Patrick Schottel, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon – South Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

Patrick Schottel, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon – South Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

Hello, I’m Patrick Schottel. I’m an
orthopedic surgeon at the University of Vermont Medical Center. A lot of the times, as a trauma surgeon
we’re meeting patients kind of at their worst day. They have had an accident, really you know, their whole life has kind of been been turned upside-down. All
of a sudden, normal routine has been disrupted and looking forward into, you
know, what they’re going to be doing six weeks from now, three months from now, all the plans, all the changes can be a very difficult time and it’s nice to be
someone who can kind of come in and try to sort out some of that chaos and be
able to say you know we’re going to take care of this is the problem this is how
we’re going to take care of it and really start to give them kind of a plan or a path forward to how to kind of overcome that that injury that they
had. The majority of what we deal with our
people come into the emergency department over in the Medical Center
but then also maybe ten to fifteen percent of our practice is, you know bones, that just aren’t really healing. That are coming from other parts of the state.
I mean it’s really I think we specialize in not only acute fracture care but
then also chronic limb deformities or nonunions or malunions so we really
take care of pretty much everything that we can any problem that other providers
in the state or surrounding area are uncomfortable taken care of we really
think of our team as here at the medical center is being one that can really
handle any any fracture or any deformity and really help that bone and help that
patient heal and get back on a better track.

One thought on “Patrick Schottel, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon – South Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

  1. Thank you!! Doctor Patrick Schottel!! The Fracture was tough. You really are a great orthopedic trauma surgeon. You and your team were there to really step up and handle this tough time while i was in a sore spot! Hopefully recovery goes well for me and you and the great people of the University Of Vermont continue to do excellent work and prosper if not for you and great people of the University of Vermont in Burlington. Lets just say i'm so grateful and look forward to maybe the day i can walk on my left leg to come back and just thank all the people that had to put up with me through some or just one of the toughest experiences iv;e had them few days! & tell you guys and girls how wonderful and great you all are. An could not be any happier with the results so far so here's to the day i walk on both legs again an a good healing process. Thanks Medical staff of The University Of Vermont!!

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