One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews

100 thoughts on “One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews

  1. Taji thought his face was getting a little wrinkly (maybe it's all the stress), so naturally he went to Yelp's finest to get a second opinion.

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  2. The doctor is making fucking bank, buying his generic from india and using it in the states.
    Like a bottle of sustanon250 (injectable testosterone) sells for 15 dollars in india and goes for 50-60 dollars in the states

  3. What's with the Drs shoulders? He looks like he separated from his neck. This guy did not listen carefully to what he said. He said that he was suing over clients saying that he was not using botox. Perhaps he is but his arrogance is clearly an issue. He uses double talking and scare tactics to get his way

  4. LOL the doctors "clinical judgment" is to sell the most expensive treatment. That's the only reason he says he recommends the juviderm voluma treatment around the mouth which is twice as expensive as Botox in the forehead

  5. “Show them the receipts we just got it”
    That just screamed bad sign, hey look at our receipts, without even being asked. Fuck this guy lol

  6. id be like do you do wholesale of other Drugs, im starting a pain and anxiety treatment center lol. Looks like a reliable drug dealer i quite like this guy if hes sellin real product.

  7. I'm not sure I'd go to a doctor who's last name is pronounced the same as an infectious disease commonly contracted during medical procedures.

  8. Say what you want. Guy has balls of steel. You could not pay me enough to seek these people out, let alone have them actually "operate" on me.

    Taji, Godspeed.

  9. I get filler, Botox, lip filler and I would never go to somewhere like this. I did so much research before choosing a place. And yeah I’m aware I’m young but why not look good while I’m still young lol.

  10. This guy is operating incredibly illegal… I hope this Vice vid brought enough attention to him to where law enforcement has actually done something. I’m sure they probably already know of him… Customs has probably intercepted a few of his smugglers (that’s why he has all those products like that). Unfortunately if he’s not making enough noise, they’ll leave him alone for the most part… hopefully this bring way more attention to him!

  11. Thats so sketchy that place hes doing it in lol and with all those other people there and his ‘quality’ supplies in those bags and lying everywhere hahahaha! Bros a real on for doing this!

  12. Listen to when they walk in open the boxes and show them the products when the walk in….. 😂😂😂 and then he wants to show the products to the camera and show receipts… sketchiest guy ever LOL WTF

  13. "Because writing a review is a like a Donald Trump tweet. Anybody can say anything at 3 o'clock in the morning" lmao

  14. 4:12 is it me or something did anyone notice there is a penile pump (white box) in the back ground just underneath the lamp in the corner 😂

  15. Dude, Doc, all you have to do is quit the shady bullshit and do things the right way. Your business would do even better, your critics would go away, and you could even have the title of best doc in the area or even field. Why do this way? It's not worth the trouble and stress. Just do it right, the way you're supposed to. C'mon now.

    You gotta take reviews as free advice to better yourself. Ignore the pointless non-constructive and hateful reviews, but take the constructive ones and adjust yourself. You'll be better and grow for it.

  16. 3:23 proves this is fake you can hear the doctor and people talk even when there more quiet before he goes into the room so they must have mics

  17. How much is this guy getting paid to potentially have his body defiled? And also the potential health risk….. all just for interesting content. Not worth it.


  19. What a bag of shit this doctor is. A disgrace to all the hard-working south Asians out there. Giving them a bad name. Fuck this guy to the core.

  20. You can't Sue someone for a bad review lmao 😂😂 and the doctor looks like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  21. I would check to see if those "lawsuits" are real. Anyone can create and print documents just like ANYONE CAN WRITE A BAD REVIEW! He's obviously afraid!

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