Taking Notes on my iPad Pro in Medical School & Residency

Taking Notes on my iPad Pro in Medical School & Residency

What’s going on guys! Dr. J, MedSchoolInsiders.com. IOS 11 was just released; let’s talk about
how to best take notes using the iPad pro. Stay tuned! This video is brought to you by Quizlet and
their new diagrams future. The iPad pro is an amazing piece of engineering
but I am not going to go into all the different features. You can look at other videos for that. Here we’re going to go over the optimal ways
to use the iPad pro as a student such as for taking notes. So here it is, this is the Apple leather sleeve. I have the iPad with the smart keyboard as
well as the Apple pencil. So let’s talk about a few critical features
they’re going to make your life as a student much easier. If you are taking notes in class and you look
something up on your own, let’s see want to take a screenshot of this zygomatic bone because
you’re studying craniofacial anatomy. You can quickly press the home button and
the lock button just like any other iOS device, take a screenshot, then quickly edit such
as crop and even annotate your image. You can then quickly copy it. If I have the keyboard out I would just press
command-c to copy or you can go right here, hit copy, return to your note-taking app and
easily paste the image. If you’re done with the image, swipe it to
the left and it will disappear. Another feature that is new to iOS 11 is the
ability to annotate your PDFs within iBooks. So let’s say I’m reading about ear reconstruction
and I press this button up top to enable annotations and I can then choose from a pen highlighter
pencil and eraser to mark up the document. The great thing is these changes will propagate
amongst all your iOS and Apple devices. Multitasking was possible with iOS 10 but
in iOS 11, it’s even more powerful. Let’s say I want to do flashcards but also
reference some other material at the same time, I can swipe up to see the dock then
drag and drop let’s say iBooks, split-screen and quickly reference the material that I
want to reference. And again here I can annotate the document
if I wanted to by pressing on this button and drawing as such. Now, a great feature about the iPad pro with
the Apple pencil is you can seamlessly transition between writing and typing. Let’s say I want to create a new note, I can
quickly type line notes here and just as easily quickly draw right to the text and then go
back to typing, just like that. So next let’s talk about some of the best
note-taking applications for iOS 11 on the iPad pro. I’m a longtime user of Evernote, a huge fan
and I’ve been using this for several years. Now, this is a note I took on breast reduction,
a very important procedure in plastic surgery. And as you can see, I was able to type notes
and then draw images that were relevant. But a significant shortcoming with Evernote
is that you can’t actually draw or insert images seamlessly between text and drawing. So for example, if I want to insert an image,
I press this button here, this canvas shows up and I can draw whatever it is that I want. I hit done and it inserts the image, but now
I can’t quickly annotate it or have it draw arrows between the text. That’s a common problem on most of these apps. Regardless, this is a very powerful tool and
I think it’s going to be great for most people. Next is Apple Notes. Now, I quickly create a new document, I can
fullscreen it and I can easily type and then draw whatever it is that I need to draw. Again as with Evernote, you can type and then
draw but not both at the same time. Another neat feature about using Apple notes
is if you turn your screen on but don’t unlock it, you can take your Apple pencil, touch
the screen and a new blank Apple note sheet will appear so you can quickly write down
whatever notes you need to write. And next is OneNote. This is actually my favorite note-taking app
on the iPad pro as of right now. Here’s an example of notes I took on breast
reconstruction. And what you can see here is I was able to
type on the left hand side and then seamlessly transition to drawing a breast with incision
markings and even reference the text by drawing along the words I’ve already typed. You can even control where you type as I’ve
done here, illustrating this is the right breast not the left breast. Another great feature about using OneNote
is you can import a PDF, this is a PDF of a PowerPoint that someone was presenting and
you can easily annotate on this as well. So I have highlighted text I thought that
was important and I’ve also written right here on the margins. You can even write directly on the slides. This video was sponsored by Quizlet, one of
the world’s largest student and teacher online learning communities. Quizlet provides engaging, customizable activities
with contributions from people all over the world. They are now launching a new feature called
“Diagrams” and it will be useful for both pre-meds and med students alike. This lets you take an image or one of their
diagrams and customize labels and information. This is active learning, something I have
emphasized as a key element in effective studying. The cool twist is that you can learn through
games and compete with others to work your way up the leaderboard. I have used this myself when reviewing Anatomy
recently. You can easily organize and share your diagrams
with others. This information syncs to your web account
so it is seamless between using the web app on your computer or using their mobile app
which is free on your iPhone or Android device. To check out Quizlet, create your free account
using the link in the description below. You can check out the diagrams feature by
browsing diagrams or creating your own content and inserting your own image and adding custom
labels. Hope you guys find it useful, let me know
what you think in the comments below. If you found this video useful, make sure
you press that like button down below. Thank you all so much for watching and I will
see you guys in that next one.

