Life Westville Hospital attacked by a black gang ... South Africa

Life Westville Hospital attacked by a black gang … South Africa

you why not good evening fellow South Africans and citizens of the world you know there's several places that I consider the sitter to be sacred one is a family home another one is hospitals another one is obviously churches and you can probably think of a lot of other places that you know you don't expect people to come and and break in and steal from but it happens but in South Africa nowhere is safe not even a hospital yep a hospital was broken into earlier today by a number of thieves who are armed with a gun four men at least one of them armed with a gun stormed the life Westville hospital holding up the security guards staff member and a patient waiting to be admitted before robbing them and stealing two televisions on Tuesday the incident occurred at 5:00 a.m. and took less than a minute the source who cannot be named told the Daily News the source said a white Toyota Etios stopped outside the front entrance where four men got off and ran into the reception entrance area the driver remained in the car the saw said only one of the men brandished a firearm and could not be certain if the others were also carrying guns the men wearing hats and hoodies to avoid being detected by CCTV cameras split up in the reception area they ripped off two flat-screen televisions from the wall mounted brackets and snapped the cables they also took the security guard cell phones a staff member behind the counter and a patient who is waiting to be admitted were robbed of their cell phones and cash some of the patients and staff fled when the men arrived the guards were unarmed the robbers got into the car and fled the car sped off down the oncoming lane leading into the hospital some of the staff had been informed of the robbery by management when they would arrive for work on Tuesday morning police spokesperson : Bella said that a staff member was performing his duties when he is accosted by four armed men who are travelling in a white vehicle and threatened him the suspects then entered the hospital building where they removed the two TVs from the wall and robbed the patient's of the cell phones and cash a case of robbery was opened at westphall police station for investigation at each Maharaj life westphall hospital managers said no patients or employees were harmed mara said an incident of this nature is very distressing and counseling has been offered to those affected the safety and security of our patients employees and property are of the utmost priority and we are in discussions with our security company to assess the hospital's current security measures various items such as Hospital TVs were stolen the lack of police crime intelligence units to curtail armed robbery syndicates has been blamed for this morning's robbery at life west of westphall hospital Merida Haase kwazulu-natal violence monitor said the police crime intelligence unit needs a major shake-up in order to stop gangs carrying firearms from conducting brazen robberies Johar said every police station was supposed to have informers and crime intelligence the fact that so many people run around with guns shoot people murder and rob is an example that nobody seems to know what is going on in the police service she said well said you know the the the police service really is nothing like it used to be pre-1994 it's very sad and as a direct result you've got these gangs running around as if they run the show and apparently they do now please remember to subscribe to be kept informed ring the bell to be updated and have a great evening I thought

37 thoughts on “Life Westville Hospital attacked by a black gang … South Africa

  1. Inside job ..they knew when ..and where ,…and what …….they just have to go back a few days on the CCTV ..and they will see that same car parked there….but that means ..someone have to work ….

  2. The depth of evil originating from a depraved mind can never be fathomed. The depravity of South Africans that have surrendered themselves to a life of crime is unimaginable. The ANC is not able to cope with any of the challenges of this country that they have completely destroyed. What s terrible shame. They are such a bunch of complete nincumoops.

  3. What happened to shoot to kill? Police Minister? Are you waiting for 'normal' people to start killing these animals for sport? Tax breaks for every criminal in a bodybag? How far is this ridiculous situation gonna go? Why do have to pay so dearly …

  4. BLACK AFRICA HAS DONE NOTHING THE LAST 3000 YEARS UNTIL 1700 ?. Africa has only been civilized…..since the white man appeared…I NEVER HAD…OR HAVE
    WHITE GUILT.. .BUT ..If it weren't for white colonialism Africans would still be living in mud huts poking around in the dirt with a stick….now… everyone is SLOWLY VERY SLOWLY catching up…From THIS EXAMPLE.. ESPECIALLY AFRICA….that is why many coloured and black people may hate white men the most….unfortunately? They have only advanced after 1960 ?…a few intelligent have adjusted to in the twenty and 21 century and contribute to HUMAN advanced…(SOUTH AFRICA NEEDS MORE TIME TO ADJUST….LIKE 500 CENTURIES…OR MORE?)….WHAT HAVE AFRICANS DONE THE WORLD….NOTHING!!!…..WE DON’T NEED THEM…BUT…THEY NEED US

  5. Crime is spiraling out of control and the resources to fight it are woefully inadequate. The worse it gets, the worse it WILL get. Law enforcement is overwhelmed, corrupt, and powerless. The rule of law is over in SA.

  6. Another day another black mod robbery it's all the whites fault that we are thieves dont they know how much we suffered in 1994….sorry wait what its 2019 and they are even more suffering let's blame the whites the unfortunate thing about this is that a dark complication African only what's one thing and that's everything for free if they can not get it they will kill you or just take it by force it's sad but it's the lifestyle they are custom to and that is everything for me for free so sick of this country. Whites built and blacks sorry dark complication people destroy they dont deserve such a country what they deserve is to be drop in a hole and forgotten

  7. family-homes hospitals churches, the very kernel of any possible society.
    run away asap. let SA implode under its own criminality.
    those in charge will very soon be giving a lot of explaining.
    [on the other hand I 'm quite sure they'lll get away with it. Mrs May – or a counterpart of hers- is going to come back to S.A. and happily dance with the "people" for the benefit of BBC viewership. it's all under control.] will S.A. ever be Great Again ?

  8. When are whites gona rise up & take back there once great & proud country, for gods sake take this ANC government down

  9. My assumption is that, by saying the current police service in South Africa pre 1994, means you you regard the latter as best in relation to the former. That is how you see it, and I totally get it. But I think it is rather a stupid thing to say. That's me saying it. I mean… whose best interests in the police service serve pre 1994? The entire population; anything above 50% of the population?

    In terms of your understanding of the terms "bureaucracy" and "public service", do you assume that we can render those entities best merely by observing them satisfying the needs and interests of a small proportion of the society? If you think the answer to that question is yes, then you are a complete idiot.

  10. Mary De Haas was one of the biggest proponents of black rule and criticized the police every time they stopped looting by the ANC thugs in the early 1990’s.
    Now she complains about the lawlessness!!! Another liberal mugged by reality.

  11. Schools should be off limits too. Black mob violence is getting really old. What holds us back from an appropriate response? I hate what we've become.

  12. Low IQ+low impulse control: higher criminality. African drug and gun crime in London, murderous Nigerian traffickers in Italy, Sudanese rioters in Australia, hospitals robbed in South Africa, etc …until whites drop PC and deport or jail them all.

  13. South African Comrades are not unique: despair, violence, murder (crime), theft. Deep poverty. Degeneration. Common, and everyday.

    Read about how the Russians lived in the USSR: despair, violence, murder (e.g. gangs), theft. Deep poverty. Degradation. Common, and everyday.

    Read about how the Chinese live in the PRC: despair, violence, murder (babies), theft. Deep poverty. Dehumanization. Common, and everyday.

    The actions of the South African "Comrades" flow FROM their souls having been infected with SOCIALISM. In the USA, just look at Antifa.

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