hello so I when I got home from school I check my youtube messages and people were coming tune on my very nice video someone said that they enjoyed my vlogs and that the only thing they wish is that I would go more into detail about school soon I was about to take me a nap but I'm not going to do that now I decided to go ahead and jot down some questions that popped up in my head and I'm going to try and answer them to the best of my ability if you all have any other questions that you would like to X feel free to do that I may do another question announce the video or I just answer it in the in the comment section I guess I'll just get started so the first question on my list is how long is my program the program that I'm in it is a 12-month program and this program this 12-month program is the only twelve my program in my city so you can actually do eight months nine months I guess ten months but I decided to go with the 12-month program and that was only because when I came to tour my school I thought it was a great school I wanted those people who like to be in a smaller less populated environment so I decided to go along with my school what kind of certification will I get I will get the CC I'm a certified clinical medical assistant certification yep that's the certification that I'm hoping to get within about four weeks from now I believe I'll do just fine but I am nervous about it how long is each module each module in my school is four weeks long 16 days I go to school Monday through Thursday and I'm there from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. but sometimes we leave a little bit early like 12:30 12:45 I'm there for five hours each day four days a week sixteen days and I'll um how long a module is which courses did I have to take in this program the classes that I had to take on out of order on this list but I'm going to just go ahead and read them anyways some modules like the very first module I had just one claims and that was fundamental to the Medical Assisting and then other modules I had two classes and another module I had it was Fleming two three three classes and then my very nice module module 11 is going to be split into three classes as well some fundamentals are medical assistant written communication health science essentials social psychology health science business procedures their class was pretty much just a computer claims just learning how to use the computer speech communication medical laboratory procedures general psychology spiritual team exams your analysis and microbiology that's one claims pharmacology introduction to healthcare insurance Career Development fundamentals cardiac specialty procedures reimbursement nervous and digestive systems adverse health care insurance that's when I'm talking right now for module ten on coding and billing law ethics and therapeutic communication introduction to algebra part one and then for module 11 I'll be taking capstone and certification preparation career development principles and introduction to algebra part tune so yes yes yes you will have to take mouth algebra part one and as per part two I know I know for those who hate mail it's not my fave subject but I don't think it's so bad and he's my teacher shoots really nice and then after that externship so 22 classes and then next time yeah next question how many books will I need you need a book for every single course I'm our books are online so don't I feel so cool but I did buy one look here's the book it's pretty big and I got this book on use I don't know where we upside I was going I forgot what we outside I got it in line but yeah it was I'm on the plane I twelve dollars and something it's as LF they took this book right here and broke it up into several smaller books this is the exact same information from my my online books ready for murder was there a waiting list no there was not a witness when I applied for the medical assistant program at Remington actually I went in I remember I went in on a Friday to tour the campus and then Monday I was enrolled I was starting in school so it was just like it was really quick like I didn't have to wait at all where will I be taking the certification test and do I have to pay for it I will be tucking the certification test on campus and um at school on campus um and no I do not have to pay for it they will I believe that they will allow you to take the test I believe two or three times and then after that you will have to pay for it and awesome according to Remington if you don't pass it I think on the third time the third trying you will not be able to you would not be able to graduate and you will be ineligible to apply to any program and Remington ever again I think that's a bit harsh but that's just that's their room how long is the certification test if I'm not mistaken I believe that it's it is from two hours long I guess two hundred and something questions I'm not really sure right now but I will correct myself um when I find it out next module I believe is 200 and something questions and two hours long can I go on extern without being certified in my school no you cannot a freshman could but they changed it if you're not certified that you cannot go an extern how long is my externship my externship is module number two so it would be four weeks long but instead of going only four days a week I will be going Monday through Friday and I'm guessing from 8 a.m. to about 4 o'clock 4:30 so it will be a full time shelf how many uniforms do I get and how much are they in the beginning that gave me two scrubs um but after that I did purchase me another time in another bottom and in on it was $20 for one piece just for the top is $10 in front of bottom $10 in on $20 for uniform and you just have the Remington symbol right there I believe that they have these uniforms um unisex so they're you know guys and girls can wear them so no it isn't very bitty I'm sure many of you want to know this question then I get a refund check back yes I did it wasn't until this module module number 10 when I got my refund check back and actually we got two more chicks but they were like I guess like the UM second module of the third module and um it was $200 yeah $200 and then another one I guess I was like in module number six and that one was $200 as well and then module ten was when I got um I guess the biggest one that I will be getting help student loans student loans um speaking of loans how much is my program and that's not even a question that I have on here my program is almost $20,000 I know I was thinking maybe I should have got another way the news and went to UM one of those community colleges but I just wanted to do something now and I didn't want to wait so my program is 19 thousand and something I can't remember but I was like man young I'm going to have to pay that back so I'm almost $20,000 that's how much this program meals every meetin for medical assisting when am I going to graduate I'm going to graduate in October so I will start my ex April 11 and then they were in early May they only have two graduations one in April and one is in October so I missed their train because there's no way that I will be able to graduate in April if I'm going to be on X time and I won't be done with my externship until early May some yeah I was a little upset about that I'm like man like May June July August September October yeah