Violet's Incredible Journey - Part one - The journey begins | Boston Children's Hospital

Violet's Incredible Journey – Part one – The journey begins | Boston Children's Hospital

there is where we are from that's a long ways violet our doctors didn't have any experience okay the doctors cannot give us an answer of whether she's going to be alright or it could be really bad we looked at the work that dr. Meara was doing out here and it seemed like the right place to be we found the frontal nasal dysplasia at 22 weeks and I've been in contact with dr. Myer since right about then I emailed dr. Mira with the ultrasound pictures that we had in the fetal MRIs and he called me Fenice I want you guys to know it's gonna be okay don't panic just hearing about the cases that he's worked on he's actually done this a lot they gave us hope that everything could work out and it wasn't as bleak as what we were being told talking to dr. Meara became phone calls and emails a lot when he calls us violet is a real person not just another number or operation it felt like he saw violet the way we saw violet her well-being was as important to him as it was us he gave me the ultimate confidence that you know he was the right doctor for the case and that she was in good hands she's just amazing her smile and her last seems to be contagious we love her little face I don't even notice the differences that she has I'm excited for her because this this could change the direction her life is going and the way people are gonna perceive her this is a big thing to undergo and to do and to deal with but I think it's the best thing for violet which is which is why we came there's a lot of moments as parents that you don't think you'll ever you'll ever forget and then they kind of fade into the everyday grind and then there's still those certain things that stand out we had a moment last night she woke up in the middle of the night she reached her arms out and I picked her up and she gave me a couple great big kisses yeah she got up she's very loving is like she's you know telling us it's gonna be okay

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  1. She's so cute. My little sister had this. The surgery didn't go as planned, and she passed away. It's been hard, but the only thing I think about his how she used to kiss me on the forehead. RIP Lynlee. Violet is so adorable, and it doesn't matter how you look, it matters what's in the inside, not on the outside. IM sitting here balling my eyes out, and hoping violet makes it along this wonderful journey.

    ~Katelyn, A proud and strong big sister.

  2. what a wonderful little girl I'm sure she will always be looked after by equally loving good parents I wish them all the very best for the future luv and respect always

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