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  1. Dark circles under the eyes can be due to chronic nasal congestion (and allergies). Treating your allergies with allergy medications like flonase and an antihistamine may be helpful but it doesn't work in all cases. Many times dark circles under the eyes also have a genetic or familial component as well.

  2. Doctor, I have broken my nose skateboarding. I can breath through each nostril. The hospital took X-Rays to confirm that it is broken. How much would it cost to re-align my nose? Thanks

  3. Hello, The cost depends on if you have insurance. You can call my assistant at 206-505-1234 to get a better idea of things.
    Best, Dr. Lamperti

  4. Dear Doctor, I have broken my nose by an car accident a 9 / 10 years ago. I was 6 back then, but now I´am 16 years old. I have so much problems right now, like breathing, very quick cold and in the public It´s very annoying because I look always away so they don´t see my crooked nose. I feel very unhappy..

    My question is: Can I have a Nose Correction at age 16? Or do you need to be 18. I really can't wait anymore, it starts to give headaches to me.

    Please answer.

    Greets, Unhappy boy

  5. Hi MegaGamepad,
    Being 18 isn't a strict cut off when deciding to have rhinoplasty and nose surgery in general. A lot depends on how much more facial growth is expected and whether your surgeon thinks you're emotionally prepared to have surgery. Another thing to consider is how bad your nasal airway is as chronic nasal blockage can have quality of life issues as well.
    Best, Dr. Lamperti

  6. Mine was broken for since I was like 10 and I'm 21 now is it too late to try get it fixed ? I hate it I always have to take pictures from certain angles :/

  7. Hi Jeremy, It's not too late to get your crooked nose fixed, but we wouldn't be able to use the resetting technique shown in this video.This closed reduction technique only works in the first few weeks after the fracture, before the bones heal. To repair the deviated nasal bones after this period controlled bone fractures (osteotomies) would need to be made to rebreak the bones in order to then reset them. I have a separate video of this being done on my YouTube channel. Best, Dr. Lamperti

  8. Dr Lamperti, is long term broken (crooked) nose associated with depression in patients? Given it influences sleep quality.

  9. Hi Tom, thanks for your question. I've not heard of a direct correlation between nasal fracture and crooked noses and depression. Although, chronic nasal blockage can affect sleep I'm not aware of a proven connection with this and depression. Best, Dr. Lamperti

  10. So I think this might be what needs to be done with my nose. I don't think I ever broke my nose, but maybe in my childhood I might have and I just never realized? I'm eighteen now.

    Anyway, my nose is bent towards my left side a little bit. It's becoming more prominent, but that might be because I pay so much attention to it. When I put my finger inside, to feel for the bone, I can feel one side covered with pointy-ish bone and the other side seems somewhat (not particularly) normal.

    Do you think I need one of thses or could it possible he something else. Also do these kind of surgeries cost less because it isn't an actual surgery??

  11. If i was ur patient i wulda broke ur fuckin jaw nigga shoving shit up the guys. Nose i actually thought the guy was a fuckin maniquin almost stabbed his brain idk how u havent been punched in ur face

  12. Thank You For your response,. My Nose was broken in an accident.. and my breathing is impaired , is it possible my insurance would cover some of the cost?, Janet

  13. I have to wear glasses to see, although my vision isn't that bad I get very painful headaches if I don't wear them for an hour or over. I accidentally broke my nose and tomorrow I will be going to e hospital, but as a last minute question I want to know if I will be able to wear them?

  14. hi, i have a question, my boyfriends nose bridge was broken and he went to the E.R but they didn't put it back in place because it was swelled up. he broke it on the first of this month and went to see his primary doctor yesterday the 5th. they told him they wouldn't fix it because they are scared that it would damage a ligament. is that even true, to me i think they just didnt want to do it.

  15. I broke my nose about a weak ago, I had it reset 2 weeks after using local anaesthetic but the crookedness is still visible. Can it be reset to it's normal position using general anaesthetic? It's been just over 1 month since the initial break.

