MEDICAL TOURISM: Going to the Dentist in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for only $50 without insurance!

MEDICAL TOURISM: Going to the Dentist in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for only $50 without insurance!

Hi Ashly So we’re leaving Ho Chi Minh City today. But we decided – Ashly decided – that since
we get home, we’re not gonna have any health insurance, dental insurance, none of that
stuff, that we should take advantage of being in Vietnam and get our teeth checked and cleaned
and Lord knows what else we might need. So today we’re heading to Rose Dental in the
center of town over by the Ben Thanh market. And uh ya, let’s see how that goes. Alright so we made it to our appointment on
time, actually with time to spare. It’s here at Rose Dental. It’s right outside the Ben Thanh market. Right in the center of town. And uh ya, hopefully we’ll get this care for
cheaper and maybe even better. Ya I mean, it’s definitely been about seven
or eight months since we’ve had a cleaning, so it’s definitely overdue, so we’re gonna
go get one here without dental insurance and for way cheaper than we would get it at home. Ya hopefully this one doesn’t tell me what
the ones back home tell me which is “You haven’t been flossing.” They will. Because I haven’t been flossing. If they’re real dentists they will. Let’s go find out. Take shoes off? Yes please. The office is beautiful, air conditioned,
Wi-Fi, comfortable, cold water, nice um employees at the reception desk. So far, so good. So that was pleasant. Very pleasant. It’s nice when you don’t speak the same language,
so while the dental assistants are working on you, you have no clue if they’re talking
crap about your teeth or or or what. Or like what you said, you don’t know what’s
coming. I’m like ‘what tool are they grabbing? I don’t know. What ever happens happens.’ And the dentist that checked my teeth, she
looked at them and she’s like “Very beautiful.” She didn’t even like tell me that I need to
floss more or no. No no. Ya no, so like this is basically how the experience
went. We walked right in, we changed our shoes. Ya you can’t walk inside with your shoes. They give you little slippers. They ask – so we sit down, they take me back
first. The dentist says – no
thank you – the dentist says, “What can I do for you?” And I was like, “I need to get a filling replaced
here and ya know, I wanna just get cleaned.” And he said, “Alright.” And just started going to work. No x-rays, no I mean, he did a little bit
of an exam during but not a full on exam. And he just filled in my tooth in lickety-split
and then the ladies started getting at my teeth doing the cleaning. Both of us were out in 30-40 minutes. Yep. The total cost of us both getting cleanings
and one filling, me getting one filling, was about $50 US, and it was about 1,200,000 Dong,
Vietnamese Dong. So I don’t know. Ya my experience was a little different, just
because I didn’t have any pain. I told her there was no pain or nothing. So they just went right to cleaning. I was probably done in like 20-25 minutes. Ya, he was waiting for me and I went in first. But I mean, if we wanted to get x-rays and
all that, we could of, we could of gotten all that and teeth whitening. They do everything. Ya they do everything. They do crowns, they do all that stuff. And they were so quick. Ya, but we just wanted the simple, the six
month clean-up thing. And she knew that she had needed fillings,
I don’t have any pain and the last time I got checked, I didn’t have any cavities or
anything that needed to be worked on, so I figured why spend the extra money on getting
x-rays and what not when I doubt much has changed in the last 6 months. Perhaps. Perhaps. Well I mean, they did a – they did a visual
check so everything looked good. Right. Now, who knows what’s happening underneath
the gums and what not, but like I said, last time I got checked up, everything was fine
so, we should be good. So ya, it was a really – very pleasant – good
experience and it was so quick! Our appointment was at 10:00am, we were out
by 10:45am, so ya. Even if you think you don’t have time, you’re
on vacation or while you’re traveling through a certain country. Vietnam, I know Thailand does this sort of
thing too, probably a lot of other countries. So definitely, if you know that you’re due
for a cleaning or you need some work done like – just take the time and go to a dentist
in one of these countries. It will probably be really cheap and um I’ll
even link the um website that we used to find the dentist. They – what you do is you put what kind of
work you want done and where you are and it gives you a list of all the places and all
their reviews and we chatted with someone on the website and they hooked us up and made
our appointment with the dentist, we just walked in the next day after we made the appointment. So, overall really great experience. Highly recommended. And now we have pretty teeth. They’re clean.

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  1. But how did the filling work w no xray. I basically need same thing, but not sure how they would know about which 1, since occasional pain comes from general 3 tooth area, all of which have prior fillings in US. What about Dr. visit for B pressure and general checkup, and cholesterol, etc.?

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