100 thoughts on “Nurses react to state senator’s comments about “playing cards”

  1. its not 12 hour shift…..its 13. every nurse knows this. if your there 12 hours your getting written up for being late or leaving too early. at the 10 hour mark 99% of people who arent nurses, cna or techs would throw in the towel and say this is just too much. for that comment i bet managers everywhere are telling their nurses to work harder to improve their public image.

  2. How about SHE gets very sick and go to the hospital and we will see if HER nurse plays cards!!!!!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️😡

  3. Well I’m not surprised. She’s an older lady and her perception of nurses r probably a combination of old school nurses who were literally like a maid for a doctor and the perception of nurse through the media. I guess nursing is not as glamorous as being a doctor as far as television goes so the public doesn’t have much exposure to have a clear understanding of what nurses really do. Either way please educate urself before making a decision that effects a population u clearly are not knowledgeable about.

  4. This is why there needs to be more nurses in politics. I can’t believe how much power is given to regulate nursing by people who have no clue what nurse do. “Playing cards”? What does that even mean lol

  5. Remember when Joy Behar made that comment saying the nurse was wearing a stethoscope pretending to be a doctor? How ignorant. It’s a shame how disrespectful and discrediting these public figures can be to nurses.

  6. So we play cards as opposed to politicians who just take up space and breathe perfectly good air. Try running a 50+ Patient Medicare admissions psych ward you moron and see how much down time you have during a shift

  7. Now we know what the politicians do during their lunch times, just tell the taxpayer's do enjoy alcohol with your lunch at the taxpayer's expense 😲

  8. Lol I doubt they play cards but I seen them on their phones. But who care. They do a awesome job

  9. senators are the ones playing cards and on vacations never read the stuff they vote on.. its the Government that is all fucked up and lazy uselss people..

  10. What a stupid comment. I'm a therapist not a nurse but I can tell you that nurses are under paid and the expectation is that they work their asses off every shift. Out of touch creepy politician

  11. People that aren't a part of the field or profession, literally should not speak on things they know nothing about. Have you all noticed these politicians speak on things that they've seen in movies or sitcoms?

  12. Politicians don't need an education to be elected. You can be an uneducated dog walker and win an election.

    Go through medical or nursing school first before speaking….

  13. Sick of hearing about this. Yes, she was wrong, yes she degraded our profession, but get over it! Christ our profession is degraded everyday.

  14. nurses care for people, wash them when they are immobile, clean up.their vomit, make accurate.medication dosages or else the worse will occur, nurses are never afraid to risk their own safety to give what we can to people, nurses are their when people will die and give the family support.. their are alot of things nurses do unlike politicians who put on a smiling face with an arrogant smile. nurses dont make.laws but we abide by them..do.politicians abide by the so called laws they make. nurses have low salary but most dont complain.. politicians complain when they dont have enough votes or if their pride is stepped on…politicians make laws and try to make society better (thatisifsocietyhasbecomebetter).. have some EMPATHY SENATOR.. at the end of the day, YOU WILL NEED NURSES TO TAKE.CARE OF YOU.

  15. Reminds me of how council members once said that fireman that work 24 hour shifts get paid to sleep when at any moment during that 24 hour shift we could be in a fire within 5 minutes or saving someone's life.. a couple of them came to the training Tower went into what we called the burn building when they came out there at a different perspective… in summary don't comment on an occupation unless you've done it..

  16. This mentality of medical professional be jubilant and sitting around doing nothing and playing cards, is ignorant. Anyone who makes comments like that do not know what it takes. RNs are the reason why you are still alive after you've been admitted to the hospital.

  17. The way nurses work they aren't able to schedule specific times for breaks and lunches. The patients can't wait for them to finish eating when they're dieing. Nurses have to take breaks when they can.

  18. I can think of a reason nurses might play cards on shift. With and for a pt. Unfortunately in most situations most nurses and their assistants have too many other pts and duties. As a therapist I do get to play cards with my pts as appropriate. Fine Motor, Memory, Sequencing and many others. The nurses are our cheer squad. Thank you.

  19. I'd like that senator go to 5 settings with a deck of cards in her pocket. See if she can get a nurse play cards with her.

