Jade’s Story | My Experience With Surgeon Ian Paterson

Jade’s Story | My Experience With Surgeon Ian Paterson

I was 16 I found a lump in my breast so I went to the doctors and they obviously referred me to Spire my dad had private health care at the time through his business so we got referred pretty quickly and obviously then got kind of put through to the specialist obviously Ian Paterson and we saw him the first time the lump was quite big so obviously didn’t know at the time when they took it out it was the size of a golf ball so it was pretty big at the time obviously I was only 16 when we got there we didn’t know what it was or anything like the first kind of thing was have an ultrasound had an ultrasound and they were like yeah it’s quite big went back in and saw him and he was like it needs to come out kind of thing and obviously you don’t think about this at the time but afterwards you think about I didn’t have any kind of biopsy and have any tests or anything it was just let’s get it out and then following that I found a lump and the same kind of thing you know went in said what it was which was a fibroadenoma said it could affect things like breastfeeding and stuff like that in the future so you know you’re sat there and a specialist’s telling you you need it out you kind of just go I need it out and my dad always feels guilty because we were in the room and I kind of looked up at him when he said I need to have it out and he said if the guy’s telling you you need it out you need it out Jade kind of thing so he always feels guilty like maybe I should’ve asked more questions or whatever but when this person who’s meant to be the most expert in the field kind of tells you those things you just kind of go with it don’t you it was a few years later that we then got recalled and it was a bit shocking really I guess loads of people had been recalled and it kind of then started to snowball into this thing that none us kind of expected at the time it was just a bit of a shock and I don’t think you believe it really because then you’re kind of thinking well hold on a minute this doctor’s telling me I need it out you’re telling me I didn’t need them out so who’s right you kind of think do I believe him do I believe him who do I believe so I think at first it’s just kind of trying to get your head around that whole scenario then afterwards you start to feel a bit angry and you start to think if I didn’t need it done what’s the motive why do it if it didn’t I don’t quite understand and then you start to dig deeper into it and you think right okay he’s written the operations down as cancerous so he got paid more money so was it money that was the driver and if so like you’re a specialist surgeon that works on the NHS and privately you must be earning a good amount of money anyway what is that drive what’s the need for that extra kind of cash since then a lot of people have kind of said actually it’s to do with the power to say you’re poorly but I can make you better and have this kind of powerful being like is that what he got off on being this kind of saviour if you like so you kind of go through a whole host of emotions and think about all kinds of scenarios as to why somebody might have done that but yeah you just kind of feel angry I guess

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