Medical Weed vs. Street Weed

Medical Weed vs. Street Weed

what is up ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it's your boy Goblin and today we're coming in with another upload talking about medical weed versus regular oil street weed so hope you guys do enjoy this video drop a like if you do and also I do want to mention real quick that I'm not trying to encourage anyone to smoke or anything in that you know type or sort or whatever you want to call it I'm just trying to educate inform people because I've had a lot of people asking me you know something along the lines of like oh you know have you ever gotten medical like you should tell a story about that and you know I want to kind of talk about the difference between like quote unquote medical weed and you know we that you buy it like a store versus like we'd get off your plug so either way I hope this helps you guys out or informs you or you enjoy or whatever let's dive into it so first things first I want to say that medical weed is very very overhyped okay I mean at the end of the day you're smoking weed and I know that a lot of people watching this video probably gonna be like yeah I understand that because a lot of people are you know understanding of that but there's still like a kind of stigma around medical weed that's like oh it's amazing it's the best shit like people go out to Colorado and they're like oh you got to pick up some weed and bring it back it's like if you know someone who grows or who like ships good weed like you can get good weed anywhere if you just meet the right people you know like you don't have to like think like medical weed is just some like God to your weed that you'll never touch if you live in like an illegal state like it's it's not any different than weed grown by somebody who doesn't have a license but could do it professionally and distributes it you know illegally or you know to people who are then dealing it to you or whatever you want to call it you know it's it's like there's this big stigma that that medical is just the best weed ever and I want I want to get it out of the way that it's not really all that different but the pros a medical you know the good thing is you know exactly what you're gonna get you know a lot of time plugs will just pick up some random fucking weed and you'll go to like Johnny plugs house and you'll be like yo JP what you got well what's the strain he'll be like og and you'll just be like what the fuck man cuz you know that every time your plug tells you oh gee that's like a billion different strains you know that he has no idea what strain that shit actually is 95% of the time I guarantee it so with medical least you know exactly what you're gonna get and you can see the you know THC percentage and all that but getting a medical card and getting like real actual you know legal medical bud is a pain in the fucking ass you know like I mean it's not terrible but it's not the easiest thing in the world and it costs so much more than buying off your plug it costs exponentially more money I'm talking like I mean you can go buy an ounce of medical for like $300 legally you know like that's what they would charge you maybe a little cheaper if you're a consistent customer but not much cheaper definitely not cheaper than JP Johnny plug over there who's ready to serve you for like 160 or whatever you fucking need but you know the other thing is there's a good variety always a medical you know of you if you for real get like either a plug who has actual confirmed medical we'd like you know he does he picks up from the store and he just sells it or you know maybe you get a license or you get a card or whatever you want to call it and you go to the store then there's a large variety you could pick from everything you know but that's really about it on medical I mean there's not like I'm making this video to clarify that there's just not very much different about the two I want to kind of like say fuck that stigma that Cigna can suck my dick all right but street weed all right Street we just um ZUP double thumbs up 9 out of 10 from me better all right way more affordable all right your plug isn't on that government fuck shit all right he's not gonna be like a run 300 for the ounce and if your plug is why the fuck is he your plug what are you doing fuck that guy find a new guy all right but you know that that's a huge plus also quality can vary a lot so that's kind of a downside and price can also vary I mean one day you could buy some like good weed and you could pay like 180 for the zip right so you're pretty happy depending on where you live and then the next time you go to pick up off your plug he's like oh I got this Thrax bro I gotta charge you a 220 and you're like oh that's kind of gay he's like I gotta charge you 200 you just like oh that's Wow fuck you dude like in your head you know that's that's one shitty thing but at the end of the day no matter how much the price adjust it's almost always probably always actually not even almost gonna be cheap buying medical you know also finding a consistent plug is much easier than ever getting a medical card will be I mean dude it's 2018 all right think about it for a minute it's 2018 everybody smokes weed dude I was at drivers school right I got court-ordered driving school cuz I got a couple tickets right and these two guys who sat next to me both smoked and this guy when we got up for a lunch break because it was a six hour straight class we had a break in the middle was just like wanna smoke a blunt and we both just got in his car and smoked a blunt like he told us he served you like yeah hit me up if you ever want to buy weed literally everybody smoked sweet it's not hard to find someone you just gotta talk to people you just gotta meet some people that's all you got to do so it's much much easier than getting a manacle card and also if you find that good-good plug I'm talking that grow plug that guy who really is the plug not not know you know pick up a QP and serve it the plug you know the guy geison who knows the grower who gets super fresh weed you can get it fresher than the medical shop would probably serve it to you you know you you could probably get some disgustingly beautiful weed from your plug if you really meet that that guy geison you know if you really find that dude dude's and then you're you're set to go and also there's no limit on what you can buy a street weed on medical there's usually a cap most of the time I know I knew a guy you could only get like three I think it was a three-quarters of an ounce every six weeks I'm pretty sure which what the fuck 21 grams every six weeks oh hell oh no no no no no no no no that's not fucking happening that's less than a 10 second a are you shitting me are you sucking my cock right now no fuck no fuck that I'm going to the street plug JP my boy Johnny plug over there who could serve me fucking pound right here right now if I needed it you know that's a thumbs up but either way overall you know I kind of want to give a final decision here as if this is like a UFC fight and the rounds are up Street wee wins all right stick with your plug give back to the plug cuz he's doing you a service alright he's risking like serious crimes depending on where he lives just to sell you your we just to get you high give back to the community give back to that guy fuck a medical shop well I mean sometimes it's good but most of the time fuck a medical shop but either way hope you guys enjoy travel like if you do I'll see you guys next time peace

29 thoughts on “Medical Weed vs. Street Weed

  1. this is painful to hear these prices i live in vancouver washington and i get a zip for 40 dollars 30 if my plugs wants to hook you up

  2. I used to have the plug plug the guy guy But sadly he moved his shit was amazing he even had a selection at his place

  3. Dude said some facts but🤷🏽‍♂️ the best weed I had is dispo weed all the street weed I had don’t buzz me 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. It goes
    Big black market weed
    The guy down the block that's a pretty cool guy
    One of your relatives
    That random drug dealer you bought from that one time because you needed some bud or oil and no one could deliver

  5. You fucking lame this video is fucking lame and weak no one wants to see you playing fucking fortnite like a lil ass kid …

  6. Medical weed is way better and I don’t have any of the problems you mentions. Can get ounces that are gas at connected cannabis for less than 200. I don’t have any sort of limits to how much I can pick up. I know what I’m getting

  7. The only difference is how clean the buds are. Med places have normal people growing for them, but they won't accept dirty buds with microscopic bugs, dirt, mites and shit like that. U can get mid grade medical also. Medical doesn't exactly mean it's the best. Just cleaner and they can test and tell u the thc and cbd percentage

  8. In the uk when you buy weed the sizes are are called weird things but they are all the same prices no matter who you buy from

  9. I live in mendo county in cali. The dispensary often have 100 dollar ozs. And im talking 23-28% thc. Plus every strain you can think up, I can find in my town. Being 21 all i gotta do is walk in and show id. Rec is legal here. So at least in northern California, the dispensary is only slightly more expensive than dealers and its straight gas.

  10. I will say, no matter where you get it from, the streets, medical dispensary, I will say this, the name game, is used as a marketing tactic, for example, everybody knows, that a strain of cookies, will be more pricey, then, let’s say, some, average strain, like, blueberry,

    so, I go off that, smell, and how well it tastes,

    and let’s face it, both dispensaries, and people on the street, usually get, bud, that is pulled off the plant way too early

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