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  1. Doctor! Remember The Last Time A Companion Had To Hold On To Something To Escape Being Sucked Into A Crack??? (Rose)

  2. I am much older now than when I first saw this episode and it still terrifies me that something you can't see can be preying on you and get you in (from your perspective) a blink of an eye. An amazing tale told by Dr. Who

  3. This was the doctor who scene that really made me accept Matt smith as the next doctor. Being able to prove that he was just as clever and intelligent as all the other doctors, while also sending all of my childhood nightmares plummeting to their deaths.

  4. So what I get from this is that fish fingers and custard are a complicated space time event powerful enough to amount to all the angels.

  5. If these "Angels" are meant to terrify people, then they aren't guardian angels at all. They are DEMONS, Fallen angels cast into hell along with Lucifer.

    Dr. Who is in fact surrounded by invisible Guardian Angels and isn't easily deceived

  6. با سلام الیکم خوبید شما می خواستم بگم می شه سریال دکتر هو فصل پنجم رو توی یوتوب بزارید اگه با دوبله فارسی پخش کنید اسن کامل پخش کنید لطفن این کار رو بکینید

  7. Smith kept the doctor a helpful bad ass Jodie killed the doctor better than any Darlek cybermen ever could

  8. Hey I know Weeping Angels are really powerful and all and they have this perfect defense ability right. But what if you just kept one eye open and switch between your eyes in intervals. Left eye open, right eye resting. Open right eye, both eyes open. Close left eye, keep right eye open. Now rinse amd repeat. Boom. Weeping angel beaten.

  9. I wish they could come back…

  10. Thing is, anything that falls into the crack ceases to exist or have ever existed. Which means the angels that destroyed the planet's original inhabitants never existed, so they were never destroyed. Plus the angel that crashed the ship never existed which means the ship never crashed which leads onto the events of the episode never happening

  11. Hah! That’s what you losers get for pretty much killing Rory and Amy!! Even though this happened before they got clapped…

  12. The sad thing is this episode contradicts with the nature of weeping angels provided to us. First of all, they are able to talk with tdoctor when they are observed. Secondly, some of the angels at the back of the line are looking at those at the front which is something angels never do. Doctor states at the episode which he stuck at 1969 that they are quantum locked. And the reason they close their eyes with their hand is to prevent looking each other

  13. I don't watch Dr. Who at all, can someone tell me why Amy isn't allowed to look at the angels, but the others can?

  14. Ah, the good old gravity well. Good for plot twists, Chekov's Guns, and getting rid of any old enemies that you no longer have any use for, especially in the next 20ish episodes, then we'll bring them back for a quick cameo.

  15. On the topic of that crack, why did that third soldier go towards it? I know the two he sent to investigate it were erased from existence and only people who traveled through time (like Amy and River song) can still remember them but who in their right mind would go towards something mysterious after someone next to you asks about two people in a genuine matter? Maybe if he noticed the angels wouldn't go near it and thought it was some sort of weakness then maybe but still…

  16. If the crack leads to gallefrey I imagine they just doomed that entire world all over again.

  17. Angles:”sacrifice yourself for use plz”
    Doctor who:”No I don’t think I will” “makes a smug smile”

  18. Crack kills

    Also they look away way too early, would have been easily killed before they got pulled in so SO MUCH FOR THE HYPER REALISM OF THIS SHOW HUH

  19. Doctor: We killed two birds with one stone eh! Got rid of the crack and the angels!
    River and Amy: What angels?

  20. I've really don't know any other protagonist in fiction or non-fiction who could/would, explain his actions & justifications for them. Before totally destroying you, only the Doctor would do that.

  21. 1) How are the angels able to move into this position without becoming locked.
    2) Why didn't they just throw the Doctor in? They all blinked multiple times.
    3) I know Doctor Who's visuals were never excellent, but this is perhaps the worst. There's a massive blinding light coming from behind them but they're all masked in shadows. It doesn't look 3D at all.

  22. Having the Doctor defeat hundreds of Weeping Angels would have taken away too much of their menace. Having them beat themselves because they made a huge oversight in their mad rush to feed? Inspired. It helps that River and the Doctor had already made their own colossal blunder earlier.

  23. 잠만 서로를보지안기위에 눈을가리는거라면?

    우 나 우
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    서로를 찾아봄

  24. River to Amy:" You hold on Tight and Don't let go for anything."

    Damm Rose Tyler, You have One Job. 🙁

    Sorry My English.

  25. Am I literally THE ONLY person who thought “ROSE” during this scene?
    (Grabbing hold of a bar as the air tries sucking you in)?!

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