Mental Health Pro: Trump’s Narcissistic & Sociopathic Traits

Mental Health Pro: Trump’s Narcissistic & Sociopathic Traits

It’s great to welcome to the program today,
Bill Eddy, who is the cofounder and training director of the High Conflict Institute. Also author of the book, why we elect narcissists
and sociopaths and how we can stop. So first of all, thanks for joining me bill. My pleasure,
David. I’m glad to be on. So I think that the question of why we elect them is a good
one. But I think a precursor to that is why are so many more of our choices then would
be likely given their prevalence in the general population, uh, one that maybe should be addressed
first. I mean, is there something to the idea that those who end up in positions of power
in politics and arguably in corporations are more likely to be narcissistic and sociopathic?
Well, I think slightly greater chance in general, um, because
these are personalities that are attracted to being in positions of power, uh, positions
where they’re above other people, seen as superior to people, et Cetera. But the more
recent years last, you know, 10, 15 years, we’re getting a lot more of these folks and
more extreme ones because they’ve realized that especially in politics, you don’t have
to have any experience as long as you’re good at attracting attention, uh, dramatic, uh,
telling people things are terrible. You’ve got to have me as a hero, uh, that seeming
to be increasing, right? Say in the last 10, 10 to 15 years. Yeah. I mean, it seems that to some degree,
I mean even if I think about myself, right, to even think that someone might want to watch
a show that I host, there has to be some degree of what we could call anything from confidence
to arrogance all the way up to and including narcissism. And this would apply to many fields.
If you think you are the right person to lead a country of 340 million people, there are
certain personality traits that I imagined would be, would have to be there. But it seems
like the issue is when it crosses a certain line and starts to become problematic in the
ways that you describe. Yes. And crossing that line is the problem
because you’re right, confidence is good. Um, a teeny bit of arrogance perhaps, but
not much because then it becomes dysfunctional. And what we’re looking at with narcissists
and sociopaths really is dysfunctional behavior. And when they cross the line, they basically
don’t learn, don’t change. Uh, don’t have empathy, don’t have remorse, don’t care about
other people are so absorbed in themselves, their own power, their own image, that they
actually can become quite dangerous. Can you talk specifically about the ways that
you see those characteristics as potentially becoming dangerous when they are held by or
part of the makeup of world leaders? Like presidents of countries? In what practical
ways? I mean, is it starting wars that shouldn’t be started? Is it, uh, you know, we can think
of, of policy, but in the bigger sense, what is the danger? Well, the danger is that they have the ones
that are problematic or what I call HCPs, high conflict personalities with four character
traits. The first one being a preoccupation with blaming others. And because of that,
they target other people and they don’t look at themselves. And if they’re a narcissist,
sociopaths and high conflict people, then they’re going to target people. And in many
ways, those people, and especially for sociopath’s, possibly destroy a kill individuals or large
groups of people. So it’s that, um, emphasis on targeting people that makes them so dangerous.
And it’s a psychological phenomenon because they’re really diverting from themselves.
They can’t see anything they’ve ever done wrong. And with other people they always see
their superior or wanting to dominate. So the danger comes in if they have a high conflict
personality as well as narcissistic and sociopathic traits. So bill, I mean you, you are part of the high
conflict institute. You are a licensed clinical social worker that worked providing therapy
to people of all ages. You have worked in a number of different settings where you work
with an observed people that have these traits to different degrees. When you look at the
current president, Donald Trump, what if anything matches what you would consider narcissism?
What if anything sociopathy well, first of all, I do believe he has the
high conflict personality fixation on laming other people, narcissistic traits. And by
the way, because I’m a clinical social worker licensed to diagnose mental disorders, I’m
not supposed to diagnose people I haven’t met. So I’m not gonna say whether or not I
think he has a personality disorder. Sure. What I can say that he has some traits and
the narcissistic traits. I think most people in the world today realize, uh, he’s preoccupied
with himself. He, the man’s admiration. He has grandiose ideas with no basis for them.
Uh, he does seem to lack empathy. He gets some trouble all the time for hurting people
in those policies. I mean his comments and he doesn’t care. Um, and his goal is to be
seen as the most superior person in the world. So we was always stepping on people to get
higher and higher and he pushes people around for that. Sociopathic traits are being highly aggressive
and that’s what we see. That’s part of why these folks succeed. So he has highly aggressive
behavior. He’s willing to take risks that everyone’s shocked at and then he gets away
with it. And even he is surprised. Um, but also deceitful, lying and conning. These are
traits of sociopaths and he seems to, you know, someone recently reported something
like 10,000 lives since he took office, a conning even before he became president. He,
he did an interview I think on the radio where he pretended he was somebody else recommending
Donald Trump of, so those characteristics but also a lack of remorse and drive to dominate
other people. And, and that’s what we see with these leaders around the world. They
want to move people around. They want to, you know, divide people, put up walls and
fences and cagers and, and, and they like the power to really make people do things
that they don’t want to do. When it comes to those who vote for these
folks, what is it about these, uh, personality sort of packages that are appealing to at
least enough voters that folks like Trump win elections in many different countries? Yeah. And what we see all over the world really
is the same pattern. Part of it is their ability to communicate 10 times more than everybody
else. And at an emotional level, which really gets under the surface under your conscious
