Surveillance cameras catch shooting of Harith Augustus by CPD

9 thoughts on “Surveillance cameras catch shooting of Harith Augustus by CPD

  1. 1st all police present just start following this one guy. We have to question why all the police present from the beginning. Really seems like he was armed. Then they just go in aggressively at him. The guy moves away that’s fight or flight at work. He starts to run. They caught a glimpse of the gun as it looks like the lady office pulled his shirt up. This guy had a gun in holster. No person illegally carrying usually have gun in holster. Ask yourself why the officer who shot him already has his gun drawn from moment when victim back is turned he’s running . Never heard anybody says drop gun or not . Gun never came out holster. They removed when he laid dying in street. Whether he was reaching you can’t say as he couldn’t been responding from the shot or trying to drop gun who knows. Nobody first running usually decide I’m get my gun out holster and try shoot it at a gang of cops. I reiterate gun never came out holster cop reports on radio they were shot at initially. This seems like an execution . They were looking for him knew he carried a weapon one cop was on standby ready to shoot. If it weren’t case all of them would have shot him.

  2. why don't any of the vids have sound? is it because the cops shot before he attempted to draw his weapon maybe?

  3. When watching the shooting-cops body cam, this cop kept saying that Harith pulled a gun on him…he had to shoot because Harith pulled a gun on us. Then another cop said Harith pulled a gun on them.

    Watch the second-cop's left-hand pull the gun out of Harith’s trouser-waistband. Mark: 0:56

    So…Harith pulled his gun out of his trouser-waistband, gets shot by the cop, then puts the gun back into his trouser-waistband, as the second-cop pulls the gun out of Harith’s waistband. And not one of the Police Investigators noticed this sequence of events.

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