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  1. We all can overcome adversity ,and situations that seem to complicated to deal with .simply by shifting our perception in a positive outlook try not to over emphasise on words ,doing something positive for someone else is doing something positive for you .take 1min a day to find something beautiful, a flower, painting ,beach etc .feel the energy from that & give thanks to god and the universe.🙏

  2. I have complex PTSD because I worked a job that was 10 hours of stress a day, for almost 6 years.
    I'm recovering after 5 years on disability, but it's hard.
    Listen to dr. Lipton before it's too late!!

  3. Agreed. We need love n happiness..especially love from God (Allah SWT). When God loved you…all God's creatures living in this world would love you! LOVE IS EARN…💚😘😍

  4. Eu passei a vida inteira muito estressada. Eu nasci numa família com sete dementes. Fui a caçula de seis. Meus pais eram dois neuróticos que batiam na gente, nossa vida era horrível. Eu tinha uma irmã epilética e um irmão esquizofrênico. Esses eram os dois casos mais graves, mas todos tínhamos problemas psiquiátricos em diferentes graus. Na infância e adolescência eu sofria de vários problemas de saúde física porque não tinha nutrição adequada além do "stress"… Na juventude tive TPM grave, irritabilidade, depressão… Tudo foi de mal a pior. Hoje, aos 57 anos, após sete anos da menopausa, continuo estressada, continuo com depressão e tudo o que eu desejo agora é que essa "passagem triste" acabe logo.

  5. I’m a quadragenarian, but people often think my teenage son and I are siblings. When they find out I’m his parent they are amazed. I tell them it’s due to clean living: I don’t smoke or drink, I pray daily and keep stress down.

    Read the Bible, follow Christ’s example of love, joy, righteousness, and peace. If you don’t know him here’s how: Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus. Believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead and you will be saved!
    (Romans 10:9)

    Life with Christ is AMAZING!

  6. Dr. Lipton is very good. Only the way he talks – without any pause – gives me unfortunately some stress. Only – of course – for a short period.

  7. The joy and the love of music, love of dance, love of sex, and all the choice of happiness is forbidden in Islam.

  8. So true.I have seen myself dying and living again. At the end of the day only happiness matters.Money ,big homes ,big cars no longer impresses me .I see the truth if your heart is not happy they don't mean anything.And if your heart is happy you dont need anything else. Be happy.Identify what makes you happy.love yourself .You deserve your love the most.Love yourself first before loving other things. Care for yourself. Heal yourself taking cues from nature.

  9. It's true, I lost a lot of hair, and my health was deteriorating. I was 23 and looked 35. But now, I'm restoring my health and my hair is coming back. It's all in your beliefs. Have a positive mind and be ruthless to those that cause you pain. I no longer talk to the people I used to. My life is evolving.

  10. Me being in preventive care, I say, don't take anything in that doesn't contribute to your growth (mental,emotional,physical and spiritual ) and that that doesn't empower ya

  11. This doctor is a wise man and very intelligent person, all that is speaking about it's very true and It's what the Bible speak about the end of the world it will look as the way we're leaving now, human being destroyed himself by not getting enough 🤷¡?!¿…

  12. Our health care sector is not only stand for profit but pathway of antichrist. Devil want mankind to live so busy, stressful life and forget about creator and purpose of our life. Remember WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS.

  13. When you have so much responsibility in your head its hard to stay stress free my teenage years destroyed my adulthood is getting wasted and maby soon enough i will die just like another han cocroch life 😔

  14. Interesting…but how to truly overcome stress? Because it's itself stressful to fight stress. Big Pharma is the winner…

  15. Because they steal the immunity and bio chemistry and blood from innocent healthy people. It is cannibalism plain and simple. It’s also slavery and an insidious sin. Life is short. Eternity is long.

  16. I used to get sick in college once or twice a semester, often with a bacterial infection(which, of course, is considered normal for a stressed college student); HOWEVER, in Junior year I made the resolution to be more mindful, loving, and even put off homework if it would be too stressful at the time. *I never got sick again during college. If I felt like I had pushed myself too far in a day, I would stop to rest and recharge. Amazing. To this day I have never gotten a full on sickness as long as I take it easy at work and rest when needed!!!

