Recreating the original TARDIS | Doctor Who

Recreating the original TARDIS | Doctor Who

Welcome to my ship.
This is the TARDIS. Well, where we are is on
the set of the TARDIS. But not our normal TARDIS. We’ve gone back to, all the
way back to 1963 really, from the original run of the show. It is iconic. It is the prototype and everything there is an
embellishment from that, but that to me is the real thing. Quite a complex set in
some ways, because in fact, by the time they
did The Tenth Planet, the TARDIS set had
been reduced to two walls and just the console, so there’s hardly anything of the set left. So we’ve sort of recreated the
original and expanded slightly. Rather than having
the photographic blow-ups of the
roundels of the TARDIS they’ve actually got
the slightly hexagonal ones which are from
Day of the Doctor. So it’s not quite the same, but it’s quite a nice idea
to slightly twist it. Everything else however, the
space-time visualiser was built, the Westminster Abbey clock
has been reconstructed. The chair I think
is the same one we used in An Adventure
in Space and Time, and most importantly,
the brass pillars, of which there was
only originally one, those are the ones from the original TARDIS which is amazing! It’s very hard for me
to assess this from the point of view of someone
like Pearl Mackie who’s sitting over there because she’s never
seen that TARDIS before it doesn’t mean anything to her. but it means the world to me
because that’s the original one. She’s there, she’s there,
she’s right there, you see? I’m right here. She doesn’t have a clue where that is!
She doesn’t. Good though, innit? It’s good. You like it? I like it, yeah. OK, good! Should have kept it like
that, to be honest.

100 thoughts on “Recreating the original TARDIS | Doctor Who

  1. We need to boost Jodie in the first season possibly with another doctor or have her face off against old favourites like the Vashta Nerada!

  2. I want to ask peter how he feels being on the first tardis from his childhood. And to be with his ‘first’ doctor. It must have been magical

  3. Ahem due to some reasons of confidential stuff I will now be filling in for Peter capaldi yes the peter capaldi Ahem

  4. I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with the original Tardis set, so I didn't pick up on that about the "roundals" being different on one wall. Still, it disappoints me a bit that they'd make such a change. If they were going to do the first Doctor's Tardis, they should have done it EXACTLY the same. If they're aware they made a change, then they're aware they did it WRONG. Shame on them.

  5. Hopefully, this special will give the producers the idea of having previous Doctors guest-star, even if they are played by new actors.

  6. i wont be surprised if moffat and gattiss got capaldi, lucas and mackie reunited for something they seem to have a close bond

  7. if only the tardis had green walls and that one black and white sticker or what ever it was of the roundels it would have been the TRUE Hartnell/Troughton Tardis

  8. “Should have kept it like that to be honest.” 😂 I would love it for the doctor to explore the other TARDIS control rooms like they have before. It would be nice to see some of the old ones pop up again.

  9. Dear Chibnall / Doctor Who team, when are we going to get the return of the Valeyard!? we all want the Valeyard back.

  10. Thanks to Moffat's writing, I think it's safe to say "classic" dvd sales and repeats of "classic" era Doctor Who is now going to tank, thanks for killing the show Moff

  11. I really love how much Mark knows his stuff about the Tardis. With his experience with Doctor Who though, I guess it’s hard not to become a fan!

  12. Unsubscribed, the way your beloved showrunner has treated Hartnell's legacy was enough.
    Of course I'm talking about the 1st Doctor's character in twice upon a time not the 13th Doctor's casting…

  13. I can’t say as I noticed the spinning light effects on the wall during the episode, I’ll be looking out for those now when I rewatch it.

  14. My favorite TARDIS was the Doctor who movie. It was so very like a home and gave us a more detailed picture of what the interior of a TARDIS would have to be. And NO Moffat to screw it up.

  15. So the round things where used in day of the doctor in the museum, Dose this mean that that part of the museum is the curator (tom baker) tardis who know….

  16. Tbh the christmas special was a little disappointing. It can be summed up with: hey were captured! What is this? K we escaped, find nice dalek for info, oh nvm their good k bai, doctor regenerates and falls out of TARDIS.

  17. You know, I'd love to have them try and make some remakes of the lost episodes of doctor who. It would be cool to see them do that

  18. should have kept this and used all synth soundtrack music 🙂 but isn't CLara Who driving something similar with her forever BFF?

  19. I read a fan theory that the appearance of the hexagonal things (from publicity shots) were going to tie into the Curator from The Day of the Doctor or maybe at least return to that set. I don't know if that would have been a good idea but I was definitely intrigued by it.

  20. I do love this TARDIS. The original and best. 🙂 I love it. I always felt the Roundals in Day of the Doctor were actually a real TARDIS. It’s brilliant. 🙂 XD
    Happy New Year Whovians

  21. It is hard to construct something for the future without it eventually looking old & boat-anchorish, like analog dials & cathode ray tube TV monitors. but I think that Forbidden Planet & the Day the Earth Stood Still avoided that error.

  22. Honestly, I hope that they take this TARDIS, and reuse it for Jodie, seriously, you have a set all up and built already, just use it, give it a few changes, have it be Jodie's Console, go back to basics, I love the big massive consoles New Who is known for…but there's just something about the simpleness of the original console rooms that Classic Who used, I already feel from what I seen from the leaks that we're gonna have a bit of a classic feel, so why not, just give her a classic looking console.

  23. The colours from the tardis was all wrong. I saw some colour images where the tardis console and the tardis walls had a bit of green-yellow colour and the floor was blue. And the Tardis console itself looked a little bit different but otherwise it looks great

  24. My only problem with this set is there's no visible way to leave the main control room and get to the other rooms seen in the Hartnell-era (bedrooms, living room, wardrobe). But it's a stunningly beautiful recreation. No wallpaper roundels in sight!

  25. I wish it was green like the one in adventure in space and time because that was the actual colour of the original console. 😓

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