100 thoughts on “Man Has Spent $150,000 On Numerous Surgeries, Can’t Feel His Face, All To Look Like His K-Pop Idol

  1. I dont really agree with him trying to look exactly like Jimin or trying to look "korean". And I dont agree with how obsessive he is over Jimin BUT I do resonate with him when it comes to being so unhappy with the way you look that it impacts your entire life. Body dysmorphia is a real mental disorder and it seems like hes using his obsession as a way of escapism.. The way he described how insecure he felt in the beginning of the clip resonated with me so much I wanted to cry. Body image issues really deteriorate your mental health and completely warp how you view yourself.

  2. Guys, I don't think we should give him more hate, I'm not saying that we should support him, but maybe just instead of giving him hate just ignore him because you heard what he said. He gets so much hate online and that kind of feeds his obsession to be perfect, to be loved, like Jimin. So I think we should stop hating on him, cause this made me feel bad for him, who knows what he's been through, how he feels. We should leave him alone, just don't pay attention to him.

  3. Yes he seems crazy. But honestly I wouldn’t want to have no feeling in my face just to look like something you aren’t. I feel bad for him and he should notice that he is changing in a bad way and not loving himself. He isn’t following what BTS said. If he could turn back time that would be much better.

  4. He doesn't even look like Jimin. Personally, I thought Oli looked better before all of the surgery. And who feels happy when their entire face is numb? thinking about this hurts my brain

  5. If i were Jimin's sister i would showed this video to him
    Me: Jimin you should stay away from this freaking weirdo creature its creepy to me dude
    Jimin be like : ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) absolutely creepy creature

  6. Does this man not realize he is going to look like that for the REST of his life? Like your body but gosh some day he’s gonna look on the mirror and just say ‘wtf did I do?’

  7. Did dr.phil day he’s a manufactured image what jimin is all natural but Olí London does need help and hopefully soon he realizes it

  8. trust me, people in korea are gonna say “there’s another american trying to be like jimin” when they see a bunch of plastic walking down the streets

  9. 2:19
    Why does his before look like the older brother from good luck Charlie what was his name, pj?

    No offense pj


  10. I honestly feel bad for him. BTS's message is to love yourself, but he doesnt love himself. His insecurities made him do this instead of fighting his fears that he isnt perfect and that being like Jimin will make him perfect. He needs to listen to Got7's Eclipse and understand their lyrics of fighting off your insecurities, and then use BTS's message of loving yourself to deepen his love for himself and accept that changing himself wont make him love himself more, but that it starts with fighting away your insecurities and fears and putting your love towards you rather than to someone else that will result in loving yourself.

  11. Shut up.. you did all those for yourself but saying you want to be jimin for fame. He doesn't even look like jimin not even 1%
    If you wanted to be like him why didn't u do your eyes..u liar

  12. " were identical"

    Am i the only one who wants to slap him real hard? I mean he doesn't even look like him. Not even 1% and people calls him jimin?

    He must've paid them(?) Hhaha lol

  13. dr. phil really just said that jimin is a manufactered figure when his whole show is about paying people to ridiculize themselves in front of cameras for the world to see, how ironic.

  14. He’s doing the opposite of jimin i mean jimin has a jaw and he did his nose smaller than Jimin’s i mean….idk tbh im confused

  15. i’m not an army but even i know that jimin (or anyone from bts) are “manufactured marketed image”. none omg them had anything done. it’s literally the message they’ve been pushing for years “love yourself”

  16. I have cringed so much at Oli which isn’t even scary and he completely didn’t get the message of “love yourself” at all. Obviously he doesn’t care about BTS at all just the looks.

  17. Just imagine how Jimin is feeling right now because Oli literally married a freaking cardboard cutout if Jimin!!!!!

  18. What about Jimin? He's gonna feel so angry and sad knowing someone wants to entirely copy him. If you really love Jimin you'd know this.

  19. 3:01
    I know i should be focusing on the content but i just can't ignore the fact that it's written "kpop idle from BTS" except idol lol

  20. i tried not to be negative while commenting, but honestly why would you put yourself through all that pain. i get it that you wanna feel pretty but really at this point dont you think that it just backfired? i mean bts literally tell you to "love yourself" looks like you arent doing that.

  21. This is so sad. To need attention so bad that a person puts themself through this. He doesn't look like jimin because he does not have Korean eyes.

  22. I can imagine a Korean trying to look like David Beckham. Getting all surgeries and wearing his clothes, I mean he can try, but he will never look like him.

  23. Trust me attention seeker cant do that much!! Like 15 surgeries it freakin need courage!! He is in real pain or been through!! Thats why surgeries are nothing for him!! Stop hating!! Plzz tell him that you love him just the way he is!! Like seriously he was so handsome in his teenage!!! If i would be his gf would never leave him!!

  24. Man this is just sad. He is completely going against the message that BTS always conveys which is to love yourself. I really hope he gets well and learns how to appreciate himself.

  25. Guys I feel bad for hating him ik he broke the bts rule but still he is so broken that he changed himself I feel so bad so please instead of hating him just ignore him

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