Lethal Weapon 4 (3/5) Movie CLIP – Laughing at the Dentist’s (1998) HD

Lethal Weapon 4 (3/5) Movie CLIP – Laughing at the Dentist’s (1998) HD

You lucky
son of a bitch. That’s a good one,
uncle benny. Not so good… When my wife finds out. I don’t need needles! [muffled]
I don’t need needles! Aah! [gas hissing]
whoo! Ha ha! Why don’t we shoot
his legs with novocain And watch him
try to get out of here? Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha! Hey, what you got
in your hand there? Uh, uh, uh… A nut cup. Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha! I got some big nuts. That’s–that’s–
ha ha ha– That’s nitro–
mmm– Oxide. Mmm. It’s laughing gas. We–we’re stoned. Aah! Aah! [garbled]
hey, riggs, hurry up! That’s one funny son-in-law
you got there, rog. I’m a regular
slappy white. After tonight,
it be too late. Too late?
Too late for what? Hey, riggs–
heh heh– Why did you call him
my son-in-law? Oh, uncle benny?
He’s far too old. Old coot. Buy forefathers back
at forefathers store. Why does he–
why does he keep talking About his ancestors? I don’t know.
Hey, riggs, Why did you call him
my son-in-law? Because I am! Ah ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha! I–I thought he was–
I thought he was a… Eeee! No, I’m–whoo whoo whoo! Ah ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha! Bloody marvelous! Your baby
is having my baby. My baby is
having his baby. And your baby–
whoa, baby! Whoa, baby–
my baby! What’s going on?! What are you doing
here?! You–you… Leo: I couldn’t
stall him anymore. What happened?
What happened? Hey, hey, rog,
look at this. Does that hurt?
Does that hurt? Aah!
Ha ha ha! Riggs, get out! [gasping
for air] Hey, uncle benny… Uncle benny. Anything happens
yeah. To the hongs, We’re gonna
come back here And rip you
a new one. A new one.
That’s 2 for benny. Bloody marvelous.
Bloody marvelous. [speaking chinese]

61 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon 4 (3/5) Movie CLIP – Laughing at the Dentist’s (1998) HD

  1. LMAO!!! =)))))))))) I freakin' love this movie. The whole cast is so insane hahaahaha =))) They're contagious hahahahah =))) "It's laughing gas" hahahahahah =)))

  2. The thing I love the most about the Lethal Weapon series is that all the main characters were like a big family, with the Murtaughs being the primary group, and Riggs and Lorna, Leo, Butters, and the Hongs being added to it.

  3. Maybe the funniest scene in all the Lethal Weapon movies. Remember watching this in the theaters and people were rolling in the aisles at this part.

  4. I guess I must be in the minority here, but I find this scene incredibly annoying all around. It's so clearly staged and obviously acted that it's painful to watch. Every line we're supposed to hear above the laughter is focused on, Riggs going SO far out of his way to say son-in-law, Murtaugh asking REPEATEDLY why Riggs referred to him that way, Butters SAYING "laughing gas" just to make sure the audience understands why all of this is happening, the completely fake nature of the laughing itself. The only honest laugh I get out of this entire scene is when Riggs hurts Leo because, well, that's just always freaking funny. The LW series is a favorite of mine, and I do enjoy them all, but my order would be 2, 1 (a VERY close second), 3, 4.

  5. 🎵Everyone's got a laughing place a laughing place a laughing place so turn that frown upside down and you'll find your I know🎵

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