Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 28th September 2018 – सावित्री देवी – Full Episode

Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 28th September 2018 – सावित्री देवी – Full Episode

Sanchi, I won’t let
anything happen to you. I won’t let anything
happen to you. I.. Oh, God!
You are bleeding profusely. Come and take a seat here. Be careful. If you were injured seriously,
I would.. Nothing bad can
happen to me as long as you’re with me,
Sanchi. Sanchi,
we are on the path of truth. No matter how hard
Nayantara tries finally,
the truth will win. Come, we don’t have enough time. We will have to solve
the riddle. Veer, but which direction
do we go in? Sanchi,
look towards that direction. The three foot tracks
lead to a road. Let’s go. Hail Lord Ganesha! Glory be to You! Say, Hail Lord Ganesha! Gayatri, where were you? Ms. Savitri, actually, I.. It’s okay.
You’re on time. Lord Ganesha please forgive us
if we’ve made any mistake. Please protect us, Lord. I swear, Riya! You have sculpted such a nice,
eco-friendly Ganesha idol. Say it aloud! Hail Lord Ganesha!
– Hail! – Hail. Wow!
An idol made of clay! I’m sure, it’s Sanchi’s idea. Only she can come up.. I’ll be right back. Riya, I..
– You’re here! I’m sure, it’s Sanchi’s idea. Please leave the place at once. I don’t want to talk to you. ‘I am sorry!’ Yes. Are you still angry with me? No. ‘He is still obsessed
with Sanchi.’ ‘Now, he has come into
my daughter’s life’ ‘and troubling her.’ ‘He’s taking my daughter
away from me.’ ‘Kabir has become a very big
hurdle in my life.’ ‘I don’t know
how to get rid of him.’ Veer.. According to the riddle, we’ll
come across a ground covered with trees with vast roots after
we cross three foot tracks. But all the trees are huge here.
Their roots have gone deep. After that.. ‘The branches
will be spread widely’ ‘and it will be all dark!’ ‘The scenery will be unique
and breathtaking’ ‘and you will be left amazed.’ Let’s go. Veer! Look over there! The branches of that tree
are wide and it’s black in colour. It is just as dark
as the riddle says. Veer, there are flowers
on that tree! Look,
the flowers are so beautiful. It’s breathtaking! This is our destination, Veer. Look at that flower. It’s glowing very brightly. Maybe, the priest was talking
about the nectar of this flower. Veer, we need
to take that flower. But, Sanchi, he also said that we need to do it
before the sun sets. This flower might disappear
when the sun sets. But how will we pluck
that flower? I will climb the tree
and try to pluck it. Be careful, Veer. Veer!
Veer.. Get up!
Be careful! Get up..
– I am fine.. Are you hurt?
– No. Sanchi, it is very difficult
to pluck that flower. This tree is very slippery. What do we do now? Did you think that it will
be easy to pluck the flower? The sun will set and the flower
will die right before your eyes. And you two
cannot do anything about it. We have to grab this flower,
no matter what. We can incarcerate Nayantara
with the nectar of this flower. We have to make a lamp
out of it before the immersion
of Lord Ganesha’s idol. I know! I will think of a way. Sanchi!
– Veer! Veer, what are you doing? Sanchi, try to pluck
the flower. Both of you are very stubborn. But I will make your
stubbornness cost you dearly. Try again. Sanchi! Let us juice it at once
and light the lamp. Come on! Sanchi! Sanchi! Sanchi, stop!
Sanchi! Veer! Sanchi! These vines are not letting us come close to each other! Veer! I dropped the flower
due to the strong wind! Now try to evade me! You both will die trapped here! But you will not be able to find
that flower before the ‘Ganpati’
Festival ends. You are here,
trapped in these vines and just as the festival ends your family will be ruined! Greetings, Priest.
Come forth. Greetings.
– We’ve been waiting for you. What is the matter, ma’am? You have hosted the ritual
only for a few hours this year. Yes, Priest. It so happened.. Some events happened
in the family.. The situation was such
that we lost track of time and in no time,
the festival is about to end. So, we thought of upholding
the tradition no matter if it is
only for some hours. We had to welcome the Lord. Not an issue. One should have
true faith within. The ritual may be of eleven days
or of eleven minutes. It does not matter.
– Yes, priest. Anand and Kabir have come. Come on, let us begin.
– Yes. Come forth.
– Come on. Priest. We want Riya and Kabir to place
the first prayer this year. ‘Dear Lord Ganesh!’ ‘Keep my family safe
from that Nayantara!’ ‘Grant Veer and Sanchi
the strength’ ‘so they can defeat that
foul spirit and save us all.’ ‘What should we do?
How will we escape from this?’ Make haste! No! Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Gajanan!
– Hail! Hail Lord Ganesh!
– Hail! Come forth, sir. Let us carry the idol
for immersion. Come on, Sanchi. Let us look for the flower. Just a minute. Veer, why are you
collecting these flowers? We never know
when we need one. Sanchi.. Be careful. Sanchi. Don’t leave my hand,
no matter what happens. Sanchi. The sun is about to set. We need to find that flower
as soon as possible. Fast! Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. – ‘I got the property.’ Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. – ‘But I lost’ ‘my daughter.’
– Hail.. ‘My daughter went’ ‘to the man
I hate the most.’ Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. Hail, Lord Ganesh!
– Hail.. After the sun sets and Lord Ganesh’s idol
get immersed all your family members
will be dead. What happened, Sanchi?
Why did you stop? You help everyone, Goddess. You guide everyone. Please guide us too. Please help us. It’s very important
for us to find it. Please show us a way. Thank you, Goddess. You’ve just found the flower. You haven’t won. I won’t let you two succeed.

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