  20. I think rather than an apology, the Senator needs to spend 12 hours with the nurses. Don't make remarks (dumb at that) until you walk in their shoes!

  21. I wouldnt want to be a nurse they do what doctors do but get paid less. Same with being para legal instead of being a lawyer.

  22. The best thing the senator can do,come to the hospital and shadow a nurse .she will defenitely realise the hardwork they do .nurses are truly angels.as a politician /senator its not ok to do a public comment without knowing the fact.its affects their reputation

  23. How many hours do you work in a day senator? How long is your lunch? At what time are you expected to be at work?
    I start at 0630, 12 hrs a day and most of the time no lunch! I don’t pee until I change my scrubs to go home (I work in the OR). You’re a disgrace, a parasite to society and a very dangerous person! Oh yeah…and an ass…e!

  24. Thank you for your service Nurses! ♥️
    You are all we have MOST of the time!
    So far from the truth it’s not funny.

  25. Some times I don't even have time to pee at work. Last night I grabbed snacks and didn't have time to eat a healthy meal. She is dumb. Nursing homes are the worst too. Staffing is a nightmare hire more staff! But I love nursing and I don't mind being busy. Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers. Theres no better feeling than healing a person.

  26. I’m an EMT, not even a nurse! I know they work way too hard! And are some of the most compassionate people I have met, patience through the roof! Thank you all for your service

  27. Thank you for your service nurses , my daughter still remember her fav. nurse from last year . She was only 3 yr old ..

  28. Educated, but ignorant at the same time. We should have a bring your senator to work day, so they can see what us nurses and others do everyday.

  29. Wow she is out of her mind .. nurses don’t get enough credit , cna and cma’s don’t get enough credit either . Nursing is the best yes it’s not for everyone but it should never be degraded by some fat cat senator .

  30. Those ignorant comments made news here in Australia too, causing much talk of how out of touch lawmakers are with hard working people. Anyone who has spent more than a few days in hospital would take issue with that politicians view. Ignorance at its peak. 😖☹

  31. I hope she’s not going to get sick/hospitalized or else nurses will just be playing cards in front of her! 😂😂

  32. I really wish that hospitals would stop ever treat politicians in case of any emergency whatsoever because they don't deserve it

  33. They should get uninterrupted breaks, because you know what, guess who gets crucified when a medical error happens? It won’t matter that they were tired and overworked.

  34. LOL
    You're all alot calmer about it than the nurses I work with (I am a nurse also). It's pretty insulting to think someone who has no clue about what someone else does for a living has the audacity to say they sit around playing cards. If you're gonna insult someone, at least get your facts straight. I think she's getting her own job confused with nursing..

  35. Wow … as a nurse this is very disgusting.. there is no laughing off these disrespectful comments… playing cards.. seriously 😒

  36. The disrespect is real. I think she was just projecting. Nobody is as complacent on their job as you are, madam senator. And if I were that senator, I would be careful running my mouth. Everyone ends up in the hospital at some point in their lives. She's lucky that Nurses and doctors are bound by code to treat every patient who needs help regardless of what that patient has done or said.

  37. That senator probably be striping on that pole late at night shaking that bold BOOTY, and getting them DOLLAR DOLLAR bills Y'ALL

  38. I just said to myself: “I’ll bet she’s a Republican Senator.” Low and behold, I was right. A Democrat would never make a comment like that because unlike Republicans who PRETEND to be for the working man, Democrats actually are. Democrats actually see people, believe in the way workers should be treated and know the vital role that employees play in this economy and the services we use each day. Republicans, on the other hand, probably never had to do real work in their lives and are oblivious to what actually goes on anywhere and so are prone to making comments such as this (and legislation which aligns with their lack of knowledge which affects your lives). Keep voting these people in, my friends. You have only yourselves to blame.

  39. Nursing is not a respected profession. It's sad but it's true. Despite how much nurses do, and have to deal with physically and mentally. No one will understand what nurses do unless they are one or are taken care of by one.

  40. I anticipate the day when Maureen Walsh has to go the hospital…
    Can there be a camera crew on her at that time?

  41. I was involved in a really bad accident about six years ago. The nurses worked hand in hand with the doctor to save my life. The one thing the nurses did was sit by bed side and talk to me and read to me while I was in a induced coma. When I came to, they told me it was important that I hear someone if I could giving me strength to continue fighting. I owe my life to good doctors and nurses.

