Jake Dudman Voices The Doctor | Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Jake Dudman Voices The Doctor | Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Oh, hello! I’m here at Big Finish HQ to be David-ahhhh
for the Tenth Doctor Chronicles. How do I look? Right, where do you want me? Sorry Christel- I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry but I’m
the best David-ahhhh! I’m brilliant. Oh, look! You’ve got a little booth. I like a little booth. Please stop. Sometimes I think a cold open for the Fan
Show goes on too long. Christel- [HEAVY BREATHING] Er… Jake Dudman is narrating an audio book. It’s four new tales from the Tenth Doctor
era from Doctor Who… so he’s going to be doing the impressions. Er, sorry Christel. We’re recording in here, do you mind? What? What? WHAT? Sorry for barging in like that. That’s alright. You’re here to record the Tenth Doctor chronicles,
can you tell me more about what that’s about? Well, it’s four adventure that follow David
Tennant’s Doctor. We have adventures in a nursing home, one
on a rouge time travelling spaceship that isn’t the TARDIS and I don’t know the
other two yet because I haven’t go round to it. These are audio books so they’re not plays? Yes. So, I will be narrating as well as playing
the Doctor. And as part of narrating, you’re doing some
impressions as well? Well, that’s the thing though. About David Tennant. Because you’ve got the look, haven’t you? But have you got the voice? I don’t think I’ve got the voice, no. Donna in this particular story. No. No. That sort of thing. She’s quite rough. Rough. We’re also doing the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles
which I don’t know if we’re allowed to talk about but that’ll be Matt Smith’s
Doctor. Lets cast our minds back to a few years ago. You appeared on YouTube on your own channel
doing an amazing Matt Smith impression. We all change when you think about it, we’re
all different people throughout our lives but that’s okay, that’s good, you’ve
got to keep moving so long as you remember all of the people that you used to be. I think it’s fair to say that this is what
really kicked things off for you? I always liked doing silly voices on the playground,
that was me being an attention seeking child butI watched a lot of Doctor Who and I thought
my impression wasn’t half bad so I made a video, “Matt Smith Impression” and in
the comments section put “Does anyone think this is any good?” and people responded
well to it. So when you start a new impression and you
spot somebody you want to imitate, how do you start? Do you just go for it or do you do some research
first? Watch some videos? Yeah so for this, this has been the best thing
about doing these adventures, the first video I ever did on YouTube was the Matt Smith impression
and now I’m doing Matt Smith and David Tennant for Big Finish, it’s great. When you get cast for a role like this, you
have to do our research and you have to learn about the character, for this, I watched a
load of David Tennant Doctor Who episodes. There are always little nuances and little
mannerisms. David, you’ve already got it nailed down. Well! Ahhhh! All of that sort of stuff. And it’s little physical things as well. Physical things and music can help a lot. What sort of music would this character listen
to? So David Tennant is quite rock and roll but
he also has the lean, Christel’s already got her hands in her pockets. But he does this lean where he’s sort of
like… and the way he walks is very swaggy so there’s that sort of physical side to
it but there’s also the little mannerisms and the head tilts and all of that stuff. That’s going to effect your performance
as well, isn’t it? If you’re moving your head around all the
time, your voice is going to go really weird all like that. Really like that, yeah. We need to talk about one of your most recent
piece on YouTube, a collaboration with Jon Culshaw who is an incredible impressionist
which some viewers may know from Dead Ringers. You were curious about this painting I think? I acquired it in remarkable circumstances. What do you make of the title? Well, which title? There’s two. No more or Gallifrey falls. No, you see that’s where everybody is wrong. It’s all one title. Gallifrey Falls No More. Now what would you think that means, eh? John got in touch with me having seen one
of my videos online. Very strangely, we always had the idea that
we might do that together, recreate the scene from Day of the Doctor. And I had it in my head, I think I actually
tweeted him a couple of years ago saying I just had a dream that I did this with Jon
Culshaw and he replied saying that would be spooky. And then a couple of months ago we actually
did it. Jon got in touch with the old Dead Ringers
director and just thought it would be lovely to work with him again and people just had
a love for the show and a love for Jon and loved the idea that we had and just jumped
on board with it. Jon is actually doing another adventure with
me in the Tenth Doctor Chronicles on Wednesday, so… Well, I think you’re obviously the best
person for this job so… Thanks, Christel

