Real Doctor Plays MEDICAL PICTIONARY (ft. Carly & Erin)

Real Doctor Plays MEDICAL PICTIONARY (ft. Carly & Erin)

– What is up, folks? Today I have two very
special guests on my channel to play a little game
of Medical Pictionary. I have Erin and Carly here. – Hi. – From the Carl and Erin channel or Erin and Carly channel?
– Yes. – Who goes first? – Carly and Erin, it just flows better.
– Carly and Erin. (laughing) – Each point one of us gets, we’re gonna donate $50
to charity for that. They’re gonna do ASPCA, which is the animal charity
that you guys are fans of. And I’m gonna do Stand Up To Cancer. That’s the one I generally do. I lost my mom to cancer, it’s something we talk
about on this channel. So, we’re about to draw some femurs. – Oh, I know what that is, my friend broke it. – Cool, let’s see if you can draw it. (laughing) ‘Cause they both said
they’re amazing artists. – No we didn’t! – Lets get started. (bee whoop) (laughing) Oh and we have 60 seconds to record. – He’s screaming. – Why is it this color? – You got it, it’s okay. (chuckling) (light music) Do, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Jail, firecracker! – Do like a thing like pushing it up. – What do you mean? – Like then make it, yeah. – Oh wait. – Lift off? (light music) Arm, cast! Burn. (laughing) – Ugh, I don’t know! – Fire burn. – Make it so it… – Firecracker, explosion. – Does he know we’re doing medical terms?
– Fracture. – Why isn’t it black? – What are we drawing? What are we drawing? – Draw like milliliters.
– Pivot! Pivot off of this! – Like what dosage is that? – Oh my God, a syringe. – Yeah! – [Carly] Ow, ow! – [Mike] Oh I thought it said on. (light music) – Legs. – Dog? Is this an animal? – A goat? – A horse? (light music) – Okay horse, charley horse? – Oh! – Yeah, hold on a second though, look at my horse! – It’s a beautiful horse, okay? – No it’s not. (light music) Oh wait. – Oh yeah, we’re going. – Oh it’s too fat.
– Cigar. (laughing) – Why is it this big? – Fill this in, like I don’t know. Maybe you can put it on
an arm or something, yeah. – How do I erase? – Mitochondria? (laughing) – Ugh, this giant guy! – It’s so thick. – No way! Oh my God! (laughing) – What is going on? – It’s too big! I want a piece that’s small. – What is this? (laughing) – I don’t know what’s happening. – Use the eraser. – [Cameraman] 10 seconds. – Oh no! Maybe you should try to draw it thinner. – Wait, make it thinner. – I can’t, how?
– Make it thinner. Press now the dot. Yeah, make it thinner. – Oh, that’s how you–
– [Cameraman] Time’s up. – Oh, our time’s up. – [Cameraman] Time’s up. – Oh a band-aid? Time was up? What was that by the way? What were you drawing? – I was trying to draw a knee (laughing)
and like put the band-aid on it. – Hashtag not an artist. (light music) – Eye, iris. Eye. – Tear, crying? – Eye duct. – Tear duct. – Like I cry. – Eye plus tear. Teardrop? – Oh, teardrop. – Teardrop. – Second. – Okay, tear, duct? Teardrop? – Oh the second word, eye. – Drop, eye drops. – Oh!
– Yay! (laughing) – Why was that so hard to get to? (light music) – Dancing person. Crutches! – Yeah! (clapping)
(laughing) – [Carly] They don’t even go to the floor. – Maybe up the difficulty a little bit. – [Cameraman] Okay.
(laughing) – Uh-oh. – Oh my God, you would. (light music) (laughing) – 20 seconds trying to
figure out what to do. Underwear, pelvis. (frustrated groans) Like a pee bucket. – A pee bucket (laughs). – You know where they pee. – A bedpan? – Yeah. – A person? – No. – A big butt. – A weese. – Liposuction (laughs)? – Boobs. Uh, pulmonary embolism (laughs). Oh, intestines. – Intestinal– – Your gall bladder, your spleen, your stomach.
– A lung? Heart?
– What, liver! – Yeah! (laughing) Dude, this is so embarrassing. And this is the worst. – [Erin] It looks like the Earth. – I connected the liver to the esophagus which is not accurate. (light music) – I’m like oops, oh no. No wait, I want this one. I don’t know how to draw weed. (laughing) – Mouthpiece. (laughing)
Uterus? Ovary?
(laughing) – I literally don’t know what else… – You gotta draw something else. – Maybe if you do it like stickly. – A what? – Like more stickly. The plant.
– The person. Okay, I just… – Doctor? – No. – No doctor? – Do like medicine. – Hypochondria. – No, like this is all medicine. – Medicine? – Yeah.
– Placebo? – No, no, no. – Pill bottle, pharmacist. Doctor of Pharmacy. – How the (beep) do you draw weed? – IUD? – It looks like a bird (laughs). That looks like the United States. (laughing)
– Bladder. – I literally don’t know how– – Maybe get like a stick, like you know? – No, what do you mean? – Well no. – Surgery?
– [Cameraman] That’s time. (laughing)
Prescription? – It was Alternative Medicine. I was trying to draw weed. (laughing) (light music) – Baby, child, family. Family practition– – Family. – Family hospital. – Family document?
– Prescription. – Family. – Crayon, pen. Family, sign. What is that? Hospital. Family. Book? – Family medical record? – Family, book, learn, encyclopedia. – Shooting?
– Is that a gun? Family shooting? (laughing) – Family shooting. Family, oh, family shooting. – Family history. – Oh! – I tried to draw a history book with war. – Oh my God! – How else would you draw history?
– Family shooting. (light music) – Maybe try and draw it
like they’re an old person. Give them like– – Surgical cap? Brain tumor? Hemangioma? – Is that– – Glioblastoma. – Make them old. – How?
– Like give them like a cane or something.
– Pituitary Gland? Old person? – Yeah. – Old person tumor? Alzheimer’s. Neurodegenerative disease. Parkinson’s. (laughing) – Make more question marks. – Amnesia? – I don’t know. – Memory loss? – I’m trying to think of
another way to like describe it. – Yeah he’s right there. – They’re confused, disoriented. – I don’t think this is gonna help. – Delirium? – What is this? – Delirious, outside of the box thinking? – No. – They’re trapped in a box. – Oh no, we’re done. – What is the box? – I was trying–
– Nursing home? – [Cameraman] Time. – Cognitive decline? – We’re done.
– Oh. – Dementia. – Oh my God, how’d I not get? That’s so embarrassing.
– You said everything. – I was trying to be
like three dimensions. So you’d be like 3-D image.
– Oh my God. I was like put the old person in a box. (light music) – Leg. – Oh wait, what is that? Is he sitting? – Oh, a finger, a toe? – Big toe, nail. – Toenail, ow, stub? Stubbing a toe? – A toe infection, toenail jam. Oh like… – Infection? Oh you already said that. Toe jam, toe bruise? A hangnail. – Blood. – On a toe, what the heck is that? (laughing) – Toe fungus. – Athlete’s foot? – A toe hair. Ingrown hair. Ingrown toenail! – Yeah! (laughing) Five seconds left. You were going to say it the whole time. – I know!
– I almost started yelling like just say it! (light music) – He’s gonna say like bipolar. – Oops. – Evil smile? Marriage? Depression, anxiety. Moods, mood disorder. – Do the angry face. – Stages of moods. – Oops. – Apathy. Stages of life. Psychiatry, psychology. – I wanna be like… – Progression of life. – The whole personality. – (clears throat) Mental health. – I wanna be like how many? – Happiness, sadness, apathy, indifference? – Sure. – Not caring. – Maybe draw eyebrows like– – Confused?
– [Cameraman] Time. – What was it? – Multiple Personality Disorder. – Aww, that’s good. (light music) – Surgeon. Oh my God. – What the hell? Oh, a colonoscopy! – Yeah! (laughing) – I feel like that’s definitely an accurate depiction
of what that looks like. – All right guys we hope
you learned something. If you didn’t, I hope
you at least got a laugh ’cause as they say, laughter
is medicine is well. And if you wanna check out
the awesome conversation we had about all sorts
of Instagram health fads, YouTube health fads, all that nonsense, ’cause it is nonsense– – Yep (laughs), spoiler alert. – Go on their channel, check it out. There’s a link down
below in my description. And as always, stay happy and healthy!
– Stay healthy and happy! – No, happy and healthy. – Okay (laughs).
– Bee whoop. (laughing)
– Say it, okay. (Bee whoop) (upbeat music)

