Jodie Whittaker on Being Welcomed Into the Doctor Who Universe

Jodie Whittaker on Being Welcomed Into the Doctor Who Universe

-Thank you
for coming on the show. I appreciate it.
-No, this is great. I need to apologize
to start with. So, I’ve had a really brilliant
week in New York. And I’m losing my voice because I might have had
a bit too much fun. And I can only apologize that I am husking my way
through this interview. It’s very professional. -Really?
-Yeah. -Were you out late?
-No. I wasn’t even that cool.
It wasn’t late. It was just —
-Loud. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -That’s good. You’ve been in New York before,
I’m assuming. -I have been, yeah. But I feel like
I’m a grown-up now so I can go places by myself. -Yeah.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Congratulations.
-Thanks. -I saw a picture of you at JFK
arriving here. You’ve heard of this already,
right? ‘Cause this is —
I got to be honest. You have too many bags. [ Laughter ] Jodie, what are you doing? -Do you know what? -This is how you pack
for New York? -There’s two of us.
There’s two of us. Mandip Gill, who is my co-star
in the show. -Yes. -There’s two of us there, but we didn’t want to
spend $12 on trolleys. We only wanted to spend $6. So we piled that one up, and I made her carry
the other two bags. [ Laughter ] Oh, you’d think my — my —
I really want to ask myself, if I had all those clothes,
why did I wear that? [ Laughter ] -Come on.
-You think I have this? -No, you look cute. Hey, when they announced
“Doctor Who,” that you’re going to be
the Doctor, it was big news. -Yes, it was, yeah.
It was for me. -Well, it was for everybody.
It’s the first female Doctor. -Yeah.
-And — [ Cheers and applause ] Forever, right?
You’ll always have that. Did your life change
immediately or…? -Yeah, I think —
It’s a really strange job, because unlike many others,
you’re only — you only become well-known
if the job is successful. You’re in a show. People love it,
so they watch it. And then maybe you become,
you know, attached to being that person
for people. This, you are famous before you
set foot on set for the role. And you are welcomed into
this extraordinary family, which is the “Who” universe,
and it’s really beautiful. But it’s, you know,
it’s an overnight thing, which even though I’m an actor,
and at the time I was 35, I still was like, “Oh, my God.
People are looking at me.” And you would think
I’d be a bit used to it because I’ve been
on telly before. But it’s a different thing. -Yeah, it really is.
-Yeah. -I mean, people love you,
and the fans are so passionate. -Yeah, really. -If people haven’t seen
“Doctor Who,” can they just jump in
and understand? -Absolutely. I think —
Well, yeah, I think the success, because it’s been on — if you
don’t know what it is, it’s been on for over 50 years. And the reason I’m the first
female is because the Doctor, who I play, is an alien
and who can regenerate and travels
through time and space in this extraordinary
police box and collects wonderful friends
along the way. And I think whether
you have reference points from any other season
is kind of irrelevant because it’s a show for
everyone, and it’s so inclusive. And for me I’m a new Whovian. So I — I — I haven’t seen it. [ Laughter ] I’ve seen bits of it.
I then did my homework. I’ve seen loads now.
-Yeah. -I’m in some good episodes. [ Laughter ] You got to start that way. -Yeah, you are
in some good episodes. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Jodie Whittaker in
a new episode of “Doctor Who.” Take a look at this. -Great work, guys.
And sorry again. I did not know it was
their mating season. -It’s greater, my son.
I’ve got it! -Got what? No! Don’t put them together yet! -Bit late for that. -What’s happening? -I hope you’ve packed. They’re not just coupons. That’s a teleport cube,
just activated. We’ve got about four seconds. -No, no, no, no. I’ve got to go
and fetch me Speedos. Only joking. Already got ’em on. Hoo-hoo! -Come on. We love you.
Jodie Whittaker, everybody.

100 thoughts on “Jodie Whittaker on Being Welcomed Into the Doctor Who Universe

  1. Who is she trying to lie to. The Dr. Who Universe hates her and everything she does. She has Killed Dr. Who, maybe this time forever.

  2. "Being welcomed". Riiiiiight. Then explain why all the surviving previous Doctors have said nothing about series 11 or 12. Don't get me wrong, I was all for Jodie taking the role, but she has to be THE Doctor. Writer Chris Chibnall better get his political diarrhoea cured and FAST.

  3. Jodie Whittaker is completely miscast as The Doctor. She has no on screen gravitas. Jodie Foster on the other hand would have nailed the role.

