42 thoughts on “Japanese Dentists (Part 1: Waiting Rooms) / 日本の歯医者(第一章:待合室)

  1. Ah christ, the waiting rooms for me smell like old people, as if there was some 80 year old standing in front of me. Like a grand ma house.

  2. Dentist waiting room over here in Thai is clean enough but not as luxurious as the one you describe 😛

    I have been to dentist clinic many times before to get my little bro's teeth fixed.

  3. it is a torture room to be there… that noise while you wait your turn…aaaaaaaagghhh…hate that.
    Thanks for the lesson Dogen.

  4. Confused…all the dentist offices I've ever been to have been really nice, clean, and quiet. I wouldn't call them luxurious, but none of them have been in the basement boiler room.

  5. I'm glad that I don't have your American dentist. Here in Cali, mine is closer to the description of your Japanese dentist- but the kids' area is somewhat rowdy. Clean space, though.

  6. highest praise for your channel, Dogen. My friend linked me to one of yours and I spent the next hour laughing harder than I have in a good long while. It's serious catharsis (and nostalgia) for me a year after returning to the States to get my MA (read: recover from my company dumping my contract early). I'm slowly gearing up to go back, and these are encouraging me to keep up my language studies. I'll be looking forward to all your future videos!

  7. いつも、面白い話ですね!、でも、たまに感じるのがあります!

  8. なんか小説の文章を読んでいるみたいですね(笑)

  9. 最近見始めました。

  10. To be fair, it kind of just sounds like you go to a super crappy dentist in the USA and an ultra fancy one in Japan. Because I refuse to believe that every dentist in Japan is that glorious

  11. I think Sweden and Japan have the same kind of dentists.
    I tried to type it in japanese but my grammar knowledge is too awful, it just became wrong haha!

  12. Relatable to when I was growing up. My dentist was in the basement of the hospital. Two sets of heavy door to go through, hard, plastic seats that were all joined together, so if one person moved too far, the entire row moved. Cement walls, crap carpets.

    These days dentists waiting rooms are much better. My kids will never understand my pain or torture.

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