Is Voter Fraud Real?

Is Voter Fraud Real?

While the major media fixates on the influence
of foreign powers on American elections, a much more serious attack has been taking place
right under our noses: Good old-fashioned, home-grown voter fraud. Let’s look at three of the worst offenses. Example number one: bloated voter rolls. In 244 counties across the United States,
there are more registered voters than there are people legally eligible to vote. Twenty-nine states have counties with more
registered voters than legal residents. And eight states have more registered voters
than actual voting-age people. When the Supreme Court upheld Ohio’s efforts
to clean up its own voter rolls in 2018, the majority opinion cited Pew Center statistics:
24 million voter registrations in the United States are either “invalid or significantly
inaccurate.” And nearly 3 million people are believed to
be registered to vote in more than one state. These numbers have a shocking implication:
It’s very easy to exploit our voting system. During an undercover investigation, New York
City detectives made 63 attempts to cast illegal ballots based on flawed voter rolls. They were successful 61 times. Similar investigations in other cities and
other states produce the same dismal results. But phony voters on the rolls is just one
threat to election integrity. Here’s example number two: ballot harvesting. In 2016, the state of California—one of
the states with more registered voters than citizens— became the first state to legalize
the practice of ballot solicitation; that is, the collection and delivery of ballots
by third parties. With no trace of irony, this is called “ballot
harvesting.” It works like this: In California, organizations
with a clear political agenda are legally permitted to go to a location—say, a nursing
home or a church, and collect—literally harvest—ballots. The third party then transports these ballots
to a polling place or an election office. This raises an obvious question: Once this
third party collects the ballots, what’s to stop them from changing them—or from
just throwing out the ones they don’t like? A guilty conscience? How do we know ballot harvesters from Democratic
organizations aren’t destroying Republican ballots? Or Republican harvesters aren’t destroying
Democratic ballots? We don’t. We have no way of knowing. Let’s look at one specific example. On Election Night 2018, California Central
Valley Republican Congressman David Valadao held a 5,000-vote lead over his challenger,
Democrat T.J. Cox. The margin was wide enough that the networks
even called the race for Valadao, the Republican incumbent. But wait! There were late ballots still to be delivered
by the third-party vote harvesters. When those votes came in, they broke so overwhelmingly for Cox (in a historically conservative district, no less) that Valadao’s 5,000-vote victory
became an 862-vote loss. Maybe that was just a coincidence. Or maybe not. In the first major election after ballot harvesting
was allowed in California, Democrats won every single congressional seat in Orange County,
which had been a Republican stronghold for decades. A year earlier, no sober person would have
thought that possible. Voter corruption example number 3: Voting by non-citizens. Should you have to be a citizen to vote? Silly question, right? It was once. Not anymore. According to a recent poll, more than half
of Democrats—53%—support granting illegal immigrants the right to vote—forget the
legal ones! Democratic National Chair Tom Perez, before
working for the Obama administration, worked for a group called CASA de Maryland, which
has been a longtime advocate for expanding non-citizen voting rights. Yes, it’s true that federal law prohibits
noncitizens from voting in federal elections. But 11 states, all run by Democrats, currently
allow noncitizen voting of some kind. Cities such as Chicago and San Francisco,
for example, allow noncitizens to vote in certain city-wide elections. Why? Because for progressives, demography is destiny,
and many see illegal immigrants as future voters. So, there you have it—three different ways
to tamper with the vote: Bloated voter rolls. Ballot harvesting. Voting by non-citizens. These are just three ways in which the left
creates a clear advantage for itself on Election Day. The major media will tell you that corrupt
voting practices either don’t exist or are so minor they don’t matter. But to believe that, you have to believe two
things: That voter registration rolls are accurate and secure from fraudulent registrations,
and that no one is trying to manipulate the results for political purposes. Those are two very big leaps. Maybe you want to make those leaps because
you like the results they produce. But if you care about free and fair elections,
no matter which party you belong to, you need to pay attention. Or pretty soon, free and fair elections will
be a quaint relic of the past. No foreign government can undermine our democracy. But Americans can—and some do. I’m Eric Eggers, investigative reporter
for the Government Accountability Institute, for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “Is Voter Fraud Real?

  1. That is how Killary Clinton "won" the popular vote, most of the votes in California..
    I can't even imagine the lengths they will go to in this coming election. The voter fraud will be staggering.

  2. I find it funny how they say that Trump colluded with Ukraine to “help him win against a candidate that could beat him” and that he was “scared” meanwhile, Biden is falling behind on the polls. And Sanders and Buttigieg are leading. So either Biden was a good chance against Trump and his chances are a minimum compared to leading candidates, or it was just another media scam. At this rate no Democrat stands a chance against Trump. So if they do pick Bernie, the dems still don’t stand a chance. And by the time the presidential debates roll around, Trump will win by a landslide because of how destroyed Bernie will be after every debate. So if Bernie wins, I’m gonna be smelling some fishy business.

  3. Come to Bangladesh, here the government gives all the votes and citizens aren't allowed to enter vote centers to vote for their candidates.

  4. This is a scary thing. If we can't trust our elections, I'm guessing it won't be long till we have another civil war on our hands. Sad but true!

