The Wooden Lady | Knock Knock | Doctor Who | BBC

The Wooden Lady | Knock Knock | Doctor Who | BBC

My son! Forgive me. Forgive me. When you saw what the creatures had done,
you understood, didn’t you? The lice could keep your mother alive,
if you protected them… tamed them, fed them.’ If you could save the one who brought you
into this world, wouldn’t you? Your silence is a confirmation. I did what you told me,
because I thought you knew best. But I… -I am your mother?
-Yes… And you… All these children you’ve taken! You told me it was necessary! -That we had no choice.
-That’s right, it was. It meant we could stay together.
Don’t you understand? We were happy! I kept our lives a secret. And a secret we must remain. You have brought her nothing
but misery and confusion! You will be taken, like the others! Okay, now’s the time for the plan. That was it, no plan.
Info dump, then busk. Well, start busking! Eliza, people have died
and will continue to die unless you stop all this right now. How can I stop it? You’re the parent. You’re in charge! That’s it! Do what I say! I control you! No. It’s me. I control them. Eliza, finish them now.
Take them, or you’ll die! They’ll destroy you! What’s the point in surviving
if you never see anyone, if you hide yourself away from the world?
When did you last open the shutters? The freshers’ party in the park. Exactly. New friends. Fireworks!
That’s what life should be! I remember… My son… Leave my side at last. Go and see the world. No! I don’t want to! If you won’t finish them… I will! John! My little boy, this has to end. No! We mustn’t end! -We have to destroy them.
-It’s our time. No, I don’t want to! No, no… Thank you. Don’t forget to subscribe to the official
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100 thoughts on “The Wooden Lady | Knock Knock | Doctor Who | BBC

  1. This story had the potential of being a fantastic horror thriller, what a pity it fell woefully short of that. Terrible scripting for an equally terrible Doctor. I'm praying that Whittaker and Chibnal leave the series..soon!

  2. Есть тут хоть один русский? Скажите как фильм называется и есть ли на русском
    И фильм ли это вообще

  3. スペシャル・ゲストは ポワロさん(名優:ディビット・スーシェ)では ないですか!?

  4. Is she really made out of wood? That is unreal! There are some strange medical conditions in this world, but I've never seen anything like this. For one thing, plant cells are quite different from animal cells.

  5. most of the viewers commented that make up is done do well OK I agreed but can really a tree/wood can speak and move her facial skin?? doesn't make any sense lol

  6. Right makes sense, the compassion yet the bitterness. Mother Earth is tired of seeing all the works over her face. Gotta end the ones that won’t stop it. The ones that don’t travel on their healing journeys.

  7. Doctor who is actually a much darker TV serie than any others. Tragedy is in every corner.

    Which episode do you think is the darkest?

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