Top 3 Things You Can Do to AVOID Alzheimer’s Disease- Harvard Medical School

Top 3 Things You Can Do to AVOID Alzheimer’s Disease- Harvard Medical School

♪ Bob and Brad, the two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists on the Internet ♪ – Howdy folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – Yeah, we’re the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today we’re going to talk about the top three things you can do to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. And this is from the
Harvard Medical School, they put out the Harvard Health Letter. And these were some of the
recommendations they had. We’ll also give you three things that you can try that have less evidence, but it may also help. So Bob before we do that, if
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– That’s right, it’s all shorter, that’s right (laughs). All right, Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia Brad, and it’s characterized by the accumulation of two types of protein. I think you’ve heard of this, haven’t you? Tangles and plaques in your brain. And eventually it kills brain
cells, and it takes lives. I mean, it’s very, so there are lifestyle
changes that you can make. And we’re gonna discuss those
right now, so number one is, if there isn’t one more reason
to do this, is exercise. So the most convincing evidence to date, that physical evidence help prevents, or slows down the
progression of Alzheimer’s. – Do they say what kind of exercise? – Yes, they say 30 minutes of moderately vigorous aerobic exercise. – So it could be like, an aggressive walk? – Aggressive walk yep,
three to four times a week. So I think, you can take
a couple hours a week to try to prevent you
from getting to the point where you can even recognize
your spouse, and so– – Well you know, it is amazing,
’cause I’m gonna be 57, Bob. and there’s some things I can’t remember, I don’t know if it’s
my memory not so good? – Everybody thinks of that, though, Brad. And I mean, that’s just normal aging. – So I don’t have to get too
concerned about it, yeah. – Well, when you start forgetting that, the thing they used to say is that, you don’t forget where your car is, you forget that you have a car, then you’re (Bob and Brad chuckles). So it’s usually just general aging. But the second thing, Brad, we’re going off on a tangent here. The second thing, they suggested
the Mediterranean Diet, that’s a diet that, again,
helps thwart Alzheimer’s and slows it’s progress. We’re talking about fresh
vegetables and fruit, whole grains, olive
oil, it’s all the things that are popping around, nuts,
legumes, fish, and so on. Anti-inflammatory foods, basically. – Yep, yep, that it sounds,
it’s good common sense. – Yep, yep, and there’s all
those other health benefits from eating that way, so– – Well it taste good. – Yeah, so the third one, was
a little surprising to me. But it makes sense to me is,
they don’t get enough sleep. There’s growing evidence
that to prevent Alzheimer’s, it’s linked to the, at night that you actually
get some of those proteins, that are being cleared from
the brain when you sleep. And so if you’re not
getting enough sleep– – So it’s kind of like
flushing those, the brain– – Yeah flushing system out at night. So you really wanna make sure that you’re not one of
those people that are gone, “Hey, I only need five
hours of sleep a night.” Well, you’re again, you’re
putting yourself at risk. So those are the top three things, exercise, Mediterranean
Diet, and get enough sleep. Now, there’s little less evidence on some of these other things. And I’m sure you may
have heard some of these. One is you should learn new things. – Keep the mind active, exercise– – Puzzles, learning new
languages, and stuff like that. (Bob’s voice drowned by Brad’s chuckles) – Yes, so that one’s out for me, I think. – Yeah well, I do crossword puzzles. – Oh, you do? – Yeah, like if we’re on a Saturday night, we’re just watching the show, and it’s a little bit slow
moving, I’ll just do a crossword. – You’ll watch a show, and
do crossword puzzle at the, that’s an insult to the show! – Yeah, well, it is. But if it’s just moving too slow, Brad– – I hope you don’t do that when you’re conversing with your wife? – No, no, she always wants
to help me with the puzzle. I’m like, “Just do your own.” (chuckles) All right, number two, connecting socially with people. – Sure. – Also important for a lot of reasons, but it help you live longer too, so. And number three, drinking. – Drinking (chuckles), why
do you always refer to me–? – But just a little, not a lot. So like one drink for women
per day, and two for men. – Just two? – Just two (laughs). – Two big ones? – You’re in trouble, yeah
64 ounce, two 64 ounce ones. – (chuckles) Carry on. – All right, well, that’s it, Brad. So that’s our suggestions, hopefully– – So what did they about humor? – Humor, that’s got help, right? – Yeah, there’s no doubt about it– – All right, we did a short
one today, it’s only five, 22– – Yeah, otherwise, we forget (chuckles). – Yeah, thanks for watching. (gentle music)

80 thoughts on “Top 3 Things You Can Do to AVOID Alzheimer’s Disease- Harvard Medical School

  1. Altzheimers is like diabetes of the brain. Low carb/keto 4 weeks in ketosis out of 52 weeks of the year. That’s testing ketones in the blood 7 days straight for each season of the year.