100 thoughts on “Jake Dudman Voices The Doctor | Doctor Who: The Fan Show

  1. I respect this impersonator but I honestly hate the Tenth Doctor. Not his interpretation of the character just the character in general

  2. Only Christel Dee is going to do an entire interview dressed up as The Tenth Doctor and not feel awkward about it. #LoveChristelDee #ChristelDeeIsAwesome

  3. Congratulations Jake! Couldn't have got a better more dedicated person to do this job!! Been a huge supporter of his since his first video, and luckily had the pleasure of chatting to him a few times about our shared love of Dr Who and Star Wars!!
    Mark my words, he'll be in the TARDIS for real one day!!!! 👏

  4. Why would I want to listen to someone pretend to be the doctor when there are so many audio dramas with the real doctor?

  5. This guy's impressions are good, but if I got those audio books with the 'tenth doctor narrating' only to find out david didn't even voice any of it, I'd feel kind of betrayed :/

  6. oh my god i thought i knew that face! I watched the video of him imitating matt smith like.. last week? and he was amazing aND NOW HE IS HERE?? CONGRATS !!!

  7. #doctorwho I love doctor who with 100% passion I been fan since Christopher Eccleston as doctor who star so since 2005 I been fan so I been a fan for 12 years and I'm still fan now

  8. Hey the Fan Show!!!! I've done a Doctor Who impressions video myself, and people have told me I'm not half bad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhv3mpN4ZAo&t=3s

  9. Yay Jakeman! I'm so happy for you! I knew you were going places. I expect to see you playing The Doctor in a decade or so, and not just because of the imitations. Just YOU being The Doctor.

  10. As someone who also knows how difficult it is to do David's voice as an impression, I'm so glad Jake managed to come so far and get this opportunity.

    Well done Jake, and good luck!

  11. Christel Dee should physically portray the Tenth Doctor while Jake Dudman provides the voice over. The same thing was done by the YouTube channel The Hillywood Show.

  12. okok I have no idea who that woman with the curly hair is but she looks like River Song which made me cry. Thank you omg

  13. A user called – Stewart Seyfried – posted this, and i totally agree with that : I'm going to post this comment on every new video Doctor Who releases until Series 10 comes out I'm still annoyed about the news! BUT PLEASE, all I ask is you make Series 10 the best possible series for Twelve, like Series 4 was for Ten! Give us a 2 hour Christmas Special in 2017! He deserves at least that. Give him some of the monsters he wanted to see return, give him some old companions he wanted to meet up with again. This man has been a fan longer than most of us have been alive. Series 11 won't start filming until early next year, so I can see why he wants to leave to do new things, he's not getting any younger, and I don't think he wants to wait around another year to begin filming! Just PLEASE make him go out on a high! – When Series 10 ends there will be about a 5 month gap or so, until the Christmas Special, can't you give us another episode before that? A Halloween Special or something? Tennant got to do a couple of specials and Smith got to do the 50th Anniversary episode, at least give Capaldi a special episode! I'm happy they all got to do 3 series each. I just wish Capaldi did Series 11 so he could have done 4 series in total. He would have benefited from 4 series. I first started watching in 2005 when the show came back, and I never really got attached to any of the Doctors, but everything about Capaldi just made him stand above the rest. So you weren't my first Doctor, but you'll always be my Doctor. Thanks for the memories, Twelve. The Universe aint done with you yet though!

  14. If they ever think about doing a teenager for the 14th doctor and they don't pick Jake I'll be so mad #JacobDudman4the14thDoctor

  15. Well done Jake look how far you have come!!! Your Matt Smith impression is one of my favourite!! I have been a massive fan since your first video on YouTube!!! Keep up the good work. Geronimo!!!

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