I'll be graduating in October then I have to get any required shots for the program yes I actually had to get three up with time to speed shots but they were spraying out over time I think they were like three months apart and then when you're done with that they're going to give you that in really hope or at least I can take transparent wheels well yeah then I gave me this card that says destination record court and it just has your name on it the dice that you got each um Injection that's that and you have to UM keep this with you because I was told my exhaling coordinator I was told that they will actually put it you know when you try to apply to Johnson stuff which I also keep my CPR certification coin in here it's just my own student on tape do i document my blood drives and injections how many do I need yes I do document every single injection that I give every blood relative I document down on these phlebotomy practice verification sheet yeah they gave me this folder to document all of my shines it has the person's name get you stuck where you are inject it has the UM instructors signature and the type of blood drawn so only sheet it says that I need 75 sticks and on but I found out that you actually do not have to have this completed else you do not plan to be a phlebotomist that's every shot that I have I'm completing since I've been in the program was the CPR certification difficult and how long before it expires yes I am CPR certified no it was not difficult we actually went over on with the questions that will be on the CPR certification and the CPR certification was done on campus in our classroom and pretty much what we had study and our practice test those the CPR test our practice test with the CPR test some yeah we just had um about like I guess 20 questions and that was that those it was easier than what I thought it would be yeah but my hands I think I have a blog talking about that um and I blog show him when I was doing CPR son foccacia put my hands felt so tired I'm like pump up what do I need before I can go out on X turn so before you can go out on X turn in my school you will need to complete all of your modules you will need a minimum of a 2.5 GPA or a 2.0 GPA but I'm not sure but I think it's a 2.5 GPA you need to pass the certification test with at least a score of a 390 on your um CCM a I think the highest that you can get is a 500 and then you will need all three hepatitis B shots you will need gern hepatitis B verification client your nametag and your CPR certification in order to go on next time hope I'm not forgetting anything then I have to take an interest test yes I actually then have to take an interest test in order to get a septic everything carnage but don't worry the test was very very easy it was really simple it was basically just saying if you could do like basic mouth um I guess basic spelling stuff like that it was actually really easy I think was just only 15 minutes and I had to answer and he's giving me I think I can't remember it's been a while to get these 50 questions right within 15 minutes so it went really really fast and you only get to have one little piece of on paper so that you can jot down stuff or whatever and you cannot use a calculator do I complete all my assignments online actually yes I complete basically all my work online we use this on online a portal called Moodle and I submit all of my work online and then every once in a while the teacher may give you a paper test that she wants you to do you may have to do you know watch a movie and write a paper on your door it's submitting a person or something like a poster boy project do I ever get to come to school out of uniform not very often but I do he had a spirit week and I was able to come up uniform I think pretty much the whole week um another time here like ugly sweater day some other times we've been able to come out the uniform and tomorrow we're coming out of uniform but I had to pay a dollar for it and it's going to be for the more the March of Dimes I get to come out the uniform tomorrow I get to wear jeans I'm excited one module was I am when I completed my first blood run when I completed my very first blood drawn don't get in front I was in module number one and if I'm not mistaken it was the very second week my teacher she moved us really really fast and also we did not use those um those dummy arms she said that she didn't want to use the dummy ones because she said that the experience just absolutely does not compare to actually working on a over your person a lot of patient Sohn I've never stuck a dummy on before where are some skills that I have learned and this is my very nice question some skills that I have not in the medical assistant program in my school I have gone it's how to do blood wrongs I have known in town to take blood pressure you know do vital signs we do respiration temperature pulse weight height imma find time to do capillaries how to do the nebulizer that's the little machine for you know I'm breathing treatment pregnancy test I'm strep throat testing yeah right now I really can't think of everything I'm sorry but um I've learned quite a bit um pretty much your basic stuff and then your extras but yeah you're gonna know how to do Bibles vitals vitals vitals lots of vital signs lots of other funds lots of blood rose a ton of injections oh and also you're going to practice after the phone talk to your patients helping them use the Walker crutches cane how to position your patients there's so many things you're going to know how to do it's right on the top of EKGs the UM electrocardiograms and then this goes on and on I forgot to mention documenting you're going to know how to document every single thing every single thing because that is very important that is a very vital very essential part of the medical field you have to document every single thing so you may not have to do proper documentation so this is Moodle and you just have your courses over here I'm um I'm just taking two classes right now but they have already ending on my capstone and introduction to edge for part two I'm going to be taking the next but let me just click on nervous and digestive system that's what I'm taking right now so it's going to be like this week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 and most of the time pretty much all the time I'll just go ahead and complete each week pretty much the very first week are complete on the down but sometimes I don't so you have your textbook right there and you just click on it and it's going to open up so yeah let's type in nervous system Nancy it was just highlight everywhere that says the word nervous or system and then this is just the contents so that's pretty much what my textbook looks like you see that it's basically the same book I can always go back to my old books by clicking on this little house mangey and it says library and here are all the books that we have used so yeah I can check my grades go to grades you can do an upper view point right now I have a ninety nine point zero six and a ninety nine point ninety nine and you can see all of your grades overall for a week 1 week 2 week 3 and week 4 all together that's it so if you have any more questions let me know I'll try my best to answer them thank you so much for watching see you in the next video bye


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