LIFE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL | 3rd Year of Medical School VLOG

LIFE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL | 3rd Year of Medical School VLOG

Good morning guys! It’s Tuesday and I’m actually running kinda
late. So, I’m just gonna talk while I walk. So the reason why I’m in scrubs right now
is cause I’m doing my nursery week in Pediatrics, so like new born babies and it’s also my very
last week of my pediatrics rotations. So, this week has been kinda busy. Now, I’m seriously studying for my shelf,
which is coming up on Friday and I don’t know if I feel totally prepared for it but I never
really feel prepared for exams. Usually, the day before I get to the point
where I realize there’s nothing more I can do and I’ve done as much as I can and I sort
of just accept that. For the most part, I’ve become comfortable
with being uncomfortable. That’s what a lot of people say what medical
school is about. There is no way you’ll know everything you
need to know about everything. In undergrad classes, and maybe in some other
situations where it is actually possible to know everything you need to know about an
exam or a topic. I feel like in medicine a lot of the times
you just have to accept that you’re not perfect and you won’t know everything. So that’s kinda where I am in terms of my
pediatrics shelf exams. I’m doing everything I can, but I’m also accepting
that there’s going to be things I don’t know because I’ve only been doing pediatrics for
6 weeks and that’s okay. Anyway, got my coffee, my little lunch bag–isn’t
this so cute. It’s literally the cutest lunch bag ever. Anyway, time to go! Hey guys, so I’m off for the day. So basically, this week is my last week of
pediatrics and it’s been really cool cause I’m spending most of it in the nursery. Lot’s of healthy babies like check ups. Yesterday, I went to my very first c-section. I saw c-section for the first time. Guys it’s magical what a human body can do! The amount of physical trauma the body goes
through to give birth it’s amazing! And the fact that the mom is gonna recover. This mom is a repeat c-section–meaning she’s
had c-section procedure before. So, I think that’s why the attendings had
to pull so hard because there’s a lot of adhesions from previous surgeries. The baby was super cute. I saw the baby this morning again and the
baby was doing well. Overall, it was just a part that Iook forward
to the most for my pediatrics rotations and being with new-born babies. They’re so cute and they’re so adorable. It’s so amazing the way they’re born. My next rotation is actually Oby-gyn. I’m really excited about that and I think
having pediatrics before was probably a really god prime and I’m sure it works the other
way too: having oby-gyn and then going to pediatrics. It’s also a good continuity and a good learning
experience. My shelf exam is coming up on Friday so my
NICU resident said that I could leave early to go home and study so It’s about 4 o’clock
now and that’s what I’m going home to go. I had a bunch of lunch money left. As I talked about it before, this hospital
gave us a certain amount of lunch money. I had like $200 something dollars left. So I bought a bunch of Naked smoothies and
some chips to take home with me. If I can do that again tomorrow, I will but
tomorrow I have lecture right after my morning shift so I might not have time to go home. I bought a lot of perishable stuff today but
tomorrow I might just get some chips or something. So, I’m back. This is one of the juices that I got. I do have to say, these look healthy but I
don’t think they are because everything is blended and there’s no fiber and it’s basically
47 grams of sugar and even though there is no sugar added, it’s all the sugar from the
fruit themselves. And I don’t actually think they’re a healthy
choice. All the pediatricians that I’ve worked so
far has discouraged moms and parents from giving juice to their kids for this exact
reason. You don’t get any fiber and it’s mostly sugar. So it’s like drinking sugar water essentially. So, I got like 6 of them. But maybe tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll get like
iced teas instead like the unsweetened iced teas. I’ll have to think about what good snacks
to get. Some of my classmates have told me that during
Ob-gyn rotations, you really don’t have time to eat. So, I should stock up on bars so that’s what
I might do. Anyway, I’m gonna drink it cause I bought
it and it taste pretty good so– So over the weekend I did get these good day
chocolate from Whole Foods. They’re $2.50 each, so they’re actually pretty
expensive considering that there’s only 8 pieces inside but the one in the left is actually
energy so I think it contains caffeine and the one on the right has melatonin in it so
it’s supposed to help you sleep. I just wanted to try them out and let you
guys know if they are good. A lot of the times if you’re going to be in
surgery or something I’ve heard that it’s not ideal to drink a lot of coffee even though
you’re waking super early because you don’t wanna be like wanting to go to the bathroom
so I’m considering trying these and seeing if it works for me. Looks like this caffeine one actually has
about 20mg per pieces and it’s four pieces per serving. It’s actually pretty big it’s like the size
of a peanut m&ms but there’s no peanut in it. The flavor it taste a little bitter like you
would expect with the caffeine. I just had 2 just to have a little bit of
a kick before I go and study. This one has 1mg of melatonin per piece and
4 pieces per serving. This will also be a good thing to try. I’m going to try it tonight. Okay guys, I’ve decided to go for a quick
workout with some friends so I’m going to go do that now. So workout was good. We did back day today. Now I’m back and I’m back to studying. I’m going to do a little bit of endocrinology
and a little bit of immunology. I’m realizing that there’s a lot of stuff
in here for pediatrics that was covered in Step 1 studying so I may refer back to some
of my Step 1 material. I thought First Aid for step 1 was a very
good general overview and I feel like that’s probably about the depth that I need to know
for a lot of the diseases and disorders so I’m most likely going to refer back to some
of those chapters especially the bio-chem chapter. So, if you guys are studying for Step 1 or
if you guys are M2s this thing never goes away. Just keep studying and if you study it well
the first time it will definitely help you out later. Today’s dinner is from the
hospital caferia. Today they had a pasta bar where you can pick
your toppings and they make the pasta for you. So I picked the bowtie with some chicken,
mushrooms, broccoli, and some cheese but no other sauce. They had tomato sauce and they had alfredo
sauce but I just kinda like it with garlic and olive oil so that’s what I have. So, I’m going to end the vlog here. I’m most like going to study until I go to
bed. Thank you–. So I’m gonna end the vlog here. Thank you guys so much for watching. Let me set this down. I’m gonna study a little longer and go to
sleep but before I do that I wanted to introduce the forth and last giveaway. Of the back to school slash 40,000 subscribers
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