  5. It's way to late now if they can't enforce fixing these then it's just a matter of time now before we all start shooting each other mainly those in govt first and foremost I know some of you don't like what I have to say but the terrible truth you can't run from or ignore now.

  6. In Sweden for sure. There are thousands upon thousands of temporary ids on the run. Some people have 35-40 identities where they get funds from tax money and they can also vote. And they will ofc vote one way 😀 those who let them get so much benefits for nothing.


  8. These are all interesting theories, but why hasn't any evidence of these phenomenon been portrayed or shown? As a poll worker I've worked a few elections local and federal. Many voters are eager to show their driver licenses even though it's illegal to ask for it. The voter rolls might not be up to date but they are checked against the person proporting to vote. I would imagine fixing an election would be close to a major conspiracy involving thousands of like minded election officials who all agree to be quiet about . I left my polling place in the 2016 election at about 10 PM. My state had already been called hours before. The machines were still turned on, and sacks and sacks of error ballots were still in the polling place. Clearly if this is taking place it would be the work of some party hacks who can escape the gaze of policemen, election officials, election monitors and the press. And you believe that?

  9. This is a very real soft revolution by those who would like to impose dictatorial rule over The United States. The only reason tens of millions of Americans aren't marching on Washington is that the media is complicit!

  10. If we don't turn this Country around, and fast, we ain't gonna last.
    We gotta wake up and figure what to do then act. This is our Country.
    Let's somehow take it back .

  11. With Black and Hispanics awakening and leaving the DNC urban plantations, Dems are desperately seeking replacement voters. The Dems objections that some Blacks and Hispanic may not be able to get voter IDs is simply insulting the very people they pander to every four years. But now, by allowing the socialist/communist wing of the party take over, Dems have painted themselves into a corner.

  12. So given the nonsense of the last 4 years what is being done now to prevent voter fraud? A tenet of leftist socialist liberal behavior is to lie and lie big! Americans voting is one thing, illegal aliens voting cannot be tolerated!

  13. In November of 2018, the 9th Congressional District of North Carolina appeared to elect Mark Harris (R) over Dan McCready (D) by a slim <1000 vote margin. After a hand recount confirmed the results, the state board of elections decided to take a closer look at what happened.

    Mark Harris's campaign contracted with Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr. who ran an illegal ballot harvesting scheme in two North Carolina counties. After a lengthy debate in the courts the results of the election were thrown out, and a new election (for which Harris did not run) elected Republican Dan Bishop.

    District 9 went Republican in 2018. Twice. I'm not contesting the results of either election. However, I recognize the danger of allowing ballot harvesting schemes to manipulate votes.

    All of that being said, when Mark Harris's campaign was convicted of election fraud, neither Harris nor McCrae were punished for their crimes. Meanwhile, if a single voter is caught voting twice, they'll either have to pay a heavy fine (tens of thousands of dollars) or serve a prison sentence, depending on the state.

    If a single voter votes twice, that's injustice. They deserve to be punished. How, then, could North Carolina acquit a scheme which caused hundreds of votes to go uncounted? Because Republicans only rise up against unjust systems from which they do not benefit. McCrae Douglas wasn't tearing open ballots and only submitting the Republican ones. He never opened the ballots. Instead, he threw out the ballots of specifically Black and Native American voters, with 75% and 69% of absentee ballots requests going unreturned among those groups respectively while only 17% of absentee ballot requests from white voters went unreturned in Robeson County.

    This was an absolute miscarriage of justice, for which Harris and McRae Douglas never paid.

  14. Yeah here's an example I guess so they say California is liberal I'm a native here there are some sane conservative people here the how the hell did Gavin Newsom get elected there's not one person I've known that elected him or voted for him not one person I do admit there's some idiots out there but just saying

  15. It was proven that If only Americans who have been here for at least 2 generations were allowed to vote, Democrats would never win again

  16. Democracy no longer works, which is an imperial fact by your own admission. When people openly hostile to the entire existence of the state can vote, you have a big problem and inevitable civil war

  17. Here in California voter registration cards are sent out with drivers license renewal forms from the DMV. This is the same state and DMV that issues driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. I would love someone to figure how many illegals are voting.

  18. I still find it funny how, even though this is public information, literally NOBODY takes the time fix any of this, and that really should make you think.

  19. I won't doubt that California will have Walt Disney and Robert Schuller vote for Nancy Pelosi…and BOTH have-passed on!

  20. An old Political saying is that, you should accuse your opposition of that which you are guilty off. The Democrats have been calling the Republicans cheaters for a while. When all the evidence points to the Democrats are the cheaters.

  21. The more important question is, WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW THESE CRIMINALS TO DO THIS? WE THE PEOPLE must put a stop to this.

  22. I vote in Sacramento California. In the last presidential election, I was not required to give my name, show proof of who I was, or speak even a word. I walked into my local voting station, nodded my head like to say hello, was silently handed a paper voting document, voted, put my document in the reader and walked out. All without saying a single word. On my way out walking to my car, I said hello to two of my lawn maintenance guys who were going to vote. I know absolutely certain both are unregistered illegals.