  4. Ha! Ha! She hasn't been 'welcomed'… she's been rejected! Only a small number of LBQT (whatever) freaks and a few sad soyboys welcome her. She's a toxic, nasty, smug witch who should never have been allowed anywhere near the series. And the viewing figures (even lower this year than last) say as much. Face it, Jodie, you're NOT the Doctor that we want. I speak for the vast majority of true Doctor Who fans. Now please… fuck off.

  5. Sorry i just can't get into a female doctor. Not a fan anymore but i don't blame her i blame the directors for making the doctor a women and i am for women's rights so much but how would females feel if Wonder Woman was portrayed by a man? They wouldn't like it.

  6. I would rather listen to Nails going over a chalkboard and cats having their tail stepped on at the same fucking time and listen to this woman and when my ears are not bleeding from her squawking I don't know what the hell she is saying because her accent is so thick and horrible I understand what dogs are saying better than what the fuck she's trying to say and get her off the show she ruined Doctor Who

  7. That's an AWFUL LOT of package! Oh, you silly Doctor… even the TARDIS's door is not big enough for all of that, you'd have to materialize everything inside 😆
    She's gorgeous and hilarious! I still feel like she would be a great person for a nice chat over tea and biscuits! Yeah, you go girl! 💙💙 (Also, was Graham after them speedos? What? xD)

  8. She's bloody awful. She's killed the show, both her and Chris Chibnall the writer have done more damage to the legacy of this once epic saga than anyone could have imagined. The ratings prove this. The BBC either need to sack both of these fools or cancel the Dr Who completely. Put us all out of our misery.

  9. The way she forced herself to say "friends" instead of "companians" just says it all… this show is tragically lost in time and space for the time being

  10. In this clip she said it’s for everyone and in another clip she said it’s not for everyone … Also in “good episodes “ No …. just no … the sarah adventures (meant for kids ) is a better show and sarah jane was in amazing episodes …

  11. I wanted to like her so much, but I just dont. She said in interviews she wasn't a fan of the show b4 and never really watched it, and it shows! If she says "I dunno" as the doctor, one more time I'm out. I always feel like her "doctor" is never ahead of the curve

  12. #NotMyDoctor
    can not wait for the doctor to regenerate back to himself and get better companions that aren't just there as diversity tokens.

  13. People here saying she's adorable and they want more of her. Same people aren't watching Doctor Who and the show just lost 300,000 MORE viewers. Thumbs up if you're shaking you head too.

  14. So they made the Doctor a woman then switch the Master back to a man… ugh.
    Hoping season 2 is less preachy and political.

  15. To Britain's, that made so much sense. To an American, they will be asking themselves what the f*** did that woman say? So, whenever I describe the series, to an American, I'd say this: It's like Star Trek & Bill & Ted combined. Also, her telephone booth is so much bigger inside!

  16. She seems nice and is probably talented under different circumstances.
    But she's a horrible miscast as the Doctor. The weakest part of a show thats falling apart more each week.

  17. She may have made a good appearance in other series and as a private person she may be nice. But as a new doctor, she is very bad and the story is getting stupid with Dr.Who. Because she always does everything Smith and Tennant did and has no ideas of her own. Harmful because she is the first female doctor and plays the role so badly and we prefer not to talk about the story because it was completely bad. Sory but thats my weelings about her as a new Dr.Who.

  18. Maybe the guys in the states struggle to understand her accent, this interview seemed dry…watch her on Graham Norton to fully appreciate her talent.

  19. If your a true fan of Dr Who, dislike the moaning Minnie below me. All the actors who have and who will play the Doctor are valid choices, you may have a favourite, but no true fan would hate any of them.😎


    Now I can imagine British actress (Jodie Whittaker) playing character roles in movies; Within all different types from GraphicNovel movies, to ComicBook movies, to FANTASY movies, to ScienceFiction movies, to DRAMA movies, and to other types of movies as well too.

  21. isn't it funny that listening to anyone explain doctor who, even the doctor, makes the show sound super weird and dumb, even if you've been watching the show for many years

  22. People love her????? I really gave her a shot, but she and the whole cast – except the "old, white man" are an absolute disappointment…

  23. Leftists are gullible idiots. Movie and tv makers could place a plate of dog turds in front of them, and they would still praise it.

  24. Everybody hates her real bad, widely agreed worst doctor ever. Look at rotten tomatoes for Dr. Who and write a thesis on what exactly is going on.

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