The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily Doctor’s Opinion

The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily Doctor’s Opinion

I want to talk about celery juice you
want to talk about celery juice in fact hundreds of thousands of people want to
talk about drinking pure celery juice every day and its potential benefits so
much so that it’s become an internet phenomenon in the past few years I
personally believe that the merriam-webster dictionary needs to
induct the phrase celery stalk er into its dictionary because it’s become such
a phenomenon now I’ve personally tried it in fact I first
tried it about 12 years ago for a couple of weeks I’ve tried it since I found it
to be not an unpleasant and experience it is mild and taste I certainly felt
the detoxification effects from it my skin looked great but I was only able to
sustain it for a couple of weeks and that’s the feedback that I hear from
most people now because I’m a trusted source of research I recently got a
question about celery juice and drinking it is it real is it for real or is it
all hyped up so I doubled down and I looked at the research about what the
potential benefits are compared to what might be over Flay ting
now let’s talk first of all about the history of celery celery the scientific
name is called apium graveolens it’s in the a PACA family of vegetables and
plants many of which have beneficial effects historically orally celery has
been used to treat rheumatism gout hysteria nervousness headache weight
loss exhaustion celery is also used as a sedative as a diuretic as a urinary
antiseptic a digestive aid an anti flatulence so it helps with gas and
aphrodisiac and some cultures it helps with stopping lactation for regulating
bowel movements stimulating the production of hormones from glands for
blood purification for high blood pressure for PMS symptoms and for
hundreds of years of course it’s been part of a trifecta in French cuisine
mirepoix that includes celery onions and carrots part of a delicious trifecta
that is the base of so much French cuisine now I do want to point out that
most of the research on celery has been conducted on the seed and that’s because
the components and compounds are most concentrated in the seed there are some
studies on celery stocks and celery juice and I’ll get into that in a moment
the most important compound of celery is called apigenin
it’s a natural flavor it’s widely distributed in plants such as celery and
the ABAC a family research has shown that higher intake of apigenin can
reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases dietary or therapeutic apigenin
has value as a good cellular regulator in cancer especially cancers of the
gastrointestinal tract but again these studies have been done on celery seed it
may reduce blood glucose levels in one mouth study celery leaf extract or
celery stalk extract ie celery juice reduced blood pressure cholesterol
triglycerides and improved risk factors in mice for cardiovascular disease a
really cool study was done on mice on a chemo therapeutic agent called
doxorubicin and that’s among one of the most potent and toxic chemotherapeutics
drugs commonly used in the treatment of cancer and what they did is they gave
mice doxorubicin and they gave another group of mice celery juice and the
celery juice with doxorubicin seemed to protect against damage likely due to
increasing a powerful antioxidant called glutathione and other anti
accident effects some again even celebrities and medical medians have
called it a miracle juice and there’s recently been a craze on the internet
about drinking pure celery juice anecdotal and testimonial evidence is
clear most people like it but again it’s it’s not sustainable that’s what most
people give me feedback and that’s what I found myself you can do it for a
couple of weeks maybe a month but it’s it’s not a sustainable practice in my
opinion it does stimulate bile production from the liver and and the
gall bladder so it potentially can help break down fat and help with weight loss
it has anti-inflammatory effects it’s high in vitamin K so it’s good for bone
health and heart health it’s a diuretic and it’s high in nitrates so it can help
dilate blood vessels and as a diuretic you can lose water so it potentially can
help with high blood pressure and increase blood flow to muscles if you’re
an individual that works out a lot with resistant exercise its purported to be
an antibacterial antifungal agent specifically for the urinary tract
though those studies again have been mostly performed on celery seed it does
seem to be good for skin health and the components are caffeic acid for Ehrlich
acid apigenin lutein saponin ‘he’s camp roles and
coumarins phytosterols which help to fight free radicals and help the skin to
look more youthful now you can achieve celery juice with a
juicer that’s pretty easy you can also achieve it through a blender I would
recommend that you chop it up first so those celery strands don’t bind up the
blender so chop it up and a little bit of water to the blender blend it up and
then you’ll have to pour it into a muslin bag or a hemp bag and squeeze out
the juice now personally I have found that making a juice cocktail was more
been a for me including celery a little bit of
beet a little bit of carrot just a slice or two of Apple adding some ginger I
have found to have more powerful effects than pure celery juice now as the case
with all juices it has no fiber but that’s okay with celery because it’s low
glycemic and the juice itself should not cause any kind of spike in blood sugar I
would recommend that you sip it drink slowly start slowly start with only
three or four ounces you can work your way up because in my experience and
thousands of other people if you chug it or if you start with quantities that are
too high it can be quite the detox it can be quite the laxative so you may
experience loose bowels initially it typically only lasts a day or two now
there are some cautions it is safe for most people but there are some cautions
to drinking pure celery juice it may actually prolong the activity of certain
medications like acetaminophen or Tylenol and certain antidepressant
medications like effexor it may have anti platelet activities due to some
compounds in celery so if you have bleeding disorders proceed with caution
it is a diuretic so it can have anti hypertensive or lower your blood
pressure and so as a diuretic losing water if you’re on lithium or high blood
pressure medications you need to be cautious
it does have bile stimulating activities so if you have no gallbladder proceed
with caution it is curiously one of the vegetables
that have the highest known allergic responses so if you know that you’re
allergic to celery please do not drink pure celery juice and again if you
proceed too quickly and consume too much early on it can be laxative and
certainly that is detoxification processes but if you’re prone to
diarrhea if you have IBS or irritable bowel syndrome it may
worsen those symptoms so that’s what the research shows again most of the
research has been done on the seed but there has been some research on the
juice itself is it a miracle juice is it a miracle cure no but I found it to be
effective for short-term use and thousands of people out there
anecdotally testimony have found the same thing I believe in the original
meaning of the word doctor they’ll carry which is teacher if you have questions I
want to know what those questions are so that I can inform you of what the
science shows so that you feel comfortable and confident with some of
these health fads that are on the internet if you have experience drinking
pure celery juice please let me know I want to know what those experiences are
so that I can broaden my scope and understanding of health fads I really
appreciate your time and attention I know you’re doing this to learn more
about your health and well-being at Zenith labs we actually have a
supplement called pure greens it contains several foods from the APA CA
family I encourage you to check that out it’s actually 57 super foods you can add
to your smoothie and tastes great and it is powerful in its antioxidant effects
we have a website zenit labs calm we have a Facebook page Instagram check
those out make sure that you subscribe to this page share it with your friends
and loved ones so that you are more informed and they are more informed
about some of these health fads that are on the Internet thanks so much for your
time and attention my name is Dr. Ryan Shelton

