what’s up guys and welcome to my channel
I’m nurse Blake and in this channel we talk all things nursing of course things
you like and things I like to like coffee snacks asleep and everything else
nursing we have so much to talk about I’m also gonna share a lot of tips and
tricks on professional development whether you want to advance in your
current job or find a new job and if you’re a nursing school I’ll also share
my experiences with nursing school what sucked and what was good I know they
what to say dance break thank you guys so much for watching make
sure you subscribe to my channel for more content and engage with me like
comment and share any of the videos I have on here I want to hear your
thoughts too have a great shift

2 thoughts on “LET’S TALK ABOUT NURSING!

  1. Hi Blake! I follow your Facebook page as well. I went through my first semester of nursing school this fall. I'm excited and anxious for this springs second semester. 😜 wish me luck!!

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