  42. I work at a hospital and I have a huge amount respect for them they do everything they’re constantly working hard I’ve never seen them just chillin to be honest always standing walking somewhere doing something they don’t get as much respect and they deserve it all.

  43. I couldn't even take my whole lunch break or sit down, let alone play cards. WHat a moronic comment from a politician. MAybe she has time to play cards.

  44. She went in for a simple hangnail removal just this morning.

    They did all they could.

    She will be missed.

    In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the local chapter of the Nurses Bridge Guild.


  45. Compared to working a total of 5 minutes a month and voting on raises for yourself? What a joke

  46. Well, national selection… dumb and stupid politicians that shouldn't be in those positions just make stupid mistakes and political suicide.

  47. As an RN, my jaw literally dropped when I heard she said that!! Only in a billion years and in an alternate universe would I ever be able to play cards.

  48. I work as a pharmacy tech in a hospital so I see nurses every day. I've never seen them play cards or really take a break.

  49. It seemed fake or something like that when she was talking with that patient. She also talked to him like it was a hotel stay, rather than a hospital. No shade to nurses though. Not to the good ones out there, who still have compassion in their hearts!

  50. I think this senator was describing what she does during her day at “work. Meanwhile the rest of us normal people actually have to work when we go to work

  51. Respiratory therapist here. Nurses are literally the backbone of medicine and I've had the honor of working with some amazing ones.

  52. Being a Nurse is a passion job. Not a job for money.
    Nurses are great people. Mostly.
    The world needs nurses. Thank a God out there we have people who want to help other people for a living.

  53. I am a nurse….my husband was in the ICU and his nurse was shopping for boots online outside his room when we were there….I was pretty upset. -S. Hamrick

  54. Thank you for what u do… I've had 7 babies, 2 miscarriages…. it wasn't a Dr by my side every step of the way and after babies came or passed… it was the nurses. ♡

  55. Im mad that they had to film a nurse doing HER JOB. Sometimes u gotta let ignorant be ignorant because they make themselves look dumbs . Those nurses should have just laughed and kept it movin smh

  56. I feel fo nurses they work hard to take care of us. WTH. I had wonderful nurse I wish they could seat down eat a meal and play cards 😂

  57. I was a nurse for over 32yrs. and we barely had time to pee, much less eat. If I had a chance to eat I considered myself lucky, that's why I always kept cheese and crackers in my lab coat, so my sugar wouldn't drop, in case I didn't get a break.

  58. I'm sure some pc sensitive person will take this the wrong way.
    If nurses want to play cards or whatever during their down time they should be allowed to.
    12 hour shifts and always rushing every time a patient wants/needs something.
    Nurses are saints and don't get the pay and respect they deserve.
    When I was in the hospital the entire staff was top notch.
    Always asking if I was okay and needed anything.

  59. I can't believe she said that 😱 I wish she could shadow a nurse for one 12 hour shift, I bet she wouldn't come back the next day lol she'd retract her statement real quick. Thank you for your service Nurses. I know you work hard. ❤👍

  60. Nurses work extremely hard so do many other health professionals including RMOs, , personal support staff, Mental health specialists, OTS, etc. Hospitals are not places you choose to work if you wanna have a lazy job.

  61. I worked at a county hospital for a few years, and i will be honest, ICU/DOU nurses are the ones that actually care about what they're doing. A literal passion for the job. Nurses in like Telemetry, Med/Surg, OMFG do they not give a @#$%! Those nurses are there for the money.

    I loved all my ICU/DOU staff. I would even show up at 2am to take out the 2 smokers to have their smoke break so they felt "safe" lol

  62. Politicians the world over, just self serving and totally out of touch with hard working people who pay their wages…..and this one is a moron of the highest order.

  63. Wellllll. They dont play cards. But some sit and gossip or check Facebook and moan and groan when they are needed🤷‍♀️

  64. Senator is delusional. I have a daughter and son who works at the hospital for at least 13hrs shift. They don't even get a chance to eat at all.

  65. Somebody's is mad that nurses usually will always have job security and that many can make even more than primary care physicians, many nurses can bank!! Especially if they have that Entrepreneur spirit.

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