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily Doctor’s Opinion

  1. Well im glad i watched this video before I started drinking celery juice because I dont have a gall bladder. 🙁

  2. I started to use celery juice because my sister recommended it and I figured it couldn't hurt me. After a month, I have seen only subtle improvement but I am still taking it as I believe it has helped with building my endurance and some of my asthma symptoms. I will say it is not a panecea and I feel uncomfortable recommending to everyone.

  3. Dr Shelton please add to your list of CAUTION: "People who are hypoglycemic should not drink celery juice on an empty stomach!". Doing this will lower their already low blood sugar to the point they faint. NOT A JOKE!!

  4. One factor is organic vs non organic celery juice. Can pesticide and insecticide and fungicide, roundup and glyphosate be good for you. No!

  5. I like the cocktail idea of 3 stalks of organic celery, organic apple, turmeric root, ginger root, little black pepper, flat-leaf parsley, 1 clove of garlic, organic dandelion, organic broccoli sprouts, canned beets & water. Eat 1 whole organic cucumber a day.

  6. I am loving my Just Celery! No Juicer required and it is organic! Cold pressed, fresh, and no fiber lost!!! I love it!

  7. Anthony William Medical Medium: The founder of the global celery juice movement that has healed millions. Read his book Celery Juice it will answer all of your questions. Medical research is weak compared to the information from this Medical Medium Anthony William. Since when does medical research have a clue of what is going on with the human body?

  8. I like celery ❤️🌱
    Im in survival mode now!
    As long as we all stop eating meat, dairy, eggs and any animal based products we may actually have enough oxygen to breath by 2030.
    11 years from now.
    Animal production industries are the number one reason for avoidable man made methane gases released into the atmosphere, zapping our oxygen.
    We need a Vegan World now.
    Billionaire Vegans like Elon Musk, Bill Gates know this, MARS ONE is already done.
    I’m selfish now, I want to breath, eat any vegan food you want, just eat vegan.
    Instead of Americans spending 116 billions per year subsidizing those factory farmers, let’s subsidize for changing to plant farming.
    Vegan businesses are already creating millions of new jobs. A 85 billion dollar industry in 10 years, let’s make it in 5 years or less.

