Our First Children’s Hospital Appointment

Our First Children’s Hospital Appointment

– I’m sorry, guys. It’s like I’m sorry
and I’m also not sorry, because I feel like the thing is is we’re all getting to
experience this together. (bright music) We are on our way to our very first Children’s Hospital appointment. I think today I’m just
getting an ultrasound and confirming what my
doctors have already seen, but I don’t know. They also said it might be
kind of a long appointment, so I don’t really know what to expect. We probably won’t be filming
anything inside there. Maybe we’ll get some ultrasound
footage, but I don’t know. Bailey’s with us today. Hey, Bailey. And then the other kids
are with Grandpa Tim, and I think they’re going swimming today, so they’re very excited about that. Bailey is here with us today because we’re trying to combine this trip with also getting her
a visit with her mentor at the neurology department at USC that she met last month
doing her GoldieBlox video. Bailey’s really excited
about seeing her again, and it’ll be a neat opportunity. It’s a very neurological day for us. (bright acoustic guitar music) So we just finished up with, I believe this was a perinatologist, which means they do fancy ultrasounds to really get a good
idea of what’s going on, which I had been going
to, but my perinatologist isn’t the gateway one
to Children’s Hospital, so that’s why I go here. This one communicates with
the pediatric neurologist at Children’s Hospital and then spends a lot of time with me, like this one is very, very thorough. So first of all, this
wasn’t an appointment where we were expecting
to get many answers. Again, this was more of
a gateway appointment. We did get some new information. Basically, he didn’t see
any major additional issues, which is kind of what we
were seeing with the MRI. He did see, again, the
difference with the cerebellum, so that’s still there. I’ve seen a lot of you guys ask me whether it could like grow
back and be even some day. Not that I know of. Anything’s possible, I guess, but I’m not hearing that
from any of the doctors that that’s an expectation or a potential. I think if anything, the
reverse would be the concern, where it could be degenerative, and the side that’s
smaller could get smaller, but I don’t think we’re seeing that yet. I do look like I have
polyhydramnios again, which I had with Duncan, so if you followed my
pregnancy with Duncan, I had too much amnionic fluid and it was really flowing
when I went into labor. It caused me to be a
little bit more winded and dizzy-feeling, and they were concerned about potential issues with breathing and diabetes and all that. And with Duncan, it all got ruled out. He saw maybe, maybe, maybe an issue with the intestine creeping
into the umbilical cord, which can be related to polyhydramnios, so this doctor wants me
to follow up with that and just make sure that’s okay. This doctor also wants me to get an echocardiogram for the baby and really, really check
on the heart of the baby, I think more related to the
cerebellum than anything else, and I also got some blood work done, and the blood work was to rule out the potential for an
infectious disease or illness or for a virus to have caused
what’s going on with the baby. So they’re just kinda
trying to figure out what, if there was potentially a cause, the doctor did say that with this, there usually isn’t a cause, there usually isn’t a genetic
factor or anything like that. He did say it’s rare but possible for it to be like an
infection of some sort, so that’s what they tested me for today, and with that, it means something
like CMV or toxoplasmosis, but he also said he
didn’t expect to see that. He just, they just have to rule it out. And I think that’s it. The next step is to go to
the pediatric neurologist. They’re scheduling that for it looks like two weeks from now, they need to confirm it,
but they’re pretty sure in two weeks I’ll be able to
see the pediatric neurologist, and basically they kept going, “Any questions, you have any questions?” And I’d go, “Well, I have this question.” And they’d go, “Okay, write
it down for the neurologist.” So I feel like the appointment
today confirmed what we knew. Checked a little bit with my blood to see if there, maybe
we’ll know more in a week, and then also looking
at the polyhydramnios and making sure that’s okay, but that’s also still, that’s unrelated to the cerebellum. I think that’s just a
thing that my body does. That’s pretty much it. Mostly, let’s get into
the pediatric neurologist and this is the way to
get in there, right? What do you think, Christopher? – I think if you have any questions you should ask the neurologist. – I should write it down.
– Write it down. – Yeah.
– Don’t talk to me about it. I’m gonna ask them about it. – They were really nice, okay?
– Yeah they were really nice. – That was a little sassy, Christopher. – No, no, no, they were nice.
– They weren’t sassy, but they were like– – I was just making a
joke about what you said. – There was a reality that they were like, you need to talk to the neurologist, and that’s what all of this is about, is getting you set up
to see the neurologist, approved to see the neurologist, and– – And the doctor who was like
running the ultrasound today was like very thorough, and like, he was like, oh, I’ll show you an example of like this not being a problem, and I don’t think he needed to do that, I think he had already
ruled out the issue, but he was like watch, watch
for this moment to happen. He was very, very thorough
and spent his time with us, so I thought that was great. – He spent a lot of time
on like each little detail of what’s going on with the baby, and then he also has a
plan for following up and checking on certain
things, so it was really good. We just don’t, I’m sorry, guys. It’s like I’m sorry
and I’m also not sorry, because I feel like the thing is is we’re all getting to
experience this together, this like, this very real experience of waiting and just not knowing. Like, I feel like
everybody’s first instinct when something’s different, for anything, like, for any health issue, for just like a multitude of things, is to be like, well,
what’s gonna happen next, and what are you faced with, and a big reality is that people often are mostly faced with not
knowing what they’re faced with. Like, we don’t know. At this point, I think
everything is looking hopeful and minimal, but we don’t know, and everybody we ask is like,
yeah, we don’t know either. So I just like– – But that’s kind of why we’re here. We’re starting the
process to get to people that like this is their life’s study and this is like what
they’re, this is really, all they do is figure out baby brains, and so it’s, this is
the first step in that. – And it’s a process. – And we found it so early and everything, so it’s good, but it’s also
like it’s a test of patience. – And that’s also why we’re sharing this, because I wanna be able to
truly share what parents and people in these
scenarios are going through, and how it is a process and it takes time, and there’s a lot of not knowing, and just having faith
that things will work out in whatever direction they work out in. And, yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jessica] What do you
think back there, kiddo? Harry Potter? – Yeah, and a jellybean. – Oh, yeah, Bailey got a jellybean, so this has been a very
worthwhile trip for her. – [Christopher] Total success. (laughs) (gentle piano music) – I’m at the USC’s Keck
School of Medicine, and we did a lot of fun stuff. I got to see MRI machines, and we got to see lots
of picture of brains and it was really cool. It was so nice to see my mentor again from the GoldieBlox thing. (laughs)

