Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪When I was a kid…there was a place.A dark place.They closed it down
and let it rot.
But the things that
lived there…
-Hello, Danny.they come back.♪♪♪Not many ride the bus
this far north.
You running away
from something? I’m running away
from myself, I guess.Hi.You can hear me.You’re magic… like me. I don’t know about magic. I always called it the shining.The world is a hungry place.A dangerous place.These people… they hurt people like us.These empty devils…they’ll eat what shines.And they’ve noticed
that little girl. Well, hi there. Get out of my head!
Get out! I haven’t felt power
like that in so long. They’re coming. ♪♪♪Where are we going?There’s a place. You sure you want to do this? I’m ready. Yes, you run, dear… and then I will find you… and you will scream for years.Come and play with us…forever and ever.

100 thoughts on “Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

  1. Damn saw this in the theater the other day and when i saw the redrum i said "oh shit" and when the old theme played i got chills.

  2. Looks lame, why not just make a shining sequel for the book not the Kubrick movie that only follows certain plot points. The movie is going to be mediocre and not a classic. It can't possibly live up to it and it won't leave the same impression the first did. It was never about power or even really about the ability of shining in the first place. Using the music and recreating a few scenes for Danny to observe.. this is so lame

  3. Damn the Overlook Hotel, Rose the Hat is about to go down as one of the best horror villain's ever! Ppl will be writing on YouTube comment section's in 2030 saying they had nightmare's from Rose the Hat and the True Knot as kid's…I'm grown and she's giving me the creep's.

  4. They should’ve hired a better director Flannagon. This guy isn’t good enough to direct a movie half as good as the Shining.

  5. See…If they can do a sequel to The Shining, why can't they make a sequel on Christine!?…Which has been wayyy more anticipated, since after it dropped, back in 83. Especially with that music video John Carpenter did on Christine, 2 years ago!…

  6. In the begging of the trailer I was like this is going to be shit when the music kicked I was hyped then followed by this is going to be shit then

  7. I didn't really care for the novel, so I hope this movie will be like the original The Shining and be a lot better than it's source material. I didn't care for Doctor Sleep because I felt it was disjointed in a lot of areas in both story telling and tone. For example,
    the first chapter focused on a character that would not be important throughout the novel.

  8. Willie: “Boy! You read my thoughts! You've got the Shinning!"

    Bart: “You mean ‘Shining'!"

    Willie: “Shh! You wanna get sued?"

  9. My theory to compare "The Shining" with "Doctor Sleep:"
    The Shining: Jack had a chance to make everything right, but gave in to the darkness.
    Doctor Sleep: Danny still has the gift, and is going to stop the evil spell from the Overlook hotel once and for all.
    If anyone has read the book, tell me what you think, and please don't give spoilers.

  10. I saw The Shining on TV when I was a kid and for some reason the teddy bear costume freaked me out! I hope they don't bring back that teddy bear because I'll be scared.

  11. Reading the book right now. Very curious how it will differ from the movie, considering how different The Shining movie was from the book.

  12. One part they messed up on. In the original movie, Jack almost took the whole door down. He had both sections out before Dick Halloran showed up with the snow cat. In this sequel, only one section of the door is missing.

  13. I read the "Doctor Sleep" book and the book was great. I think this movie will be a cross between the "Doctor Sleep" book & Stanley Kubrick "The shining" Movie. Hope this movie is good.

  14. Please don’t fuck this movie up Please don’t fuck this movie up Please don’t fuck this movie up Please don’t fuck this movie up Please don’t fuck this movie up Please don’t fuck this movie up

  15. I really hope they actually do a good job on focusing this on Danny, Abra and the True Knot instead of piggy backing off of "the shining" like what it looks like. Dr Sleep is actually a pretty damn good book and i hope they dont butcher this adaptation like they did to "the dark tower" 👌

  16. The Millenial Franchise Shining, Wow. Looks God-Fucking-awful…I might see it…and I do like Ewan MacGregor…still…awful.

  17. It's a shame they had to blackwash Abra. It's so tokenized, contrived and lazy. King should be pissed that they changed his character.

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