  9. Celery is Not a vegetable. It's an herb! Science is way behind on research of celery. Celery contains sodium cluster salts which science knows nothing about. Much more research needs to be done to learn about the true value of celery. Drinking celery juice daily is not a fad, it's a movement! I suggest reading "Celery Juice" by Anthony William.

  10. well im a little late to this party..i haven't seen this question asked yet dr.shelton but..can eating just the raw celery itself provide the same effects as the juice..I remember they used to tell us to eat celery for the fiber anyway..

  11. Here is where I don't believe medical medium… He highly advocates juicing celery above anything else when we all have natural blenders in our mouths.. So he is infact spiking juicer/blender sales & likely making money off of that.. Sneaky sneaky

  12. It is sustainable. I've been drinking it for years (long before the medical medium and celery craze). Sometimes I juice it along, sometimes with leafy greens, green apple, ginger and lemon and sometimes, I add cucumber too. If you're motivated it can easily become routine. Thanks for the video. I must say though that in my 70+ years I have never come across anyone who is allergic to celery!

  13. Good stuff very educational and well explained how about if u eat cellery every day rather then drinking it I just subscribed to your chanel so don't know if u have that video up or not

  14. It is highly recommended by the Medical Medium that you DON'T add additives to the celery juice. JUST celery juice only. But I guess if you do add other spices etc. -having some celery juice is better than none?

  15. I think it’s good for inflammation. I used to experience achy shoulders during the night. That’s gone after 4 days of use.

  16. Use your common sense. Celery juice is loaded with fibre and other vegetable nutrients. It’s a great thing to add to your diet. As a bonus it really cleans your body out and gets you pooping like a superstar!

  17. Dang you were thorough and neutral! I’m impressed. Thank you for being honest and objective. If we all just ate better we would not be into detox fads. I had to change my diet due to gallbladder being removed. It’s amazing when you eat better what results you get. You won’t need detoxes. But chances are people would rather eat crap and scramble to detox than actually just eat better daily. My skin is amazing, BP is perfect, and have energy all day long. Don’t eat processed foods or junk or sugar and it’s shocking how your body will react

  18. You have to wade through all his celery diatribe before he hits you with his product flogging, skip this it’s just an advertisement.

  19. I have no bloating issues, however, after starting on celery juice I started bloating with a lot of flatulence and not feeling at all well, unfortunately. I stopped after 8 weeks as the bloating and flatulence got worse. I followed the Medical Medium to the letter. I have noticed in the past that whenever I take raw juices consistently for a while I also start to bloat. I don't think my body handles it well

  20. Try moving your prompter closer to center of the camera. You are clearly reading something off to your right. Which is fine just try not to make it so obvious.

  21. I started doing this but my acne broke out like crazy.. it worries me because i dont go to the toulet often (sorry for the info) so i feel like ill constantly detox out of my skin 😭

  22. I drink celery juice with three month and during that time I became very ill. I have lupus and therefore, Epstein- Barr. At first I thought it was a detox. I got three sinus infections was completely fatigued and had to come home from work and get to bed every day and every weekend. After several blood tests I tested positive for Epstein-Barr ( of course) . I tested positive for having mono at one time which I don’t ever remember having. Once I stopped I became hypoglycemic. I crash after I eat and sometimes as soon as I start to eat. I have tried the hypoglycemia diet but it doesn’t help. Since then, I don’t think I am absorbing the nutrients from the food I eat. I am very careful about what I eat. Celery juice has made my health so much worse. I think people should be very cautious as to what they do and the gimmicks that are around because it can end up ruining them . Do you have any research or have you heard of anyone else with this problem

  23. Today is my 6th day on celery juice. I am fighting high blood pressure. We add many other veggies to it including ginger and garlic. I hope never having to go back on medicine.

  24. Hi Doctor 👨‍⚕️ please let me know does celery juice reduce triglycerides and cholesterol level if yes in how long should take. What are precautions should take care while taking celery.

    Your feedback is highly appreciated!

    Thanks 🙏 in advance

  25. My sister just got diagnosed with liver tumers. I want to start her on a daily celery & carrot juice program. Would this be ok?

