Military Dog Tag Style I.C.E – Medical ID Tag | DIY Project

Military Dog Tag Style I.C.E – Medical ID Tag | DIY Project

Military Dog Tag Style I.C.E – Medical IDTag | DIY Project okay guys well the next option is a
takeoff of the military dog tag now these are my old dog tags from when I
was in the Navy we used to put a protective shield on the beaded necklace
just so it wouldn’t make noise and a little bit more comfortable to wear and
as you might remember these dog tags come with typically your name your
social security number blood type in religious preference and they come with
a beaded necklace now the purpose for these beaded necklaces is that if you
got something caught this necklace is going to break away and not strangle you
so continuing on that theme I’ve got an option where you can make your own
medical dog tag I came up with this this is based on a military dog tag if you
will the tag itself is a heavy plastic key chain identifier and it’s basically
threaded with a beaded necklace so that it’ll break free and then I’ve covered
that necklace with a piece of empty 550 cord and I’ll show you how to do that
but basically you just unhook this let’s take a quick look at the tag now inside
this tag is a six page medical ID sheet you can just take a paper clip or a
knife and push the tag out it says right on the outside remove four six page
medical record well there’s three pages your name address phone number brief
medical history any medical problems that you have allergies on the back in
case of emergency contact tetanus blood type and your physician name and
physicians phone number and then any medications that you’re on this folds up
and inserts very easily in this key tag and again on the outside it says
right there remove 4-6 page medical record and then
it fits on this beaded necklace that’s covered with empty 550 cord okay
the way you do this is you take a piece of 550 cord that is just a little bit
longer than your beaded necklace you strip out the lining core and then you
seal the ends now I sealed the ends so that they were open rather than sealed
shut now the way you do that is you take a pencil you insert the 550 cord on the
end of the pencil like that and then you take a lighter and you just very quickly
flame it around like that take the pencil off and then just seal the end of
the 550 cord okay you do that to both ends now to get the beaded necklace in
the 550 cord you take any sort of stiff object that will fit through the 550
cord and what I’m using here is just a piece of plastic coated fence wire and I
put a little piece of shrink tubing on the end and all you do is just thread
that through your 550 cord okay now once you have the wire threaded
through the 550 cord heavy button cord from my wife’s sewing drawer and all you
do is just tie a slip knot in one end just like that you slip it over the heat
shrink tubing and run it up close to the end of the strip heat shrink tubing will
prevent it from coming off and now you just pull the wire out of the 550 cord
pretty easy to do now the reason I did a slip knot is because now you can just
pull the tag end of the slip knot pull it off the wire get the wire out of the
way take a slip knot again hook it through one of the beads and then run
that through your 550 cord pretty easy to do and again the nice thing about the
slip knot is you just take the loose tag end and slide it off and you’re done
now you have a beaded chain that’s covered with 550 cord so be comfortable
on your neck you just slide it through your key tag that has your medical
information on it and a good smart thing to do is to run
the clasp up through the 550 cords so that it will keep it protected so there
you go there’s a nice military ID tag type way of carrying medical information
now a good place to put this is around your neck if you’re out in the field
hunting with your buddies take a second one and clip it inside your range bag
take another one put it inside an ammo pouch or
on your field vest or if you have a tactical load-bearing best tuck that on
the inside that’s a great place to keep your medical information

72 thoughts on “Military Dog Tag Style I.C.E – Medical ID Tag | DIY Project

  1. I have a few Marines that have the red medical dog tags. They are mostly for severe allergy's to medication. I like your style. I the 4th AAV our Devil Doc's had us segment the para-cord. Just in case a Tango tried to strangle us with it. In twenty three years and nine combat deployments I never let anyone get that close…..Once again nice tip Doc…Gunny Z

  2. Fantastic! Just got back from cub scout camping with my 1st grader, tied a whistle around his neck but didn't like the tie… will replace it with this. Super idea. Loved the FAK I put together prior from your vids prior to going … was the site medic 🙂 Thank you!

  3. @silvereagle1833 – Gunny, thanks for the kind comments and a big special thanks to you and your guys for your service to our country.