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  1. Just a little hint the iPad has palm rejection so you can treat it just like a Piece of paper and rest your hand in the screen as you draw

  2. Somebody tried to kidnap my mom by grabing her while she was walking and my mom jerked the wheel and the guy let go but my mom leg got ran over and she broke her femer

  3. BTW its incorrect its not multiple personality disorder the correct term is now dissociative identity disorder

  4. To be three people playing MEDICAL Pictionary, they sure named a lot of non medical things 😂😂😂😂

  5. I think the girls got the harder words, but then the Dr. did connect the liver to the esophagus. LOL 😂

  6. Liver:
    "Big butt"
    "Pee cup"
    The girls have a sense of humour

    But then comes along weed
    Doctor mike names the female reproductive system

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  9. What…? He dont know how to draw liver.hahahahA.. Aren't doctor supposed to know how to draw all of the main organs.?.. Im so confused.

  10. Dr Mike: LOOK AT MY HORSE!
    Molly Burke over on her channel: Draws a perfect horse…blind
    Those two should get married.

  11. I'm gonna come clean straight away, I SUCK AT DRAWING. But my drawing of a syringe is a million dollar art compared to what Carly managed to pull off.

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  13. I put it on mute and covered up the answered to play along. I got Family History, Dementia, and Ingrown Toenail. I didn't start until about the half-way mark.

  14. LMHC here. Dissociative Identity Disorder, Man! There’s no MPD anymore, since like a few DSMs ago. But you probably know that. Just sayin’. :). Love, love, love your channel and your work as medical ambassador and liaison to us laypeople. You put the fun in medi-sun. Plus how many ways can you say dementia without saying dementia? 🤣🤣😳😳

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  17. Multiple personality disorder is an outdated term–in the DSM-V it's Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. (I mean, if he can tell us the liver's not directly connected to the intestine, I can nitpick this, right?)

  18. I’m sorry you lost your mom to cancer. My grandma was recently diagnosed with cancer and I know it puts a lot of stress on the whole family.

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