  26. Those people in the video should go and strain their celery juice. It looks like a celery smoothie.. That ain't right.. AND get that lemon slice out of that cup! I don't belong in your celery juice 😮

  27. Hope I don't get boring leaving possibly more than one message; all the historical medicinal effects of celery were from wild celery, not cultivated. Carry on, I'm listening ..

  28. As I anticipated, one more comment; the fad for mono-juice whatever is indeed hard to sustain based on the evidence. For the past 20 yrs because I don't do coffee I juice 2 carrots one green apple a thumb of ginger and 2 stalks organic celery; recently added a small beet based on convincing evidence, go swimming and get to work on time. post swim oatmeal comes into it. Someone below has also been doing this for a long time but the thing is that I want to eat my food; these vegis are great, abundant in my part of the world, work well together so I don't throw stuff out. For people interested in jump-starting their metabolic system and producing more mitochondria, the Valter Longo 5 day fast-mimicking protocol is interesting — costs a fortune to participate but an on-going study worth following. Valuable info, tx doc!

  29. 'Motivationaldoc' has stated that if you cannot get organic celery then scrub well the celery that you have before juicing. I can't get organic celery so I am trying this now.

  30. After drinking this yesterday i got the toughest migraine i ever had in my life , it was so bad i wanted to puke ,the same feeling i drank 4 bottles of vodka …

  31. Without double blind studies done, this is pure anecdotal and there is no scientific base for these claims. Having said that, a daily portion of green leaf vegetables is important to a healthy life style. Dr Shelton, are you an MD sir ?

  32. I appreciate doctors and their scientific knowledge of things but there are so many things science cant explain. This works for many people who have many ailments.

  33. thank you for this. read a lot of comments from your subscribers. its good that you added cautionary disclaimers. i am glad that people are becoming healthier. really i think we should eradicate all the pesticides and ecocides that are damaging the earth and seas and us and all other ecosystems on earth and go back to nature rather than concocting a pharmacopeia of drugs. i am into functional medicine

  34. I grow my celery in my backyard , really easy . After washing, and chopping into pieces, I put them in the blender, add water and make smoothies. Then I put it in the ice cube maker so I'll have frozen cubes of celery juice and when having my meals put some cubes in my glass of water and consume the sediments which will supply my fiber. I also add spinach and kale to this concoction.

  35. I take Effexor 75mg twice daily for migraines. I know you said it prolongs the effects. But what would that mean for me? Should I avoid it

  36. My mother wants to try celery juice but she is diabetic and high blood pressure and she is taking metformin and januvia, would this effects on her if she wants to consume celery juice please any advise I would love her to do if it's not causing any issue with her diabetes and high blood pressure. I hope you reply to me with honestly answers
    Awsome video


  38. I have a Nutri Bullet to make fruit and vegetable smoothies. Isn’t it healthier to eat all of the fruit and vegetable, instead of just the juice? Why would you strain the juice if using a blender?

  39. I did drink 16oz for 3 days straight but after 3 days my blood pressure get higher than my usual bp, i went to the doctors he ask me to stop it because its too concentrated so theres a components that triggered my pressure

  40. Im ok with my bowels working often ..i feel like I'm a little cleaner getting rid of waste….i do wonder if I have IBS though because sometimes my body acts funny when I am under consistent stress.

  41. I didn't feel good with pure celery juice, I got so jittery and weak.
    So for me is celery, beets, green apple or carrot.

  42. Thank you for being objective and explaining that most research is done on celery seed. The platelet information was really beneficial.

  43. I'm not faddy and didn't hear about it until last night by surfing youtube!
    Including your balanced advise (with a bit of sales at the end). It sounds like people need to ensure that they eat a balanced/ "rainbow" diet that is biased towards leafy greens and pulses. They need to aim to get their 12 fruit and vegetables a day (yes almost everyone falls short of this target). If they feel deficient in some way, perhaps they need to see a registered dietitian or doctor/ physician before considering embarking on the latest bizarre social media "diet" craze.

  44. When you say your most common feedback was that it's not sustainable I'm not surprised if people are drinking it once or twice a day! Why not just have 3 glasses a week with a day off inbetween and try something else that's healthy like a blueberry or mango smoothie on the days of? I'm no doctor but I'd say with the amount of pesticide in celery your probably doing just as much harm than good by drinking daily!

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