Stories from a Hospice Nurse – Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Stories from a Hospice Nurse – Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

[music] Melanie: A lot of people when their loved
one passes, they want reassurance that their loved one is okay.
Wendy: Oh gosh, yes. You know, working in hospice, I have been
at quite a few deaths. I’ve seen the lights flicker. I’ve seen CDs suddenly get stuck
and stop playing right at the moment somebody passes.
Melanie: They had music going, somebody passes, and the music stops.
Wendy: Yeah. This gentleman, he had put on a CD that his
wife used to love. She had come back from the hospital to die at home, and she was going
to be passing in maybe an hour, a couple of hours.
He had put this CD on, and then he went off to do something else just ’round about. And
he was talking to me as he was walking around the room.
And then all of a sudden the CD stuck. It stopped playing. It just stopped right there.
And then the lights flickered. I looked down because I was right by his wife, my patient.
Melanie: [Laughs] And you knew something was up.
Wendy: Something’s happened. Anyway, so I looked down , and she’d passed.
And he said, “What happened?” And I said, “Your wife just passed.”
That kind of thing is not unusual. Melanie: Electricity especially seems to be
easy— Wendy: —an easy thing for them to mess with.
So one of my funny ones – I know it seems strange to think that death can be funny,
but it actually can because people have personalities. I had got this lady. She lived in a high-rise.
And I met her daughter and the daughter’s husband. They had hired an aid to be there
to help take care of this lady so she could stay in her little apartment.
So I went in, and I sat down, and I was talking to her daughter and her husband. I said, “Well,
your mom…I don’t think your mom is going to last much longer. She seems like she’s
getting pretty close. So when she passes,” I said, “It seems to
be that they’ll try and let you know that they’re fine once they’ve passed.” I said,
“And one of the things is that they seem to mess with the electricity. That seems to be
an easy thing for them to manipulate. You may get lights that flash on and off. Things
like that. Or sometimes you may feel a brush on your cheek. Or it may be something that’s
meaningful that you shared with that person. Maybe a certain bird was meaningful to them,
and you’ll see it. When you see it, you’ll know, you’ll have a sense that they’re sending
you a message that they’re fine. You will have this feeling inside that this is them
saying they’re okay.” I said, “But the electricity seems to be a
pretty easy thing for them to manipulate.” I said, “When she passes, just watch out for
that.” Then the aid comes out and she says she thinks this lady has just passed. So I
go in there, and she has. She’s passed. I go back out, and I’m sitting with the daughter
and her husband. And the daughter, she’s doing okay. She was ready for this. I said, “Now
you watch out for her letting you know that she’s fine.”
And then all of a sudden, the lights start to flash. Because this is a high-rise, the
fire alarms and everything are all connected. So the lights flashing sets off the alarms.
Melanie: Oh no! [Laughs] Wendy: So then the alarms are going off. And
the daughter says, “Oh my God, mother! This is just so like you. You have to always go
over the top!” And then her husband’s cell phone starts to play a song. He gets his cell
phone out of his pocket, and he’s like, what is going on? He’s pressing on the cell phone
trying to stop this song. And it is Cat Steven’s “The Cat’s In the Cradle.”
The daughter is laughing. And it’s just wonderful when somebody gets so much confirmation
Melanie: Right, so many signs Wendy: Yeah, that their loved one is fine. [music]

28 thoughts on “Stories from a Hospice Nurse – Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

  1. can some1 pls help me weird stuff has been going on in my house after my mouse died and only i notice it like doors swinging open several times, squeaking of my dead mouse, too much unusual wind and whenever there is wind the plants and trees outside my house are normal but ones planted in balcony move the opposite direction, my new mice's cage is near the door of my room and they just start squeaking like anything at the door (when it is open) and nobody is there, the lights start flickering every now and then and i swore i tucked the chair to the table and when i looked thru my grandma's door the chair was outside and nobody came in my room. Can some1 please explain this please.

    This is not a joke

  2. I have had multiple times where lights are flickering on and off and things move also things disappear and then show up a month later but when I ask them to stop they stop. Sometimes I have to yell at them but there are spirits in my home I have seen them one looks exactly like my daughter and one time I thought my daughter was asleep and I saw this little girl standing on the stairs I thought it was my daughter but my daughter was asleep. I live with them everyday they're not harmful and there are part of my daily life.

  3. Yesterday my beloved chihuahua passed in my arms after being sick for several months, my mom has been gone 3 years and we were very close. Last night, as I was crying, totally stricken over loosing my dog, my phone turned off, and back on all by itself. It has never done that. I know it was a sign from mom or Jasmine herself letting me know Jasmine was OK. My mom also blinked my solar lights on and off, 3 times in a row right …I was looking out my window at 2am right after she passed when it happened. She has done seversl things like that over the years. I had just asked for a sign from her when my solar lights blinked… I always try to rationalize these things BC that's just my nature…but I know in my heart, its real.💓

  4. Those were great stories, especially the last lady. This is all SO true. My father actually blew the electrical circuits, and boy could I tell you stories of how my mother let me know that she was great; there were signs, visitations, voices, etc. She had passed on Valentine's Day and my birthday was exactly a month later. On that day, as I sat on the sofa watching t.v., I suddenly felt a very palpable huge kiss on my left cheek. There was no one physically there with me in that house, and I KNOW for a fact that it was my Mama. I just savored the moment; this was only one experience of many.

  5. there is life after death,and your loved ones do know about you,care for you etc,this i can promise. im not religious so im not talking about that.i have had 2 personal experiances that were proof to me

  6. The interviewer’s laughter is so inappropriate. Why would she giggle like that? The nurse isn’t telling jokes now is she?

  7. My Dad likes to mess with my sister's TV and washing machine. He messed with my TV once as well, right as I was mentioning that if he were alive, he would not at all like the show I was watching–BAM! TV goes off.
    I miss him, and he knows it. Sempah Fi, Dad!

  8. I've lost people i care about and the truth is the dead have no more business here they know nothing of what happens with us after they die. Please don't be deceived ppl. The truth is in the Bible there's no big mystery. Be blessed

  9. When my dad passed away at his home in his bed the batteries went out in the smoke detectors, the land-line cordless phone and his car battery. My mother is in hospice now with Alzheimer's and the nurses have told me so many stories of things that have happened.

  10. I am so glad u validated the electricity thing. I had never experienced electrical problems beong with the dying. But in 2017, the second my 58 year old uncle was pulled off of life support, the room he had stayed in, blew a fuse. Then when we went to the funeral home to view his body, there was an electrician van sitting out front. The funeral directors told us they had been experiencing electrical problems for a few days, the time frame my uncle had been there. Thanks again for bringing the electricity thing up, it validates what I already knew.

  11. Thank you Hospice for the great work you do. My dad died last week, and he was seeing his mom and dad. I’m sure they came for him.

  12. My mom just recently passed.and few night later.I walked in kitchen it was late..and I heard someone whispering.I was startled& my daughter received a text message and no one knows her number saying…(

  13. Yesterday I was laying on my bed one suddenly I felt a pressure on my left leg sort of rufflung my track pants. Immediately I thought that had to be mom.

  14. If you are a skeptic and doubt then you will miss your loved ones message to you. They really contact us . through songs.feather..dreams.. lights..cell phones. touches.and other ways to get you to notice they're there. I've had experiences Mind blowing.

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