Sonko STORMS Mama Lucy Hospital, TAKES OVER supervision

Sonko STORMS Mama Lucy Hospital, TAKES OVER supervision

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31 thoughts on “Sonko STORMS Mama Lucy Hospital, TAKES OVER supervision

  1. Hahahahaha, Sonko eti ongea Kiswa English aache University, i like that,,,Hapa naona watu wakidungwa sindano za pesticides, ,,kwa kuwashtaki Doctors mbele ya Sonko,,God forbid, kaza Uzi my governor, good work

  2. Good work governor, you need to do this more than often and clear up the mess in our health sector. Kenyans are suffering

  3. Mheshimiwa sonko you are the best ,your system of abrupt visit makes some county workers stay on toes kudos sonko .watching from Qatar

  4. Very good Gorvernor nd keep it up. Shida ya mwafrica ni mpaka umsimamie kazi ndio atafanya without that hamna kazi kwao.

  5. This is very encouraging, please visit even the dispensaries in Nairobi, like Riruta ,where you are told hakuna dawa, but mwenye ako mbele yako anapata. Imagine no antibiotics you are given only panadols. Good work mweshimiwa

  6. Nurses and doctors are not enough to treat Kenyans in public hospitals. Morale iko chini sana. Kwa hivyo Sonko akiwafuta kazi, atapata nurses wengine wapi? Come slowly..those jobs are very difficult and underpaid.

  7. Bwana gavana keep it up,,,this the exact style of leadership that wev been yearning all along,,,sonko endelea ivo ju ivo ndo wanjiku wanataka,,God bless

  8. It may be a good job, however this is not sustainable. For how long can he do this? what happens to the patients when he is not governor? He should be working hard to put in place sustainable systems that would work in all hospitals to be followed by all medics for a sustainable quality service.

  9. He should talk to the staff in the office not make scene here before patients!! He is interfering with the normal activities of the hospital.

  10. Kama mbaya mbaya sonko is bitter coz he knows how this people goes through especially this government hospitals

  11. thank you sonko they're take those medicine and sell them to the chemistry so they can make money those doctors and nurses they're the biggest Mafia can you imagine sometimes a charge even a sick person 3 millions for hospital bill when hospital is free for charge all chemist in Kenya they are all criminals they sell medicine they don't know to the people of Republic of Kenya we need clean hands not dirty hands keep them out in our Hospital those criminals that nurse she need to shop excuses give the patient they are lights we living in the darkness of criminals and mafia

  12. Keep doing this Mr Governor. In these hospitals doctors are always away for other jobs, medicine is never there even if the gvmnt tries alot.crazy how a hospital management will sit down when in the premises there is no drugs ati waiting for the gvt to bring drugs na wameuza. Pumwani walisema ni pr but watu walisaidika.keep pr ing sonko.

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