SixBlindKids – Abi – Hiccups At The Dentist And Queen At Burger King

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    Poor Fairy Godmother took 30 minutes to park the pumpkin coach. Burger princess did not have a ball at the dentist but the hiccups. Not yet frozen in spite of the cold weather, princess needed a Frappuccino with cool mint after having to do without her shoes (for the time being). But all ended well when the shoes found their owner. ♛

  2. I LOVE how you allow your kids to do everything themselves. You and Mr. Joe are both amazing at letting each of them be independent. You are both so encouraging and amazing coaches. It always brings me to tears hearing yall root everyone on! I love how you are giggling behind the camera as Abi was trying to find the door!! Your sense of humor I swear makes my days! Side note: I am 30 years old and I have always been TERRIFIED of the dentist!! LOL!!!

  3. I absolutely adore Abi. Her eyes are beautiful. She is beautiful. Your whole family is beautiful.
    Sending so much love from London, England

  4. Hope y’all are enjoying the beginning of the holiday season…I imagine it is a magical time in your home…much love from North Carolina xx

  5. Abby, I wish I had your hair! My coloring, but your thickness. You look pretty in purple. What would you like for Christmas?

  6. Hi Abi! Gosh, I love to see these beautiful girls with their hair pulled back! Ponytails suit all of your daughters. I love being able to see their faces. That was hilarious when you were talking about blocking the road to get a parking spot and Abi was just like “..ok..”. It was like she was telling you, “ok mom you’re such a drama queen.” Lol!

  7. Abi is so so sweet, she seems completely chilled!! And her speech is improving so much! Karen you're stunning, inside and out! 😀

  8. I love that little Humm she’s being doing throughout this video is it her new tick? Or is she just happy? 😊❤️ nevertheless she’s adorable and all her little ticks are adorable

  9. Love her new shoes! I recently went to the dentist and my teeth are great but i didnt want to eat anything afterwards because they felt so clean😄

  10. I love Abi so much! She always seems so happy and excited! I've also noticed her starting to respond quicker, and with more words! That's so great to see!

  11. Hey there abby girl how are u 🙂 I hope u doing well… oh no she got hiccups at dentist that's not good especially when your teeth are being worked on… that's good your teeth are feeling good.. I love the peppermint mocha peppermint anything is good… I'm glad she enjoying her burger king… abby is very fast responding and I love that…

  12. After just learning about COPPA YouTube regulations from January 2020, I’m really sad as I think it will affect you guys and a lot of people who make money from YouTube, not to mention the YouTube community as comments will be disabled. I love to read comments and I think it’s really disappointing that we soon won’t be able to communicate with each other. The ‘rules’ describing what is and isn’t aimed at kids is confusing and worrying for people who are uploading now or past videos.

  13. I love your videos! I also find it super fun when you show what your making for dinner. Maybe you and Hannah could make dinner one evening for a video.

  14. Aw poor girl with the hiccups. If you hold your breath 30 seconds as timed on a watch (you cant count it, doesnt work)….it will 100% every time work. Not sure if possible, it's tricky to do. Works every EVERY time tho. But looks like they didnt last too long…especially with the magic of editing.

    Ugh, navigating is tough…she is doing great.

  15. Would like to see some role reversals…how about mom gets blindfolded and navigates new areas and maybe a meal and getting dressed with some winter gear maybe to tie shoes and putting on a hat and gloves. Have you posted that before? Would be a good video just no driving pls. Especially important, show us your cane skills! Dad's too, let David or Hannah give you some instruction maybe.

    I like cold drinks in the cold too…anytime really.

  16. Saw you guys on SBSK a while ago, and just subscribed to your channel. I am so happy to have found you guys! And you live in NOVA too! I currently live in Old Town Alexandria. I am fan girling so hard. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family. 🙂

  17. Abi makes me want some Burger King. Haven’t went there in years! Anyway I came here to say thank you for your channel. It really teaches us to see past disabilities.

  18. My favourite is the steamed milk because you can get any flavour it’s so good good for the tummy to🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Abi is so sweet.
    Good for her getting a Frappucino when it's cold out. I love cold coffee no matter what the weather is like.

  20. I’m a lover of cold drinks too xD everyone sipping on their warm chocolate drinks. Me: gimme the peppermint frap. Abi is so lovely xx

  21. Hey have you guys ever been in Woodbridge before??? I live there!! I wish I could meet y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Enjoyed your day with Miss Abi! Like Mother like daughter you are both beautiful ladies. She sure enjoyed her Starbucks well worth a trip to the dentist for sure. TFS!!!

  23. Your kids can do anything and you treat your kids like anyone else you don't see the disability and I like that you just love them that's very important

  24. I have a slight learning disability sometimes I feel bad about myself but watching your kids I shouldn't they're teaching me I can do anything

  25. I have been out for a bit, just catching up. Question: How do those shoes wear? I have never heard of them before. Grandson is very hard on shoes, on the 3rd pair in 6 months. Need better than Converse and Nike.

  26. I got the hiccups as Abbey was going into the dentist, I can't believe that people cut in front of your van to take parking spots! Abs is such a beautiful, kind, and loving girl and sister, she always puts a big smile on my face, you all do! Thank you for a beautiful family to feel apart of when I feel like every day life can be just too overwhelming some days as someone who can't work because of mental illness diagnoses, too see everyone working so hard is truly inspiration to everyone, disabilities and differences aside. ❤

  27. No lie eyes look kinda cool does she close her eyes at all? Like when she sleeps?and i like how she said yummy that's how ik its good lol

  28. Abis eyes are so gorgeous though? I've been binging some videos again and they cheer up my evenings a ton 😙 I hope you're all doing well! ❤️

  29. Abbi is such a sweetheart, I just started watching your videos last night and I was up until 3:30am! I love this family and you all have a special place in my heart now. Mommy daughter dates always melt my heart. Karen you are so motherly so strong and so patient like my mother was with me and my 2 sisters. I was terrified of needles and I had to get blood work every 3 months and some of my fondest memories are when she would take me for icecream or all you can eat sushi afterwards. Love you all, I am so happy I found "SixBlindKids" this channel is very real and refreshing!🥰 #OhMy⛈💨

  30. What a GREAT mother she is
    A awsome rollmodel
    I LOVE her teaching methods
    I take my hat off for you
    Mother..GOD bless your family

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