100 thoughts on “Taking Notes on my iPad Pro in Medical School & Residency

  1. I've been using the one note the whole time and don't see a need to use the other stuff. Totally enjoying it . however a lot of times, there are lag. :[

  2. may I know what is the anatomy site/app, shown at the very beginning? what is/are the MOST AUTHENTIC and best anatomy 3D app/site available for a medical student? thanks in advance.

  3. The only problem I have with OneNote drawing is that once you draw something, it doesn’t move with the text if you happen to shift the text downward using “Enter”. In other words, if you want to type and draw, you are stuck with the order of your writing, can’t revise easily, or add segments at the beginning. Still my favorite note taking app.

  4. Hey Dr. Jay, check out Notability! In my opinion, it's the best note taking app for iPad Pro. I've used One Note, Notes, Evernote and they are all really good but Notability takes the cake.

  5. Finally found this medical school related site. I used iPad pro with Essential anatomy and one more apps call notability is great for note taking and organisation during ward round.

  6. How is the syncing with Onenote? People reported problems and I had problems syncing between PC and Android. Probably windows authentication/OneDrive combination

  7. Hi Jay, I'm a first year student in a 6-year medical program at UMKC. I wanted to know your thoughts on the evolution of Quizlet? Should I adapt to using Quizlet instead of ANKI? I have been using ANKI but I feel like the community I'm in prefers Quizlet. I think it would make studying more efficient. What are your thoughts?

  8. awesome video , it was very helpful for me . 1 problem I have with the pen is that in terms of using Apple Pencil you must access to the internet to turn on bluetooth and to be connected to the pen , if you don't have wifi , no pen usage .

  9. @00:03:31 You might get what you’re trying to do of you tap the 3 dots in the upper right, and tap “simplify formatting,” then try to draw, or insert drawing, then tap the 3 dots again to come out of the simplified formatting. I’m an Evernote user, too, but you might still be more avid than I.

  10. I have The iPad pro and pencil and he didnt mention so many shortcomings. For example when annotating PDFs in Files app you can not write very small letters if you zoom. He only draws a wave across the screen. That is not real life annotating. Also after I have annotated 4 pages the size of PDF file went from original 800kb to 100MB! Because iPad saves each annotation as an individual bitmap over the PDF. OneNote is the best but not good for annotating books. I would still buy the iPad pro and pencil again. I think they will fix these bugs. Or I hope so. Also iBooks which I use for annotating because it has the look up feature can crash with large pdf files. But in The end all these are small things. But It is not So flawless as he makes it seem on The video. But It is still possible to accomplish a good workflow. Maybe i should buy pdf expert. But i am worried that The pdf expert does not have the look up feature.

  11. Enjoyed your video. I’m not a student but I’ve been PerusIng iPad Pro videos trying to make up my mind which size to get. I’m leaning towards the larger one because I want to do video editing with it. Question about taking notes, do you save your notes like you would on a laptop? I guess I might be paranoid that they would go away somehow. Thanks again for your video.

  12. Organize yourself. Print your lectures/slides out. You'll be forced to put some thought in preparing lecture beforehand. Once there, you won't be distracted by your tablet. Last – do you realize how much time and Money you are losing in this Cluster fuck? Studies clearly indicate that concentration and the ability to Focus properly on your readings simply can't be matched in comparison to traditional paper. It's much harder to memorize from a "moving" text… Do some reserch…especially if you are just starting uni. I won't be saying owing a tablet is utterly stupid – especially if you got a sh''' load of slides ( Charts, Pictures and so on..) – but if you are being honest to yourself: any cheap tablet will do so. Or even some old machine. Take notes on a Piece of paper… Reduce distraction… I went thru med School myself.. I had an iPad, Surface 2 and 3pro… In the end I switched to an old Lenovo x61. Great Keyboard, durable, I mean DURABLE!!!, cheap, CHEAP!, no fu** glossy Screen, it's so anti Multi tasking, I wont even consider all the Options to get distracted by…simply it wont work anyway. So ppt. PDF, word, thats all. Best yet: let somebody steal it in the library. No biggy. I can take a dump without taking My iPad with me. Sounds great… right….