  4. @biguy525 – just posted it on the sidebar notes. Sorry for the delay, I was up late and fell asleep during the upload!

  5. DOC,you are the first to show how to do this,AWESOME,as a independent operator we have been doing this same thing for years! Cool to see that someone else gets it! But you do what you do so figured that you would anyways! Another great vid! Thank you!!OUT!!

  6. Good point. I should keep these IDs in several places. Like the technique for the clean burn on the 550. Thanks for doing this.

  7. Another great idea Doc. I think we'll do this project in my Cub Scout Bear den. We already put together a pocket FAK based on one of your bids. Thanks.

  8. BTW, I am putting on a camping/hiking equipment class (BALOO) for my Cub Scout leaders today. I have put together a list of suppliers/resources to handout and I included your channel.

  9. @kphifer1 – I am so sorry for the delay responding . . . I'm in the middle of a long run of shifts. Seems all I do is sleep – work -sleep! I got the tags at Home Depot or Ace Hardware.

  10. @kphifer1 – the company is Hi-Ko. They make a couple of similar key tags. One like I showed in the video and one with a flip top that would work as well.

  11. Hey Doc,

    Our Den made the tags. I'm wearing mine now while on duty. I used the shorter chain for a whistle and recomended the same for my Scouts. This is the second idea we have used from your vids. We made the uograded pocket FAK. Looking forward to more ideas.

    I have just about collected all the necessary supplies to make my hiking FAK's…Locsacs, med supplies and vacuum sealer. Should be fun.

    Thanks for the vids.


  12. There are places like Ranger Joe's that will make dog tags. You can put whatever data you want on them as long as you use the same format that are on the standard military issue dog tags. I had a set made up and replaced my SSN with my cell phone #. I keep one on my keys in case I ever lose them and a good Samaritan would like to return them. But if they are found by someone that doesn't have good intentions they can't do a reverse look up with my Cell phone #.

  13. lol, i tried to do that and it took me 3hours with no brake XD
    i live in gothenburg sweden so the neckles is waay thicker then that you have.
    sry for my bad english

  14. can you please tell me accurate sequence of this things to put in dog tags,
    I am doing myself a fighter pilot dog tag, but i don't know what is going on it

  15. @PEDroLED1 – The dog tags in the video were my issue tags from the Navy. You can order similar mil spec dog tags from many online sources such as US Calvary. Hope that helps.

  16. @campcomp00 – EMS look for anything helpful that can provide information from ID tags, bracelets, necklaces to wallet cards. Hope that helps!

  17. @CallOfDutyBullets – well actually not . . . I am a little smatter than that . . . the paracord shield is not contiguous and will easily break if needed. Of course, I no longer wear dog tags 😉

  18. @CallOfDutyBullets – the shield is very strong . . . it is the sheath from a length of para cord, however, it is ont a contiguous piece so if needed can break away without a problem.

  19. really nice video, very well explained! btw, would you mind telling me the name of that watch you are wearing? it looks cool =)

  20. I would recommend you check out RoadID dot com system. They have a proven track record of saving lives! Get the interactive version. What this video didn't showcase is RoadID offers an interactive version that has a unique PIN number engraved on the back side of the ID plate. So common people can't see it. In the event of an emergency the first responders take your bracelet off to access your PIN number and either call 1-800 service or login to site and view what ever medical information you want to keep on file for them with very detailed or limited detail on emergency contacts, and any personal medical concerns. It is very very low cost with very HIGH value. Can't recommend this service enough. Not only for adventure athletics but I think there is a huge untaped market for the daily work commuter as well that uses public transportation! You just don't have control over what incidents you may become involved in. It also bring great peace of mind to your loved one that are very concerned about your safety when we go out and push the limits… 

  21. Why go through all that when you can just order a complete set with tags, silencers and chains from Wardog Surplus for $4.99 and they are made in the USA

  22. Military Dog Tag Style I.C.E – MED ID Tag
    DIY Project

    This is the third video in a 3-part series discussing options to carry medical records in the field while pursuing adventure activities. Remember, be prepared, be safe and have fun! The life you save could be your own.

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