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  1. You guys are the best family and no matter what all of you guys are incredible and this child will be the most blessed, amazing, beautiful little boy the world has ever seen

  2. I am praying for you and your new baby, Jessica. You are both so strong and I love you both. PS shoutout to Bailey for being such a great big sister and the most patient and thoughtful people I have ever "met" (I put that in quotes because I havent actually met her but after watching your videos for years, it's almost like I have)

  3. I’ve been reading about faith over fear and how even in the middle of a storm to have faith that God is in control and he has a plan that is so much better than anything we could imagine. Keep fighting and don’t lose faith. God’s got you

  4. You can only take this one step at a time with your whee one. I was my parents kid that was born with a deformity (I had hip dysplasia which lead to a genetic condition hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – this was also in the 70s). Life will be hard and different for a bit but you have a LOT of support and LOVE. Soooooo much love. Hang on to that.

  5. Is it possible that this doesn’t cause any issue at all? Where everything else so far seems normal, could he possibly just have a smaller cerebellum?

  6. I had a baby with Down's Syndrome after refusing amnio and any other testing and I was happy that I didn't know ahead of time. I just accepted him like any other baby and he is the light of my life. He is now 21 and I have no regrets.

  7. I'm always so impressed with Bailey. She's such a wise and mature young lady. She's also a very caring person towards her family and friends. I know that whatever is the result in regards to the new child that is coming that this family will be the same. Close. Accepting. Nurturing.

  8. This isn’t on topic, but I just want to appreciate the fact that you guys close caption all of your videos! I’m a hearing person, so I don’t depend on them, but I have been studying ASL and learning about deaf culture for a year now (going into my second year) and I’m just happy that deaf people will be able to enjoy your content as much as I do!! Thank you!!!