    …And I must add that MUSIC played a huge part in being able to recoup from stress – whether it be Katy Perry, Maroon 5, or Mozart. Just whatever was going to be enjoyable for that moment and feed positive thoughts.

  17. Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

    Proverbs 3:1 My child, never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart.
    2 If you do this, you will live many years, and your life will be satisfying. 3 Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will find favor with both God and people, and you will earn a good reputation.

    Galatians 5:4 For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

  18. No offense but you don't look healthy if you cant apply what you know to make yourself look healthy are you sure your on the right track i eat raw meat i look very healthy with no shirt on i can bench press 310 lbs i have deaged i am 64 i look 40

  19. Ben always not understand me a bout love I'm die for years now and always you not understand you and I'm looking another man but not my choice from die I'm swear to my God 🙏🙏🙏 last say to day

  20. Be born again by the word of God. Once the word of God Jesus in U. Then start speaking life ans declaring living a supernatural life which is not subject to sickness deaseases n infirmities. THAT'S HOW I LIVE. and I WILL NEVER BE SICK

  21. All these talks looks promising but ground reality is different sometimes or you would say exception are there. A man who was very cheerful energetic hardly falls ill, never a smoker or alcoholic. But just at his 50's from nowhere diagnosed with Dermatomyositis and it consumed
    him litterly at last. The disease is so rare.

  22. I haven't gotten sick for like 4 years now since I went septic and 2 weeks later I got paralyzed from an abscess in my spinal cord in the neck…

    I was paralyzed from the neck down…
    But I've been recovering ever since…
    I can now walk… a bit… very off balanced though… I recovered most of my body but am still weak..
    But I haven't gotten SICK ever since even when my family got sick from the flu or a cold… except me…. lol I wonder if I'm now Immune from alot of sicknesses…

  23. I would never do chemo. Susan Somers cured her cancer with natural alternative methods. She wrote a book on it. I cringe every time I hear someone is going to start chemo.They're so brainwashed to trust traditional medical Drs. They don't realize that most are indoctrinated into treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Not teaching people what to eat and what to avoid eating etc to HEAL. Most Drs only take one 20 minute courson on nutrition. Be your own advocate. Research, double check what they tell you or prescribe. I check patient reviews of drugs because big pharma has been fined millions of dollars by the gov, they sued them for hiding known bad side efects & won!

  24. Pharmakia is in the list with sorcery, idolatry, soothsayers, liars…

    better to believe in the Lords miracles, they still happen, I know from experience!

  25. Jesus and the word, the bible keep me focused and filled with joy! Ps not good at typing ie .. 1st attempt below…🤗

  26. Lol @ a big long nothing. Coulda just said get rid of stress and start being happy. I especially love when he said "the reason everyone is stressed is because 9/11" Good luck getting rid of stress in a rat race, every man for himself, set up to fail you life.

  27. Wifi signals etc are causung issues too. Our eyes and mids are being subjected to this radiation daily with no choice. Wifi has been shown to stop certain cell growth which inturn will destroy the living.

  28. And I will teach you how you never will die …………………………… believe in Jesus and give Him your life. You never will die and you never will be disappointed in Him

  29. You mean I will know more about drugs that doctor prescribe that cause more problem then what they were mean to cure.

  30. What an awesome video and 100% true. Getting rid of the stress is not enough..we need to love and be loved in order to be joyful!

  31. So, a doctor's real job is to try to sell drugs, not to kill you? Is there then, a case to be made for alcohol, or does it not truly reduce stress?

  32. How about babies and children that get cancer , how can they get stressed especially a baby they don't know stress surly ?

  33. हरि ॐ हरि
    ॐ गणेशाया नमः
    ॐ नमः शिवायः
    ॐ ॐॐॐॐॐॐॐॐॐॐॐॐ

  34. I can see a lot of people with no families and limited friends that have no life choices and no direction just giving up and ending themselves because of this presentation!

    You just told them all they cant ever have true happiness because even if the stress is gone they are still alone and in this world of closed down people all of whom are also in protective mode are therefore unreachable…..

    I know i feel more isolated just by watching this, so i'm off to go give my kids lots of hugs and attention…
    But my heart goes out for those who don't even have that!

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