45 thoughts on “The Cure for 97% of Diseases

  1. I learned how to get in touch with my inner healer. I healed w/GOD'S help, my FEMUR MUSCLE which was torn from too much running.
    Within 3days I was good, the fourth day I was up and running again.

    No doctor here, I'm a healer !

  2. I will not eat meat and I have never felt better. My ex doctor was giving me grief to get a colonoscopy. That is why he is my ex doctor. I discovered that the doctor I had for 30 years was prescribing Valsartan (a known carcinogen in larger does then I was taking) to control my blood pressure. If that a**hole had not retired before I found out, he would experienced some profanity from me.

  3. I think there is a problem ….you are Obese and breathless …anybody can hear the efforts you make to breath !! and you lecture people about healthy life and healthy food ??!! don't you think that you have to review yourself first …..do you think people go to a vegan butcher to buy meat ?? You yourself have to be an ideal sample for healthy life !! otherwise nobody listens to you

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  5. I am a medical doctor and I am so appalled with the state of medicine in the USA. Luckily I am a psychiatrist but I always worry about what would happen to me or my patients in this country, because many regular docs just want to put you on a medication. While medication is really important, it’s so overused. I have not seen that craziness in Europe, it’s awful. It’s like no one wants to educate the patients about diet and exercise.

  6. I'm confused about your statement that the mom won't be able to give milk. At 10:47 … why would the hypothetical mom be "unable to nurse"? I've had 7 children. Because no midwife will take me anymore with my age and medical history I had the last few in the hospital. I've nursed all 7 of my children. Please don't tell moms they may have some excuse or biological reason why they can't make milk. Unless the mother is on psych drugs she should always breastfeed.

  7. Dr Bergman. My friend is 50 years old and she was healthy for 49 years of her life. last year she had to go to doctor due to seeing blood in her stool. Her doctor put her through colonoscopy and diagnosed that she had Ulcerative colitis. She is under Lialda for the rest of her life. She gained weight and totally out of her normal weight. if she does not take the medicine she will have pain and bleeding again. She is devastated . Is there anyway to help her to get out of medication and get her normal life back?? she is struggling through this. The medicine is so expensive that even with insurance that she pays a lot she still has to pay $560 out of pocket. This situation is ruining her life. Please if there is any way to get out of this nightmare, please give her advise. I sent this page to her to listen to you. Thanks Doctor Bergman.

  8. I was an RN for many years. I would give patients a medication that would cause side effects.I would then have to give another medication for the side effects. I really started questioning western medicine and big pharma. It got harder and harder to work as a nurse feeling that way. I have started seeing acupuncturist and naturopathic MD. No more western medicine for me.

  9. I found that the medical PROFESSION has become so evil I just decided to HELL WITH THEM ALL , I went natural and doing alot better for it ! Now the problem is the other evil Globalist bastards are out to destroy all healthy sources of health ,everything that's healthy is going through the roof in cost ! Time to get out of the USA if you wanna live

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