Psychology Professor David LaPorte Reflects on IUP Commercial

Psychology Professor David LaPorte Reflects on IUP Commercial

In every class, at the beginning of the class,
I tell students that it is my goal to steal their academic heart. And I tell them that I want them to realize in my class
that they want to study this material, and that whatever else they thought they loved–
No. They, they want this material. I realize that I’m not going to get everybody, but I don’t worry about it, because I know
that for every student in that class, there’s– I have 700 colleagues that are doing exactly the same thing. So if I don’t get your heart, someone else will. In my field, the brain is it. And I realize that that’s where
everything lives, you know, that’s where all our thinking abilities and so forth. And I think we’ve all seen people,
students, or other individuals, who have a lot of brains,
who are very, very bright, but who never, never reach their potential. And it’s, and you see them going
through the motions. You see them in a job or in an academic discipline walking through the motions and never really getting it.
And so I’ve really learned over time that you, you have to have the passion. And I think that that’s,
in a sense, what I see at our university a lot. I see a lot of people who are passionate about what they do and are trying to get the students as passionate about it as well. And I’ve found, I’ve kind of realized that I think any number of my colleagues could be sitting right here, doing the same thing because they’re passionate about what they do. Uh, someone simply asked me first and not them, so that’s why I’m here and not somebody else.

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  1. This guy once said Trump was mentally I'll…huh? How can he diagnose this without a n evaluation? Seems he brushes the surface and calls himself an expert

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