thinking. You say they communicate 10 times more. You
are you saying that they communicate 10 times more information? Okay. 10 Times more often. So I say 10 times as
many words as the next close, closest a candidate or politician does, they are always talking
in Europe. I forget which one it was, gives three speeches a day. Um, and we see in the
u s especially the use of Twitter around such as there’s constant messaging coming from,
uh, this type of leader. And most politicians historically are busy, you know, behind the
scenes, you know, making things happen, working on legislation, this and that. But the leaders
you see today are communicating to the public intimately in their homes, in their hands.
Uh, and for the last hundred years, electronic media has made that possible. Radio First,
then television, uh, Facebook, Twitter, all of this. Um, in the Philippines they say that
Facebook really made the election. They’re a, they call it ground zero for, um, uh, fake
news and really manipulating people. But it’s a constant barrage of messaging.
You won’t see other politicians doing that. So you’ve got the HCPs up here and everybody
else talks to the public. Maybe once a week they make up policy announcement or something.
But this person’s constantly talking in emotional terms. And they’re communicating what I call
the fantasy crisis triad, which is there’s a terrible crisis and there’s an evil villain
calling the causing the crisis. There’s a group or a person and I’m the hero and so
I’m going to save you from this terrible crisis and from this evil person or person. Yeah. I mean we saw that almost literally
during Trump’s campaign when he would identify problems and actually say, only I can fix
this. Yes, exactly. And that’s the classic line
of, of HCP because they have to come in as a hero because if they run for office based
on their experience, their skills, their knowledge, they don’t have experience skills and knowledge
in government and politics. So they always come in as an outsider claiming to be a hero
and to have that, they have to have a crisis that’s usually a fantasy or they create a
crisis which could actually be real and then get into power with that. So people have to
learn that pattern. That’s a lot of what I’m trying to teach with my book. So I want to be careful here in, in what I
say because this can get sort of dicey, but there seem to be similarities in that particular,
I mean, listen, all politicians want us to believe that they know what the problems are
and that they have the solutions to the problem to some degree. But you’re talking about something
that goes a little bit beyond that. And I have seen that in studying Mao, in studying
Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, Hooten uh, Stalin, I, you have to be careful when you
say it. Hitler to some degree, there was this idea of exaggerating the degree to which the
problem is narrowly sourced and then making the case that you are the uniquely qualified
person to fix that problem. Which in and of itself is more or less a fantasy. Exactly. And that pattern, people say, well,
you can’t compare people to made to Hitler, but there’s a pattern of behavior that they
all share in many ways. I see a Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong as the originals, they kind
of establish the pattern and that people today are still using that. No, they’re not. The
same people, many ways, they’re very different. But one thing that’s similar is there are
extreme, they could be on the left or on the right. And that’s what we’re seeing is it’s
not about politics, it’s about the personality and how they think they can get a route to
power. Well that’s true. I think it does become political bill, which
is while politicians on the left and right can have these personality types traits and
behave in this way, a lot of studies that we’ve seen with us voters show us that the
more authoritarian approach to campaigning does appeal more to those who are on the American.
Right. So while both left and right can try this, it seems that rightway American voters
are more likely to be drawn in by the hyper authoritarianism. It’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s to some extent true.
But what’s interesting to me is to see that there have been people on the left that have
followed left authoritarian leaders. And I think of, you know, one example I mentioned
in the book briefly was the example of Jim Jones and he really wanted to have, uh, uh,
you know, the, the, the fantasy state, the socialists, the pure socialist a kingdom that
he with him as the king and we saw her that lead because people like this, uh, become
more and more paranoid and dangerous. What are the best ways to expose individuals
with these traits and sort of refocus in reality what the actual issues are and what the real
types of solutions we should be considering are? Well, I think first of all, I really want
to see people become aware of the HCP pattern. So you see somebody who’s preoccupied with,
what do you mean? Others has a lot of all or nothing thinking and solutions, a unmanaged
emotions, extreme behaviors. People go, oh, that’s an HCP. And right now I can tell you,
everybody listening to your show knows somebody like that and their personal life in the workplace,
the neighborhood and, and their families too. But that pattern isn’t that hard to recognize
when you see it in leaders. That’s when you see that it’s going to become dangerous. But
I think also that voters, volunteers, candidates need to really focus on providing as much
information as the HCPs provide emotion. And so when you get someone speaking 10 times
as much as everybody else, you need to respond with that same amount of information. I call
it the assertive approach. And it’s worked in the legal setting really from last 25 years
for me and people that use this approach. So when they come out with emotions, you come
out with information and match that energy but not the destructive approach that the
HCP is used emotionally. And I think what a lot in our audience will
realize, and it may even become apparent in these upcoming very, very large 20 person
Democratic primary debates, is that, uh, that is not a technique that many candidates are
well suited for at a sort of personal personality level. So I think it will be very, very interesting
to a, to watch the book is called, why we elect narcissists and sociopaths and how we
can stop. We’ve been speaking with the book’s author, Bill Eddy, who’s also the cofounder and training director of the High Conflict
Institute. Built such a pleasure speaking to you today. Thank you so much David.