  9. Based on my experience with my daughter (heterotaxy but only heart defects seen prenatally) it's a lot of unanswered questions until delivery. Hang in there and the answers will come. Your baby has great parents and sounds like a great medical team so he is in great hands! (but I know… waiting for answers is soooooo hard…)

  10. Children’s hospital is so so amazing!!! Their staff is really supportive and just overall wonderful, I’ve been going to appointments with them for about a year for a chronic pain situation I have and they are my largest support system. They are so committed to my treatment and recovery. They will be there for you and your baby and family through this!!! Like you said, Things will work out, keep faith you guys! Sending my love to you all every single day💗

  11. Hey, I’m really sorry you have been going through this, we are all thinking about you. I have a feeling everything will work out for you try not to worry yourself sick I’m the meantime. I know this is different but I have two children with autism and a few other disabilities. I wouldn’t change my life at all and some days it can be really challenging but I work with it and we all enjoy life. It has truly been a blessing to us to raise children with special needs. They teach me so much and have changed my perspective of the world around us. I know you will be an amazing mum to another child whether they have any extra needs or not. Stay strong xx

  12. As someone that’s had fear issues with my brain from a tumor and other neurological issues, I love that you are sharing your story, cause it’s a very long process to answers. However Not only is it healthy for you, it’s good for others to learn about it.

  13. Your excitement about your new baby (and all of your children) is so heartwarming. I hope you can find some peace in all this waiting.

    Unrelated: I always watch the full ads on your videos instead of skipping through because I heard this helps youtubers. Is that true? Does it help you?

  14. Seeing Bailey reading all the time warms my heart!
    If she hasn’t already read them, I HIGHLY recommend the Peter and the Starcatchers series by Dave Berry and Ridley Pearson. Read them when I was her age and now as a teacher I always recommend them!!

  15. I love a thorough doctor. Im so happy you guys got one, there's so many ones who want to rush out there. This precious baby also has the BEST family in the world. You guys are so incredibly tight knit and family orientated. ❤️

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  17. Hello, you shouldn't have to keep apologizing! I love you all and you guys are such an inspiration. I'm praying for your family❤ thank you for bringing us along and educating us!! I love your whole family

  18. Don’t be sorry Jessica, this is helping your journey about this diagnosis and why your doing these additional medical help appointments.

  19. I was born with cerebral palsy and my cerebellum was damaged according to my pediatric when I was younger whatever you’re going through with your child they are in the right place and with right family

  20. Don’t apologize. It’s okay to not know. I’m glad you’re telling us as it goes instead of waiting until you know all of the answers. We want to be there for you through all of this too so you can tell us as you know. It’s okay to not know. What’s most important is that you have time to understand this yourself. We can wait as long as you need us to. ❤️ We love you guys and baby ballinger! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Prayers for you and your pregnancy!! Have faith and hope! You got this and god has your back through it all! Much love to you and the family!

  22. I’m seen by Neuro at USC, my favorite providers are always the Med/Peds residents that rotate through Children’s. You’re in good hands!

  23. If you haven’t heard about it already, you should look into the app called abridge. It’s a voice recording app that is very helpful with taking to doctors. You are able to record any conversation. Once the conversation is done, it highlights key moments in the conversation. This allows you to go to specific spots in the recording without having to search for it. It also allows you to send that conversation to anyone you want to share it with. I use it with my daughters doctors appointments. Very helpful to not forget anything that was discussed. Hope this is helpful to you. God bless.

  24. This new lil baby is the reason why you started making videos!! It's going to make an impact & change people's views on maning things! I'm so exciting! ✌💓

  25. Prayers coming your way! Both of you are doing the best that you can with the unknown outcome. One thing is for sure, there is an abundance of love now for all of you and when he arrives. Soon your little bundle of joy will arrive and all of this waiting will be over. The excitement is just around the corner. That is so wonderful for Bailey to experience her fabulous mentor once again. Maybe she can further pursue the medical field from here on and become a Dr. like her mentor. Have a wonderful day.