  16. hey, i broke my nose 2 weeks ago and have been told im going for surgery in 5 days for it too be healed, i am wondering is this the same surgery i will be undergoing as my bone has apparently broke and twisted, will i be put to sleep for this or just local anesthetic, i know this is a late comment but a reply would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.

  17. Dr Lamperti is it necessary to use the Boies elevator to reset the bone?  I had a very similar depression on the left side of the nose.  My ENT doctor tried to push the bone back into place using his hands under local anaesthetic. although more aligned I still feel it is not aligned as it used to be before the injury.  Its been 10 days since the fracture.  Do you think its worth having another go at realigning it maybe this time using the Boies elevator?  your answer is appreciated.

  18. Hello, I just broke my nose yesterday at cheerleading when my flyer elbowed me in my nose swelling isn't horrible I have 2 black eyes. I went to the doctors and they said that they need to do the surgery next Friday… Because they said its a good thing to get it done quicker. How long do you think the surgery will take considering the only thing they have to do is put my nose back into place??

  19. Thank you much! I just came back from cheerleading I'm not allowed to do anything at all just sit and watch but it's a 3 hour practice I just came back and my eyes are like pink/blackish and my cheeks are puffy and my nose is swelling is this normal? I've never hurt my nose before

  20. hello i think i have a broken nose. Its a little crooked. and its really weird. it was during a soccer game. and now im not sure if to go to the er?

  21. HI DOCTOR LAMPERTI I NEED UR HELP please i beg you i am from egypt i had accident on the train somebody throw stone on me from the train windwo it happened like 12 days ago i had sttiches on my nose but its or the corner on my eyes on the right side but by the way i did not bleed from inside my nose just alittle i went to local hoispital doctor said its borken he called it move borken nose sorry my english could be bad but i hope u understand iam in big need for ur help i went to clinic another doctor said it could by teatred by medicen and so on i went to another one he said wait untill stiches heals and i will see if needs surgery i wish you could be here in egypt so u can help me and i cant offord such operation iam really scared i can send you photos so u can look and xray i want to keep in touch with so u can slove this please i need ur help and advice thanks in adavance i wiating for ur answer please may god bless you

  22. I broke my nose when I was about 7 I didn't mind cuase I was kid but now that I'm 18 I'm concern if I can still be straighten out after all these year's?

  23. if I have an injury from the from hitting my nose on the bridge of the nose from the front direction and the bones heeled incorrectly and been a couple years and I had a boise elevator would I be able to push the bone out myself and would I need to do both sides if there's a crack goin along the full bridge of my nose in the front an would it only be dented in from the front cuz my friend wants to know and he's afraid of going to the doctors and doesn't trust other people with his nose

  24. i've broken my nose when i was little but i didnt thik it was important . Now i can feel that my right nostril is tight and i cant breathe really well . Does it nesecarily need surgery

  25. greetings,

    i broke my nose yesterday while playing soccer (head to head collision), it got deviated to the left.
    i went to a doctor today and he said there are two options:
    a closed nose reduction where it helps breathing but there is no guarantee it will fix the shape, or a surgery after 3 months where it would fix everything.

    for me i would choose the first option but the risk is there about the shape not getting fixed, should i go for it or seek another doctor or just go for the surgery?


  26. Hey
    I got my nose arched about a year ago due to an elbow on the bridge nose and I was wondering would this help straighten my nose? If not what would you recommend?

  27. hi doctor I got my nose badly brokon 2 times .
    some bad boys punch my nose and now its look well my nasel fractured .
    it is about 3 years ago now I am 18 years young and 6ft handsome but my nose look bad .
    what should I do plz reply if you interested I can send you my photos plz

  28. broke my nose almost a year ago can it be treated the way shown in the video because I would not want to opt for a surgery

  29. I have been finding many ways to treat it without surgery will this procedure work ? I got punched by my friend I really feel that it can get treated without a surgery

  30. I don't know if my nose is broken (from my research I don't think it is) but there's some sort of bone that I can see, I can't explain it too well because I don't know what it really is but it feel like a bone and it's in my right nostril if I put my finger in, it sits right on the edge of the septum

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