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  1. I'm back! Been a busy few weeks for me, but so pleased to take another look at Cells at Work! Hope you enjoy… Anyone wondering about the hair curl I have throughout the video, it's a homage to Red Blood Cell and not a grooming malfunction 🙂

  2. I think the reason that the pollen came in as a meteor alludes to how people used to believe comets were harbingers of doom when they were actually harmless.

  3. I feel like it’s more likely that the pollen producer evolved to cause sneezing than humans evolving to have a faulty immune response. The plant doesn’t benefit from being in a human, but it does benefit from being sneezed away.

  4. I don't know if you have noticed this but the fact that the illustration for steroid as a robot is actually witty. Per Google, steroid are man-made version of chemicals and ROBOTS are actually man-made or made by humans. Also, considering that fact that "steroid" sounds similar to "android" which is a robot.

  5. I am now very happy I’m not allergic to anything. Really I’m considered to be the must healthiest person in my house.
    Now after I had move to a must, extreme, environment that was different then the one I grow up in that I had grown a immunity to, I realize I suffer from allergies from pollen.
    Which is not so extreme as their showing with the Cedar Pollen, or like with peanuts or bee stings, which I have never got stun by so I’m not sure if I’m allergic to or not, I just get sneezy and runny nose, that everyone worries if I caught another cold.
    Again I hardly EVER get sick. I never had surgery or stitches. I was never sick till I moved from the southeast to the northwest.
    How far southeast, Miami, to far northwest that I have experience snow for the first time in my life. So yeah, my immune system is saying: “What the f***! We’re not prepared for this!”

  6. So, I recently started watching this series with my mom (she loves it) and found this channel. After seeing this episode, I have to say this is entirely relatable! Having been in one location in one part of my life, I was never exposed to the things I am allergic to, but once I moved and got exposed, it felt like utter chaos, just like this episode. I got a good laugh out of it, and seeing this, I didn't know allergies were essentially just overreactions, I thought it was incapatability, but now it makes sense. Good to see a doctor validating an anime as pretty educational! Love your reviews, and taking a moment to view your other stuff, but have a subscribe and keep up the good work.

  7. Steroids help somewhat but at the same time don’t. They kill the bad bacteria but also the good ones hence my reasoning that the buildings was getting shot up. Also too many effect our immune system and can cause leaky gut.

  8. Instructor/Professor: We're going to learn about human biology
    The class: Boooring
    Me, a Veteran who has watched Cells at Work: You see, I've just done what's called a pro gamer move

    My dream is to work somewhere in the medical field, the hard part is finding the exact career I want but hey, I'm still in tenth grade and have a lot of time to explore different medical career options

  9. So our own bodies are to blame for allergic reactions. I used to think others were just more equipped to handle it than mine. Guess that' still the case, even if seen from a different angle.

  10. Thanks for reviewing this episode! As a sufferer of allergic rhinitis for more than a decade, it really made me feel better. Antihistamines are my saviors but yknow, they make me sleepy.

    It sucks having allergic rhinitis bec it's difficult to do things such as touching dusty things, hugging teddy bears, too much face powder, perfumes, and other things. I love how this episode covers the whole process for the non-medical people to learn. Very educational!

  11. Sunglasses would never work in Florida. The pollen here is supernatural. It's all over houses, it gets on your clothes, some cars I see are entirely green from it. Everyone I know gets allergy symptoms and when I was a kid, I would get hives every summer. Now I just sneeze and cough and get a fever. I go to the car wash weekly and wash my sheets soooo much during the summer. So eff that pollen! 😂

    The worst allergic reaction I ever had was my lips swelled to ridiculous proportions (my lips are pretty full so they were huuuuuge) to the point they were cracking. Went to the hospital and had to stay for a few days because my lungs had swelled from the reaction.

  12. Just what you have to remeber dude nothing but respect brother I wish I could know as much as you but just don't have to mental capacity and drive any more love watching your videos tho

  13. My body: look at all those nerds sneezing just because of pollen.
    Cat: Exists
    My body: AHHHH WHAT IS THAT THING!?!?! WHAT DO WE DO??? IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! Makes my eyes itch like crazy

  14. I really hope they continue with this series and spin offs showing every reaction to medications and diseases.

  15. I was excited when We finally got to see the white blood cell eat the allergen. Before watching this anime I had only seen previews and I thought maybe the white blood cells would be more of a savage foreboding creature consuming the pathogens rather than military knife wielder. but it's still cool and its really neat to see someone who doesn't watch anime so excited about this anime .