    – ego cogito, ergo sum –

  13. I don’t know about med school, but I’m studying engineering and I find notability to best suits my need with the iPad Pro. It’s really great because you are basically doing a letter style note, it’s then easier to hand to someone if you want to share your note or to do a homework. Plus, have I said that the handwriting recognition is probably among the best. You should give it a try!

  14. Being able to write or draw with a pen seamlessly while typing is NOT an exceptional feature of the iPad pro.
    It is of the microsoft surface pro, OneNote, essentially microsoft’s software adds more features to this device. U should clearly state that instead of attributing this software quality to how good of a machine the iPad pro is. This third party software feature has no correlation with the iPad Pro as a product on its own

  15. I don’t know if there is such an app, but I think the best app or program that could be made would be if you see a book that u like a certain page, you take a pic it can load it up and allow you to edit it strait away like you have already typed it out yourself. What’s your thoughts ……. sorry on spelling and grammar

  16. I think it is possible to draw and type on OneNote at the same time, isn't it? I used to do this in a Samsung Tab A sm2 note, I guess

  17. Anyone have an opinion on how much storage you need? I'm going to be using my iPad pro for course note-taking, grading, and reading pdfs. Will 64gb be enough?

  18. It kills me when I see a fellow Med student using Evernote, or Onenote. I used to glorify Evernote, and that was mainly because I was not about to pay $10 for Notability. But I caved last semester, and when I realized how well it worked with IOS11 I will never go back. Something you might look into. Good luck on your journey!

  19. I’d like to know how do you guys organize your study? Where do you read your pdf and take notes with ipad pro and macbook? I have an ipad pro 12,9 and macbook pro.

  20. In terms of anatomy, would you recommend Anki or Quizlet? Also, what are the best anatomy apps for med students?

  21. Was wondering if you would recommend getting the ipad 4 mini or the ipad pro. I am planning on taking the ipad on wards as it'll help me while taking histories. Also was wondering if I should wait for the 2018 version (if theres going to be one).

  22. J, what made you decide to get a 12" instead of a 10"? I'm a pre-med and am considering using a Pro for multi-tasking and notetaking 🙂

  23. Hi,
    I wanted to ask a question , about using an ipad to take notes for college
    Do you personally use the iPad to do assignments too e.g. writing essays etc. on word for example? Or do you use your normal computer for that?
    and only use the ipad for taking notes in class?
    Have you ever tried taking notes underneath powerpoint presentations in class? using an additinally fitted in keyboard? If so how was that like?

  24. I want to go to a med school😭. And I also want an iPad because it's hard to be a scholar in a rich school😭

  25. I already have a computer but I want to start taking notes and other things like this all on tech. I'm tied between iPad and surface pro. Which you prefer?

  26. Great video! if you dont want to click on the share sheet to copy the screenshot to your not taking app you can also "click and hold" on the image this will copy the image to the finger holding it allowing you to past in it the app.

  27. you have the best life ever, you can draw breasts in your lecture notes and your neighbours wont look weird on you

  28. Which app did you use when you could easily go from annotate/draw to typing? I am starting radiology school in a couple of weeks and am trying to make my life as easy as I can!

  29. What are your monthly bills that is associated with the note taking features of this iPad: could be from iCloud subscription to the Evernote etc.? I'm really considering getting this to help me with my daily life.

  30. Hi Dr. J. I wanted to know whether iPad was more effective for taking notes and studying for exams than handwritten on paper. Also, is rewriting notes a good idea or a waste of time? Thank you!

  31. Is there a reason you go with Apple products and not something like the thinkpad x1 extreme or somethin like that?

  32. Dr. Jabbal, this seemed like a very good way of taking notes. Now I am not sure if either buying a laptop or an iPad is better! Could you do a video of taking notes in class, comparing laptop and iPad please? Thank you !!!

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