  26. Jessica, don’t be sorry! We are all here to support you and your baby. Your baby is so lucky to have you. Sharing it with everyone is going to help people for sure. I’m facing a lot of “don’t knows” with my health right now and being able to watch your videos helps a lot

  27. Clickbait.
    Why do you post about what you're doing but we never get to be a part of you're appointment? I want to be a part of what you say that you want to share.

  28. Leave it all In Gods hands . God makes perfection God bless you. He's a little angel being sent to you. Blessings😇😇😇

  29. Plz come in agreement with me that the baby is a perfect and wonderfully made no health problems …prayer and faith moves Mountains !! Plz join in and agree ..keep the faith going the lord has the last word !!

  30. Jess ❤️don't be sorry beacouse this is real life and blogs should be about real life ❤️ sending you love 😍i really hope you feel a little bit better

  31. Don't apologize. It's a lot of information share let alone process. Focus on you and the baby. I'll keep you in my prayers and remember to just breath. ❤❤❤

  32. As a first time pregnant soon-to-be mom, I couldn’t imagine what you must be going through. Your strength and trust through all of this is truly inspiring and is helpful to many other moms dealing with uncertainty. Thank you so so much for sharing your journey with us.

  33. It is very courageous you are sharing your life. From one momma who is also due at the end of October.. dealing with a hard situation like yours, it’s nice to see I’m not alone.

  34. SBSK (Special books by special kids) is a great channel you should look into! Everyone is fantastic if you just give them a chance! Everyone develops and learns different and is amazing in their own way 💜

  35. I wish I could lay hands on you and pray, but my faith is big enough to move mountains from here. So, if everyone will bow your heads please? Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you today as thousands of believers asking you for a miracle today. Psalm says "You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you. Hear my prayer, Lord; listen to my cry for mercy. When I am in distress, I call to you, because you answer me."
    And we know you answer us, so we come before you now asking you to complete this baby's little body! We ask that you knit his skull completely together, make it whole Lord! We ask that you heal mom and baby of any sickness, disease or illness. In sight of thousands, bring your mighty hand over this family! Let this and them be a testimony to you all the days of their lives. In Jesus' mighty name and by His blood we ask this Father. Amen!!!

  36. Jessica: Says a bunch of things that seem super complicated to me "That's pretty much it"
    Don't know how you keep that all straight! lol. Glad to hear things are still going ok and hope you continue to get good news. Sending you all lots of hope and good thoughts!

  37. I highly recommend writing down your questions and bringing a list to the neurologist appointment. Make sure you get your questions answered!

  38. I always had too much water .never a prob but docs worried .all my babies breach because they had so much room and fluid lol

  39. Hopeing and praying for the very best outcome for the baby, and for you guys. Whatever is placed before you, God will be there to lead, walk beside, or carry you as is needed.

  40. I think you as a family are exceptionally …. I will say brave as I can't think of a better one. I say that because to be living through the prospect that maybe your baby will not be 100% healthy is scary and bewildering to say the least. Then you are sharing your journey with all your viewers as well. I know you have faith in God and I can only imagine that is where you are getting the strength from, as well as from each other. It is amazing what the medical world can tell us about unborn children still in the womb and I think that is amazing, truly I do. I hope that the results are able to help you to have some idea of what could be, once your beautiful child is born. But whatever will be, will be and I know your faith, your family, your church and your friends will help you along the way. I have to say that I haven't watched your vlogs as regularly but chose instead to binge feast on them instead and I have just noticed how completely grown up Bailey is these days. Bailey you are so sweet, and sweet is not a bad thing, you are so expressive and you get me so interested in whatever you are saying. Keep being you Bailey x

  41. Keeping you all in our prayers! I had the opposite in my pregnancy, oligohydramnios! My amniotic fluid wasn't even measurable.

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  43. Where is your placenta located? My brothers wife's placenta was in the front and because of that the ultrasounds weren't as clear and they could not get measurements correct and thought she may have spina bifida or just die as soon as she was born. She was born absolutely perfect. Prayers for you and your little one ❤

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