  2. I appreciated Brad's tangent and Bob's response… it isn't about forgetting where your car is… you forget you have a car. Put my mind at peace hearing that.

  3. Hi guys. Sorry to be picky but the title of this upload is not quite correct. As a recent graduate from UTAS University Bachelor of dementia care the word " avoid" might be better deleted and the word substituted could be "minimise" or "delay" the possible effects of a dementia should you aquire this disease such as Alzheimer's. In saying that, you have made some great reccomendations that have been supported by science such as exercise, diet, social involvement, lowering stress, and exercising the brain. Live your videos, and think it's fantastic you have spoken about this topic. 🇦🇺🎯🙂

  4. Right now I'm very interested in the correlation between or the effects of alstheimers and personalitie disorders, especially among the aging population, but I guess this is the wrong video for that.So I didn't watch it.

  5. Don't forget taking ……..Benfotaimine per day ……it slows down the process !!!!
    Intermitting fasting helps with to lower , your Inflammation , Keto helps a lot , exercise , when walking , it helps the Stress .
    In Moderation , don't eat a lot of Red meat , but there are many foods , will cause inflammation .
    Start doing your research on Nutrition . There's no doubt , Alzheimer's and Dementia heredity !!!
    My father side of family had dementia ( aunts and cousins ) . Just found out today another cousin "3 rd " has a different
    form of Alzheimer's , just like his brother who just passed with it .

  6. Another aging problem in shrinking! Are there any excercises to help us get back to our youth hight? I shrank 1.5 cm and I am only 51….some of my freinds say they shrank more than 3 cm!!

  7. There's no way to "make sure you get enough sleep" you can't force yourself to sleep any more than you can force yourself to fly.

  8. You guys crack me up. Thanks. Maybe you've touched on it before and I missed it, but I'm very interested in busting popular myths about aging and the deconditioning of the body. I wish I had hours to research it but I get the feeling people have been brainwashed to just give up because their bodies are going to deteriorate drastically. I'm not saying we don't deteriorate, but the mind-set appears to be "oh give up. you can't keep your knees for life" etc. Does anybody know if there is PROOF that the majority of people require knee or other body part replacements as they edge or has this been perpetrated for profit?

  9. I think I’ve seen that statistically connecting with others adds like an average of something like a decade to your life. I don’t think that you necessarily have to make connections with anyone. I think just feeling like you have connections could work. I think it’s the fact that these people with more social connections has maybe more desire to live then others who don’t that actually causes them to live longer. I could be wrong but I think all you really need to do is increase activity’s that cause you to feel more desire to live. Or make you happy or just less depressed.

  10. Total Gym . Chuck Norris is going to be 80 in six months . Put down the puzzle book and get a total Gym. Wait Christy Brinkley is still hot. She is in her sixties. Thanks for all your videos.

  11. U guys are awesome! My wife asked me why I sing your guys music opener “Brand n Bob”! And I tell her I don’t remember why!😂 ok don’t remember if I hit send on this comment! 🙏

  12. If my Mother cannot walk temporarily, is it possible to substitute bu NuStep ; elliptical; recumber bike?
    I’ll be really appreciated for your opinion.

  13. The exercise recommended to prevent and keep your hgh human horth grown in tact is interval training you do say to minutes of a slow walk and then one minute of a quicker pace and to you get to Do more are you can store it with of 15 minutes or 10 minutes and work your way up to 45 minutes of slow to minutes fast one minute. And taking a teen teaspoonful or a spoonful of organic cold pressed Olive Virgin oil with on the salad Kale broccoli and spinach they can only be digested with an oil bean cold pressed Virgin Olive oil in a glass bottle not the plastic. Omega threes in your salad with knots or anything else that can be omega threes Chia seeds flaxie throating or salad you tryst on the East has AB complex and make sure you take him multi and a vitamin C there is a Ester C so it doesn't of disturb your gut. There is also something called bone broth which I take the be form broth because it has minerals there's Turkey and chicken apparently the beef with minerals a peep cancer patients cannot take minerals. And a college and pro supplements protein with peptides at night basically with water or you can put it in your salad or you can put it in year mixture of green drink or Tea and the bone broth. When I took the bone broth in the morning cold instead of warm and the college in at night it didn't matter what brand as some of them are clumpy as far as a college and goes Isa results within 2 weeks it works from within and it goes out it just costs money