  23. Here's some unsolicited by an Asian man who's lived in Asia his whole life in a country where voter fraud is a given, raise a ruckus now while the Democrats haven't consolidated their hold over your country because raising it later will just allow them to justify it as bitterness over losses.

  24. In 2016 Roger Stone and Infowars organized and trained people to watch for voter fraud. Now Infowars has been deplatformed and Roger Stone has been arrested. It's past time to fire Barr and pardon Roger Stone.

  25. In California you just need a valid state ID to vote. Also in California, they want to give illegals valid state IDs. But they promise the illegals won't vote. I'm sure the Democrats are being honest….

  26. Put a GoPro in every ballot box where 3rd party "harvesting" is allowed. Problem solved. (If the camera goes missing, guess what… it's over $500 and felony theft anyway)

  27. The amount of corruption due to electronic voting not having a paper trail can surpass all these combined and more.
    That is what we should be focused on getting rid of. These other things are more like distractions so they can keep on electronic voting.

  28. This needs to be challenged in court. If States won’t follow the Constitution, their Electoral College votes should be thrown out.

  29. I have been a volunteer in mexican campaign elections as a party representative and as an independent citizen sanction by the goverment in a highly guarded and yet a lot of cheating goes on I saw many flaws in the system just by observing and myself taking many extra steps to guard the sanctity of the votes, and let me tell you USA has no protective systems at all it's vulnerable to many ways of cheating.

  30. 4:11 I see your point of why it is concerning that non-citizens are allowed to vote in certain jurisdictions. I raise you this question though, if these people cooperate with the government by filing their taxes and live in those neighborhoods working and, or, paying rent, why is it precisely wrong that they are allowed to vote? They support the system by paying their share and helping the economy, so why is it wrong

  31. The Democrat Party is the enemy of America in every way. Foreign and domestic enemies of America use the Democrat Party to do their dirty work. And time is on their side. The only way to save freedom is to fight using any means necessary. If the Democrats raise our taxes, then we have the right to take Democrat voters money. If they take our vote away, we take their ability to vote. They divided us. Now we must win the war and eliminate their freedoms as retribution. Republicans are the Party of LIGHT. Democrat's are the Party of DARKNESS. TRUMP NATION BABY!!!

  32. Washington State has several counties like that. More votes then citizens in the county. By coincidence it's always Democratic

  33. Pretty sure Trudeau rigged Canadas last election. Liberals got 1% in a provincial election in my riding two months before the federal Liberals won the riding.

  34. Gonna be an unprecedented election this year. Why rely on voters when you can manipulate 'the vote' for your party. Civil War 2 should be underway by Christmas.

  35. I mean,SERIOUSLY, we have DONE NOTHING to police our voting system AT ALL! OF COURSE IT'S COMPLETELY COMPROMISED. WE NEED SOPHISTICATED METHODS AND MEANS TO SECURE OUR VOTING LAWFULLY. Anything else is capitulation to Democrats and foreign national voters!💩🤢🤮👎

  36. Yes,

    It’s what is happening when No required i.d. when voting 🗳 in California

    I Guest anyone can vote several times & vote change by the DeepState Swamp

  37. Freaking sheep-iots here don't know the GAI he's an "investigative reporter" for is a bogus, rightwing front group that's behind a lot of false reports. Try Google, morons. In-person voter fraud cases can be counted on one hand out of millions, but the GOP uses it as an excuse to purge millions of eligible voters from the rolls. This "reporter" even attacked third party voter registration groups as devious. You guys are easily the most fooled. This is why they try to keep you uneducated and poor–you are more easily led.

  38. No surprise here. When the Democratic Party was created in January 1828, its two planks were: 1. Preserve slavery. 2. Obtain and hold political power, BY ANY MEANS. Voter fraud, in all forms, has been a cornerstone of the Democratic Party since Day One.

  39. I remember when Jill Stein demanded a vote recount in Michigan (which was really to try and help Hillary). As soon as it was clear that there were MORE DEMOCRAT VOTES THAN REGISTERED DEMOCRATS, the Democrats promptly halted the recount out of embarrassment.

  40. If the democrat cheaters don’t get put behind jail then it’s only a matter of time republicans will do the same, when the whole voting system collapse, the real losers are us – the citizens

  41. OMG! Any decent country in the world will have a voter, ID in some country's like Brazil, even have digital scanning of fingertips to prevent fraud.
    How the "Land of Freedom", is such a mess, when it comes from such important matters?

  42. "my fight will be much easy because I fight outside enemy, but your fight will be much hard because you fight your own people"

  43. The area that I grew up in was strongly democratic and strongly union. Their saying was: “vote early, vote often.”

  44. I'm not say the dems don't use voter fraud. What I am saying is we are literally importing people who vote 80 to 90 percent for them. If every election over the past 50 years had only had whites vote, every election would have went to the republicans besides like 1 or 2. We are being replaced as an electorate and as a people. You guys really think the white bashing is gonna stop when we are outnumbered? Hell, all immigration could stop right now (which would be awesome) and we would still be a minority in our life times, solely from imported LEGAL nonwhite citizens having children.

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