The Three Doctors Unite! | The Three Doctors | Doctor Who | BBC

The Three Doctors Unite! | The Three Doctors | Doctor Who | BBC

the chief detention itself splendid I don't think it's going to work why what's wrong they refused to cooperate see well will soon subtle a chairman the earliest doctor but hidden to suffer challa m.d he'll keep them in order well you've been fiddling with it haven't you it was perfectly all right until you touched it I've only leave things to me if we were to leave things to you my dear fella we'd be in a fine pickle wouldn't we look you lost the image no I need not lose even I save it you saw it ah there you are I seem to be stuck up yet hmm hmm so you're my replacement a dandy and a clown have you done anything well we've assessed the situation just as I thought nothing well it's not easy you know not as if we knew what that stuff is and I'll tell you it's a time bridge one I see now what's a bridge for a well crossing right so stop dilly-dallying and crush it wait you're faded and again I did not but who was that me me call will your heads ha all right stand by to disconnect the force field what are you gonna do now

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  1. This was the last time that William Hartnell would return in his role as the First Doctor, as Hartnell died in 1975. Richard Hurndall played the part of the First Doctor in the 1983 20th anniversary special, The Five Doctors, and he died a year later. It just makes you wonder, "Is there some kind of curse when it comes to playing the First Doctor?"

  2. You people do know the the first doctor is essentially the default doctor right? Like how the mine craft skins are with Steve. He's the true face of the doctor.

  3. Why do they look at the first doctor like he's a celebrity or their father or some person they want to look up to and be associated with. It's them, they are the first doctor just from the future. I never understood why these multidocor stories treat the doctors like different people.

  4. It's such a shame Hartnell couldn't appear with the other 2 doctors in person. I totally understand why he couldn't, and it's understandable. But still, would have been much more fun to see the 3 of them together.
    Well, At least he returned! I'm looking at you Ecclestone

  5. I love how sarcastic the First Doctor is! I hate his sexist nature though (not seen in this episode, check his interactions with Tegan and later Bill in the Five Doctors and Twice upon a time respectively)

  6. if one day… matt smith, david tennant and capaldi can join in one story i want david tennat say to capaldi and smith " so both of you are my replacement, a dandy and a clown"

  7. A lot of people don't like David Bradley as the First Doctor, but they're comparing his performance to Hartnell's earlier appearance. If people compared Bradley's appearance to Hartnell's final appearance(this scene), they'd see that David Bradley's performance as the First Doctor was spot on compared to this, especially with that whimsical tone he put into his voice to make it better than Adventures in Space and Time.

  8. It was a good idea for the BBC to arrange a way for all 3 Doctors to appear by having William Hartnell‘s Doctor trapped in a time bubble until all 3 save their home planet,their people and the universe.

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