  14. Grains are all inflammatory, especially whole grains. 00 pasta or wheat flour is less damaging than durum wheat, which helps the Mediterranean diet keep Alzheimer's away, but a grain-free or at least gluten-free Mediterranean diet is much much better

  15. Alzheimers is also called Diabetes type 3 aka. sugar disease. That says it all. Eat low carb or keto. Avoid sugar, starchy carbs, grains and industrial cooking oils like the plague. Eat healthy proteins and fats for your brain and use MCT oil if Alzheimer already started.

  16. I am over 60 and have a sharp mind and never get confused. I really enjoy this channel. Thank to Joe and Bill the most famous auto mechanics on the intetnet. I always learn new things.

  17. Doctors At HARVARD Have ADMITTED to the" So called " experimentation with Aerosol Injection into our atmosphere! A.K.A CHEMTRAILS!!
    Olive oil is a proccessed product, which , creates free radicals in the body.
    Essential fats!! Avocados,olives,not the oil,pure beef lard,butter from grass fed COWS, duck fat,
    Quality cholesterol,eggs..
    Stay away from grains, wheat,oats,rye,barely,soy and corn and especially SUGAR!!
    Check out Dr. Joel Wallach this Dr. will tell you all you need to know about food!!

    Also check out GEO ENGINEERING

  18. I think being social helps if you can be around the people you like but does the opposite around people you don't. Be social in moderation and very selectively.

  19. When you retire, take up a musical instrument and be determined to become pretty good at it. It will be more useful, and enjoyable, than learning a foreign language you may never use. It will certainly "stretch" your brain.

  20. I work daily w 30 Alzheimer/dementia residents … so sad, many in good physical shape because they led active lives! MANY are high earners Doctors, Judge, Pilot, Nurses etc … To see ALL their accomplishments & then to have to live out their lives with this disease is
    heartbreaking! The only thing that makes it easier to deal with this daily is that they don’t remember … so they are not sad! I love them all … I wish there was a CURE! I would NEVER want to live out my life like this!

  21. you must be out of your mind to think that poisoning yourself with alcohol every day can be healthy. try meditation or listening to classical music instead.

  22. Sleep is so important I agree. The challenge I’ve been dealing with is waking up in the middle of the night , a symptom of menopause. If it’s not too awkward, can you address this/ provide suggestions? Haha loved your discussion on drinking! 😊

  23. I have seen over the years young people who brag about getting four hours of sleep (sounds like they’re bragging) over the years their memory starts to go and their health, they have more problems before they are even 40 years old then I have in my 60s!!! that’s very sad to see happen to people

  24. When I was little I thought it was called "old timers disease" I never actually heard it correctly, sp when I was in my 20s I worked with the elderly community and a co-worker said alzheimer's and I heard it correctly this time…

  25. We moved into our house and met our neighbors who were in their mid-80's. They were physically active mowing their lawn and doing avid gardening as well as tennis, swimming, walking. As we became great friends I'd hear them planning dinner or lunch and noticed they ate the traditional American diet in moderation, ham and potatoes, chicken rice and vegetables, meatloaf and mashed, plenty of baked/broiled fish. The wife also liked to bake and share deserts with the neighborhood again, all in moderation. Both husband and wife lived healthfully into their mid and late 90's! I can see one of them just lucking out and having good genes but BOTH lived well into their 90's.

  26. Parkinson and Alzheimer's patient need more antioxidants for brain health. 60ml of i-pulse can help to improves from various disease like Parkinson and Alzheimer.


  27. I have AS and everything I do effects me . In high school I had the 50 yard dash record and in the navy qualified to become a diver but always had back problems .

  28. Thank you for doing this video…being a daughter of a mom that had Alzheimer's (as did her sister) this is a terrifying possibility…What I am hanging on to is, that even though "genetics" is not working for me, I can do things to prove that your genes only identify a predisposition…it is not a fate or unavoidable outcome.

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