short people problem danger maneuver oh well it looks like the potholes are
still in the city we’re very zoomed in aren’t we good
morning everybody I hope you guys I’m on the way to the
dentist because first off look at this crap it is in pain like I got a root
canal done why am I still in pain like why so I’m on my way early we are in
traffic right now we have a power outage here in the city of Dearborn Michigan we
are t-minus 20 minutes to our doctor’s appointment we just made it to Denton if
they numb me there’s gonna be a problem today because I gotta go to work after
and it was just not a good experience talking on the phone my heart I can’t
really talk because my tongue is numb I just hope the whole situation with a
crown I think it’s just too impressed into my gums Bom Bom
I like adventists that’s my crown that’s pretty cool right now this machine is
creating a new crown it freaks me out that’s pretty cool this machine they
like market analyzing it and now they’re creating the crown 20 or 30 minutes it
should be in here technology’s cool basically redid my crown
so far so good feeling great oh also in the life of Xena we are doing
intermediate fasting when you fat until about noon to 1:00 p.m.
basically it’s a good way of trying not to overeat meanwhile do you see this is
a part it is flooded because it won’t stop raining in the summer I could step
right down all the way down there under this bridge oh it’s smug look at that
big chunk of log no you actually don’t understand how contaminated this water
is oh the whole ground is flooded look at this this is all a trail right here
and it goes into the woods what if I just sunk in right now I know there’s
something in my eye I can’t touch it because I got mascara
on as you can see from Exhibit A it says
caution do not enter so what are we gonna do for an answer
danger LightWire that is a a tree hi miss elliptical 454 minutes not
exhausted I’m gonna go home after the gym we’re going to where good news
though my shift is going to be changing to the
morning shift yeah I’ll have more time in the day to make more videos one thing
that I really don’t like about losing weight little girls on me are starting
to disappear that’s one down final a lot of girls are like oh my god I want to
work out I want to get into shape but I don’t want to lose my chance my bust but
guess what guys you can’t have the best of both worlds you’re gonna have to
sacrifice some of it whoa shocker why wouldn’t there be an accident
unwarranted schaefer I hope everyone is okay but no one here near board knows
how to drive I just don’t understand how these people get their license if you
don’t drive like these idiots in Dearborn you’re going to get in an
accident brother plug it look at the beautiful
Drive oh my god six and a half hours later why is this so empty here are they
closed only for this week well you better tell mom random firecracker yeah
would you get the obstacles we’re gonna get that this time of day your ex is
right there dude yeah oh my god you’re so bad man you’re driving sucks well
this cars heavy um don’t you know how to maneuver the car I’m still looking how
bad I am at parking with them and you’re always bad do you know how can you tell
if someone’s from Dearborn the shop haha that my friend is correct
we wish a hot dog which is the chanclas which is the sandals we wear all the
time even in the rain those are rain boots
you know I think they’re closed they close at 11 Bango posted Mango diet
coke aspartame heaven drink soda in about a month now
do you know I left the house with all my earrings I feel naked y’all this store
is empty looking what’s wrong with their freezers there auntie Deena if they
don’t have the popsicles I mean visit issue here hi yeah a
blogger come on YouTube oh yeah no I’m not vlogging the future would you like
this mean there’s no ice cream there’s been horrible story reviewing here no
twisted mangled diet coke I don’t want this what does it taste like fizzy
Arizona just like the mango yeah oh there you guys got it would you suggest
this to people no ok don’t buy the diet coke I’m you be trying to do that all
the brand extension mission where they try new rata if you see if they’re
brought up they’ll do good it’s just it’s either Diet Coke or coke let’s say
the cherry vanilla so many guys have asked me what is my favorite song on the
radio right now something just like this by the chainsmokers and Coldplay it is
my favorite song I don’t know it’s just the B everything it’s just ah some
superhero those who are new welcome aboard to the Z train choo choo right
now it’s sunny Sun row beautiful amazing and guess what 20 minutes later Shh
it’s Haley there’s little pieces of ice the weather in Michigan is so
unpredictable you’ll get all four seasons and plus other conditions in one
week what a lovely beautiful day it is I’m on
my lunch break we’re going to Ralph’s I know it says Kroger but it’s wrong and
Kelly that’s what they call it I just wanted to come to grab some popcorn
oh all right sort of ate my lunch a little too early I had a grilled chicken
fattoush with my ear it’s just a little pressurized put some ear drops in it
this morning put the antibiotic in there also be feeling better but it’s not this
happened before it’s just like cuz the whack went into my ear like thoroughly I
use the q-tip you’re not supposed to use a q-tip for your ear so don’t do it kids
which is the way into your ear canal I don’t know if you guys eat skinny pop
this is good good good good purple bag really good can’t reach so we’re going
with this chore people problems I want to show you guys what I’m wearing today
because I feel good I’m not wearing anything special in my mind it’s special
it’s what we’re wearing today program dear one you will not find this anywhere
out there selling arabic jars of grape leaf that’s what you find in the arabian
market cultural diversity wanna stay
everybody sighs y-you come another cool happening I don’t party I don’t go wid
weeds I’m gonna call Dina see what she’s doing
she’s been really annoying lately guy I am so behind on the flash The Walking
Dead and so many other shows because of Dina like she’s in college I’m at work
and I edit in at YouTube and all that good stuff but like every time I want to
sit down and chill she doesn’t want to do it so I’m about to say you know what
peace out who says adios I’m about to just watch them oh and the 100 is coming
what is your favorite TV show comment down below if you have made it to the
end of this video right now you’ve watched it all you are the but I want
you to comment down below green and until then do me a favor guys keep on
smiling stay positive stay beautiful peace love and happiness

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