Signs of Depression | Kaiser Permanente

Signs of Depression | Kaiser Permanente

When someone’s really depressed or seriously
depressed, it’s pretty obvious. I mean, they’re crying, they’re sad, they
may be saying they’re suicidal. So, that part’s not really very tough. I think everybody kind of gets that. It’s the people who are mild to moderately
depressed, it can be hard to tell. There are important things to watch out for,
like if people are more irritable than usual. That’s kind of a common presentation of a
mild to moderate depression that is something you might not really think about. You might just chalk it up to, you know, they
had a bad day, but so if someone is kind of irritable going on weeks at a time, then you
need to think about depression. Also if they are complaining, like trouble
with sleep or unusual body upsets, like stomachaches or something. For people with mild to moderate depression,
those would kind of be tips, clues. Anxiety is a little more subtle to see. Often, people don’t look anxious on the outside. It has to be pretty bad, often, before you
get outside manifestations. Like they’re having shaking or having a panic
attack, where they’re saying their heart’s beating fast or whatever. So, for people with more mild anxiety, where
they don’t have these outward physical manifestations, you know, things to be listening for or watching
for is if they seem to be worrying a lot. That would be kind of a tip off that someone’s
having some kind of mild to moderate anxiety. They’re worried a lot about the future, sort
of unrealistic or unnecessary worries about things. Again, these things aren’t occurring in isolation,
it’s sort of like a package deal. They kind of have some irritability, they’re
not sleeping so well, and maybe they’re eating more or less. Another important point of all this is that
it’s sort of affecting level of function and quality of life. A normal personality has a big range. For those people, if they’re functioning well
and it’s not affecting their quality of life, then that’s just their personality and that’s
okay. But if someone’s having some of these warning
signs, or possible warning signs, and their quality of life isn’t as good or they’re not
functioning as well, then that kind of adds up to something that might be worth looking
into. It’s really not worth suffering in life and
having a lousy life and lousy quality of life, as opposed to coming to see some professional
to get help. Depression and anxiety are just physical illnesses,
just like diabetes. You come see a professional and we help you
get better.

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