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  5. 1:55 His point about the seeming narcissism of expecting people will want to hear what you have to say really hits home with me. I don’t post on social media because I’m chronically ill, and victories feel like bragging and the bad stuff (which would be most of what was posted, since I’m not doing well) would be a pity party. Everyone who is important to me will find out without having to go on Facebook anyway, so why post? I’d not pick and choose and curate it so I seem well, but then compared to all the curated profiles, I look even more whiny.

    I’m a writer, and growing up I felt my ability wasn’t anything to write home about. It took a lot of time to see I did have an unusual amount of talent. I’m still working through how narcissistic it feels to say, “My writing is great! Pay money and spend the time to read these several hundred pages of a story I came up with! Don’t read something else or do anything else with that time, this is worth it!” It feels kind of gross in a way. But… my characters deserve to live outside of my head. And no one else will advocate as strongly for them as I can.

    Still. It just takes getting used to. It feels weird and kind of wrong. At least in politics, I’d be trying to make a change in the world and help people, cause actionable change. Reading can be such a blessing for people, an outlet or an escape, a way to savor victories and mourn defeats, so it’s not like it’s useless. But still, my readers could be reading the classics instead of my work. That’s… humbling and intimidating in equal measure. I guess all I can do is my best to be worthy of that belief in my work to repay them.

    It’s still going to take a while through. 😂

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    These are the symptoms of a republic in crisis propagated by Trump:
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