  16. I really do love to watch you these review these episodes. I only just finished binge watching Season 1 of the show this past weekend. I found the show was far better understood when I watched the English Dubbed version available on the Netflix. I found keeping up with subtitles for the speaking characters, at the same time as subtitles for the narrator and the subtitles for the written on screen cards and and things that were labeled in Japanese wasn’t allowing me to fully immerse myself in the story that was being told. I recommend anyone who’s even remotely interested in Anime or the functions of our body give this show a watch. It has a TV-14 rating and is mostly appropriate for children with the exception of the small bits of scripted violence between the immune cells and the antigens. All in all I really enjoyed this show – and was very pleased to see just how much work went into making this show accurate. I found I picked up lots of additional bits while watching these reviews and I hope that you’ll review any future seasons (but hopefully in English dub).
    Thanks for doing such an amazing job and for keeping in open mind about the wonderful world of Anime! There’s also a written comic (manga) available if you would like a hint for what’s to come in the future!

  17. The Memory cell shown here is actually a Memory B cell, it's more explicit in the manga, showing how they share an office space and work on problems together. A memory T cell shows up later on when the main Killer T cell becomes one.


    I love how you stop to visually explain the real science behind what is happening in the show!

  18. I just loooove how you take your time to explain all the episode(s)! Is so cool that you seem so excited to share what you know. Thank you for that! Much love from Brazil 🙂

  19. I remember growing up with "Schoolhouse Rock" – and lots of those videos stuck with me as I went through school. Many times I fell back on one or another to trigger my memory of some process or thing. These "Cells at Work" seem kind of like the same thing, but extremely focussed on our body's biology. I wonder if kids growing up with this and then going on to study medicine will remember back to any of these episodes & scenes during their medical study.

  20. as a pharmacist, I totally agreed with your thought process when I saw the medicine – totally thought it was an antihistamine (I specifically thought of diphenhydramine haha) – but what happened reminded me of when I was in pharmacy school and thought of how some antibiotics would kill a lot of different cells because they aren't specifically targeted

  21. Good to know I wasn't the only one confused by the medicen. Now I am curious how my own terminator tabets work. My allergic reaction is very different though (TW) I get blisters and red spots all over my body.

  22. Ugh, was once put on steroids due to respiratory infection. My body felt like a war zone for real. Ever since, I resolved to eat and drink immunity boosting food. Never got that infection ever again and gradually grew immune to that bug. It would always hit me round new years. I'm disappointed more American doctors don't recommend people to eat well to prevent sickness in the first place. They WANT us to stay sick and just manage symptoms. It's all about drugs drugs drugs. Professional drug dealers…

  23. My Mast cell has been working 24/7 for the past 3 years. Suddenly started having severe allergic reactions to any benzoates. My allergy specialist even gave me an immune suppressant to help reset my body… Of course I got terribly ill soon after.

  24. Maybe the steroid destroying it’s surroundings was a nod to how repeated and long standing use of steroids can weaken the connective tissue of the body? 🤷‍♀️ Just a theory.

  25. Please try reading the manga cells at work black. It depicts how a body of an unhealthy person operate. Its interesting.

  26. Glad you mentioned allergies that can cause anaphylaxis, my mother and I both have such allergies. I'm allergic to latex (though so far exposure has only caused me to break out in a rash and become short of breath.) And my mom is deathly allergic to penicillin.

  27. What I like about the steroid is that it basically "stopped" everyone by attacking them but if you pay attention nobody is actually killed, so it's this shows way of showing how it's using extreme force to stop the reaction of the cells but as you said, isn't actually trying to kill them, but sadly can have some side effects and cause its own damage in its attempt to help.

    Obviously not 100% accurate and I'm not educated in any of this at all, but I caught that little detail while watching the episode myself, considering how "powerful" this medicine is, I was surprised it wasn't just killing the cells without issue and instead missing a lot, which led to this little theory of mine. Love this show and I love your reactions to it, your explanations just make it even better.

  28. I have a Histamine Intolerance, which means my body makes too much Histamine and doesn't know how to break it down, so 10:48 was uh spooky in a very "ah yes this is how my body is f**ked" deterministic kind of way

  29. Year 2030 Med-schools: All right students we'll be learning about cells. (Puts on Cells at Work) My job here is done.

  30. Rhin means nose. I see rhinovirus. 😆 This channel is just boundless . When i enter mbbs this year ill recomend this channel to my new colleagues 😝 . So fun
    Also , i guess that first bacteria had numerous flagella from one point .

  31. I had (went through a de-
    desensitization treatment) a lethal, level 6 allergy to antbite, and can only immagine the kind of reaction my anthropomorphized memory cell would have had when I had the anaphylactic shock, maybe beat his head onto the wall or something hahaha

    also nice to finally comprehend my former main death-threat in detail

  32. Thanks doc! Coming from u that the anime is on the right track of illustrating it, makes the show more intresting.

  33. I found that a teaspoon of local honey helps the body get used to flowers or pollen it's not used to, helped me when I first had a bad reaction to a Keltelpa tree that fall got local honey and next year hardly reacted

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