Taking a Panoramic X-Ray at the Dentist Office

Taking a Panoramic X-Ray at the Dentist Office

So, we are going to take a pano today and I’m going to need you to remove your earrings. Ok. I’ll hold onto them. Ok. The reason why we’re going to do a pano is because it helps us see any abnormalities in the jaw area, wisdom teeth, and anything that we wouldn’t be able to see with other x-rays. Ok? Okay. So you’re going to rest you chin right here and bite on this stick. Let me put that down a little bit. Perfect! Stand straight and tall. I’m going to clear your head. Alright! I want you to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth like you’re sucking on a straw Press your lips and be very still. Alright. Kristin. How was it? Good. Let me undo it, and step back for us. Perfect! Thank you so much. Thank you!

One thought on “Taking a Panoramic X-Ray at the Dentist Office

  1. so no lead apron is needed to protect the rest of the body?
    I am really concerned I went to an appointment today and the person didn't give me anything.
    By the time I realized it it was too late.

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