to go and your study coordinator go and you want to fill up all the slots that they're allotting for you typically they'll have two or three invitations per site right one is always going to be the p.i one's always going to be the coordinator and one if there is an extra slot is for a sub I or another coordinator okay now sometimes they only give two slots so whichever the case may be you want to fill up all the slots even if the P I can't go you want to send the sub I if the coordinator can go you want to send a backup coordinator you do want site representation there there's a lot of value for going to these investigator meetings networking with sites you can figure out kind of what kind of budgets other sites are negotiating if they want to share that information some sides view some sites no it's really up to you as a networker and so you're going to put your networking skills to work and see what other sites have been able to oh she ate that you could also discuss how other sites are recruiting what's worked for them best practices things of that nature always good to network with other people in your industry right who are not necessarily your competitors right so is it mandatory no but for brand new p is it certainly recommended and you absolutely i think it's mandatory that at least somebody from the site show up to the investigator meeting right dan from the clinical trials take care you

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  1. May I ask if Do you think that in the upcoming years the Investigator meeting will be condemned to disappear?

  2. May I ask you what's the point of an Investigator meeting if the staff will be trained during the SIV? Thank you

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