100 thoughts on “Super Dreamy Dentist Checkup | Relaxing ASMR

  1. other people fear dentists, me, i love going to the dentist. i mean you get to lay in one of the most comfortable things ever and they are fixing hour problems for you. dentists are always really nice too (unless its dennis if you know what i mean)

  2. love the relaxing talking. Shame about the heavy breathing though! You have made videos that don't have this so is it on purpose? Puts me off but I guess some people like it.

  3. I want every visit to the dentist to be like this 🙁 They really should be more sensitive to patients. Love your videos, they give me the best tingles. The best ASMR sounds.

  4. I love Emma's holistic approach to life- ' then all being well we shall move on to your teeth!' A wonderful voice , so measured and gently reassuring,.The government should employ her as a manager of a clinic for hypochondriacs and neurotics. They'd all be cured within a week but they'd never want to leave!

  5. I swear, the dentist is like

    Dentist: how many time do you brush and floss a day?

    Me: I brush twice, floss once

    Dentist: you should really floss more, twice a day, and brush 3 times a day.

    Next year*

    Dentist: how many times do you brush and floss a day?

    Me: I brush 3 times m, floss twice

    Dentist: you should really brush and floss more, 4 times a day brushing, 3 times flossing.

    next year*

    Dentist: how many times do you brush and floss a day?

    Me: every time I swallow

    Dentist: you should really brush and floss more…..

  6. Emma, I wish you were my Dentist!  Great video, with all of the triggers described above and then some.  You're so classy, talented and lovely to listen too.  Thank you!

  7. that's how I know this is a pretend dentist exam, bcuz my teeth are Fkd up! I've got 2 rotten ones, another with a hole in it, lots of tartar build up. from a smile they look great, inside, Scary!

  8. I wish my dentist was this thorough! He literally just checks my jaw and my teeth and cleans my teeth (even when i dont need it!) and tells me to go home lol

  9. I hate when they numb ur cheek bc when I was younger they numbed meh mouth and I bit alot of my cheek out and I had canker sours and when it stopped numbing it hurt like hell

  10. I love to watch this it remaids when i went to the dentist at a young age
    i love going to the dentist so much why beacsue i get to watch tv while my teeth are getting cleaned not bragging

  11. I know this video is a few years old but I'm a dental student and I was wondering where you got the tooth and your scrubs. They're​ both too cute. Thank you so much for your videos. They help me destress when I study.

  12. You: Good afternoon and welcome to Whisper ASMR Dental; may I help you with anything? Me: yes, I am here for a dental cleaning and six month check-up; my appointment is scheduled for 2:30. (get it, tooth hurty?)

  13. Kinda reminds me of visiting my own dentist, I go to a specialist clinic and it's almost ASMR-like treatment there.

  14. I'm new to you and I'm also a dental assistant and even though we nor the hygienist or dentists do a lot of what your doing….I wish we did!!!! Would relax the patient before procedures and make my job a lot easier 😁 Love your accent and LOVE your hair! 2018!

  15. I think you’re the only person to tell me I need to floss without me feeling personally attacked. 😂
    Lovely job as always! Keep it up!

  16. Watching this whilst depressed is really weird:
    “Why am I here I do not deserve this free healthcare I am wasting a session that could’ve been filled by a good person”
    -actual thing that flew through my brain while watching this

  17. I watch you everyday and its soooooo relaxing😊thank you for helping me get some sleep because i have exams before i go into year 8 .

  18. Your voice is so so soothing and even if I don't watch the video I can lay my phone down(to block the light from the screen) and listen to the enhanced sounds(using my ear phones)of the things you use plus your voice are best things since sliced bread….thank you!!!💆‍♀️

  19. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i 💘 your videos my favorote one is the 49 minute 💇 haircut.💛💙💜💚❤💗💓💕💖💞💘💌💋💍💎

  20. Lol I have to go to the real dentist tomorrow and I wish she was as nice as you❤️❤️ great vid and super relaxing😴😴

  21. As a child I always liked to go to the dentist❤️ At that time my dentist had the same charisma as you, very reassuring and positive. He also pulled four teeth without me ever being afraid, he did it with hypnosis😊This video reminds me of the visits to his practice❤️

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